Dinosaurs and the Dead

By Shadowgate

It was 9/28/16 when Elvin Guard was executed for the murder of a police officer in Oklahoma. Elvin Guard left behind a wife named Becky and a daughter Melissa now nine years of age.

Melissa was two years old when her dad killed a police officer. When kids and teachers at school found out she was the daughter of a condemned inmate she was the target of pure hatred.

However she had three good friends. Tammy Wilson aged 9, along with James and Rachel Helms. James was 9 and Rachel was 13.

Rachel being the oldest looked after the other three in the small Oklahoma town of Alva.

The date of the execution just happened to fall on the Melissa's ninth birthday. The morning after the execution Becky Guard and her daughter Melissa woke up and knew their beloved one was gone. Becky got a phone call from her mother in law who was crying. She couldn't get over it, her son was gone. Becky said "we'll claim the body on Monday."

Her Mother in Law Francis Guard said "if I don't off myself before Monday."

"Francis!" Becky snapped!

Outside in a field Melissa Guard stood facing off into the woods. Tears rolled down her face. James, Tammy, and Rachel all ran up to her.

Rachel yelled "MELISSA!"

Melissa turned around and said "I'm so glad to see all three of you for you are the three I need most."

James put his arm around Melissa. Melissa said "my birthday party is scheduled for today so that way I wouldn't have to remember my birthday as the day my dad was executed."

Rachel said that was a good idea. Tammy hugged her best friend Melissa and said she was ready for the party unless Melissa needed more time to mourn.

Melissa said "let's have the party. My mom says my cake will be done in an hour."

Little did the children know they had a new big nightmare coming along the way because a man named Robert Turner was spying on them.

Who was Robert Turner? He was a man with a PhD in Biology. He already figured out how to bring back dinosaurs with DNA. However he had more plans than that. He had plans of raising the dead.


Becky had a big birthday cake ready. She said "let's be grateful today and celebrate life." Becky put the cake down and Melissa blew out the candles. All clapped and cheered.

Melissa said "I'm so thankful to have my two best friends and a great caretaker Rachel who is like a big sister.

Tommy said "and we'll protect you in this town."

Rachel took a deep breath and said "I hate to ask this but when we'll the funeral be?"

Becky said "there won't be one. We've faced too much hostility from this town and the local church reverend."

Tommy said "I hate the church and the reverend. I also hate the reverend's mother because she gave birth to him."

All laughed and cheered with joy after Tommy's comments.

However joy would soon come to an end. The loved ones of Elvin Guard and their supporters who proved true friendship were about to face a big new nightmare.

A mad scientist by the name of Crenshaw Moon created dinosaurs with DNA. He also dug up the bodies of corpses in a nearby cemetery.

The next day when the Guard family looked out the window they saw Elvin. His face had deteriorated. They saw other folks who were part of the walking dead. Those in town who were not part of the walking dead stayed in their houses for quite some time. The roaring dinosaurs were just as scary as the walking dead.