I: The rival is dead

Verse 1

Your corpse lies discarded in some place unknown.

Never recovered, barely even mourned.

A life never lived, joyful tales never told.

It'd break my heart if I wasn't so cold.

Verse 2

Your killer has never been apprehended.

With time everyone's heart has been mended.

I imagine your flesh has been peeled from bones,

As you lay trapped in eternal sleep alone.

Verse 3

Am I to blame for ignoring all the signs

Of imminent danger, your life on the line?

These thoughts occur to me for moments so brief,

Till I extinguish the flames of guilt and grief.

Verse 4

My day begins with a white dwarf's tired smile.

What once was yours has been mine for a while.

I've almost forgotten about the rival,

Oblivious to you in the clefts of my skull.

II: The rival returns

Verse 1

The midnight sky takes on a blood-tinged hue.

A tremor runs through my heart at the view.

Clouds flee my field of vision,

Stars search for a place to hide.

What kind of omen is this?

Oh, what awaits me tonight?

Verse 2

Wind rattles the windows, the curtains dance.

Their steps are in rhythm of morbid trance.

The doors tremble in terror,

I know they will soon give in.

I feel the breeze slap my face,

A cold hand touches my skin.

III: The rival's song

Verse 1

I fell down from heaven, you rose from the pit.

Our paths would soon cross, this we didn't know.

We both fell in love with the same monolith.

And he granted me shelter in his shadow.

Verse 2

You were graceful and clever, you lay in wait,

For a chance to steal a glance at my fortune,

For the storm to give a turn to the wheels of fate,

So you could rule my kingdom under the moon.

Verse 3

Fear not, I would never blame you for my death-

You were not the one to stab me after all.

It wasn't hatred I felt with my last breath-

It was the utter loneliness of my fall.

Verse 4

I've lingered in the shadows, watching from far.

I know that none of it is for me anymore.

Believe me, I do not envy where you are.

I do not wish to go back to where I was before.

Verse 5

All I wish for is for you to take good care,

Of my old world so I can leave it behind.

My life was cruel, and my demise so unfair.

But with him safe in your hands comes my peace of mind.

IV: My song

Verse 1

Forgive me, forgive me.

For trying to erase your last trace.

Forgive me, forgive me.

For trying to occupy your place.

I cannot keep what I steal.

I cannot change how he feels.

I cannot fulfill your last wish,

Forgive me, I must end this.

Verse 2

Forgive me, forgive me,

I see now just how wrong I have been.

Forgive me, forgive me,

For the cruel words I no longer mean.

Love indeed did turn me blind.

It took me so long to find

The vast strength to do the right thing.

Forgive me, but I'm running.


It could have been me instead.

And he would have untangled me just as easily from his head.

How can I love someone like that?