I went to war.
I left crisp and fresh.
I kissed you and told you I love you.
I fought for you, I went to hell and beyond so our kids didn't have to.

I saved someone I didn't know.
I knew he had a family.
I knew he had a life.
I knew, I prayed, to the god I didn't believe in that you would wait for me.
I knew I wouldn't make it home..

I wrote to you everyday.
I wrote every night.
I wrote the letter you read when I was taken.
I wrote the letter delivered to you by the husband who I saved.

I cried at the death all around me.
I cried when I laid my weapon down and surrendered.
I cried when the man I just tried to rescue died.
I cried when I thought of the other men I returned home.

I worked everyday in my camp.
I worked to earn that scrap of paper and pencil.
I worked to stay alive.
I worked to return to you.

The war ended.

I ran out.
I ran away.
I ran to the west.
I ran home.

I cried out:
My road is long!
Wherever you are I'll find you!
I can't live from this distance!
Please dear god, let her wait awhile longer for me!

I worked for the money.
I worked for my freedom.
I worked beneath human dignity.
I worked for that ticket home.

I cried with that scrap of paper in my hand.
I cried when that plane left the airspace.
I cried when my country came into view.
I cried and kissed the ground.

I ran to the building.
I ran through the crowd.
I ran through the sky.
I ran to that payphone.

My breath quickened as I saw it.
My arm shook as I dug for change.
My fingers trembled as I dialed that old number,
My heart stopped when you said hello.

I hung up.
I ran.
I cried.
I celebrated.
I turned towards the sun and took off.

I cried out:
The road is almost over!
I know where you are!
This distance is almost gone!
Please dear god let her still love me as I love her!

I got stopped in the street.
The man asked why I was in hurry.
I explained my story.
He bought me the cab.

I couldn't believe it.
I couldn't sit still.
I couldn't wait.
and when I saw the house,
and when I saw you in the window,
I couldn't breath.

I had gone to war.
I left so long ago.

I whispered as I hugged you:
The road has ended.
You are here, in my arms, where you belong.
There is no distance.
Thank god you waited for me.