Hey there! I've decided to write something a bit different- I will be posting unedited stories from when I was little. Each chapter will be a new age, though I may need to have several chapters as the ages get larger, since I started writing more and more. Before each one, I'll add a preface, and try to explain a little about why I would write about certain things. Try to bear with me, I'm trying something new.

Without further ado, may I present, Eight!

I had just entered third grade. This was a tough year for me, as I lost many of my friends, and went through some rough stuff in my personal life. Writing became an escape for me, a place where I could be independent, creative, and not be teased or bullied. Because I had so many ideas in my head, my writing rarely made it past the first page, and now I am left with a collection of small, half-page story snippets.

A Glass Wall

"Perfect!" said nurse Flounder to my friend Elsa. She had said that to almost everyone. The almost is me. See i walked into my classroom at 8:45. Then the nurse called me into her office. I took an eye test. I got every letter wrong. But she was all: oh! She made a mistake! She has to do it again later! So she set me aside on a cot. And now I'm here.

Many of my stories centered around big things in my life, like having to get glasses. I also wasn't the best at names, as shown by the name 'Nurse Flounder.

Back In Time

Father taps me on the shoulder. I turn around, my eyes wet. Mama would be very proud of him, if she was here. She is now living in a mysterious place. I can remember her goodbyes...

It was a cool morning. Mama wore a shimmering gold Greek-style gown. Her hair was woven with gold strips. A heavy silver collar inlead with gems sat on her neck. As she hugged my father I could see a bloodred ring glinting in the sunlight. I wondered why she wore those clothes. But the next day I saw a note in my dresser.

My dearest daughter,

It is breaking my heart to write this goodbye. I know that you will figure out where I am soon enough. But I know there will be spies around. Daughter, Hope, you must watch out! They will try to find you. I have set out your only (only) outfits. Thy won't be very.,.modern, but do not answer questions. Act normal. Caution. They will find you, sooner or later, but you have to delay it!

I stared. In my closet were 6 outfits:

1. A greek gown

2. A white blouse and a blue, a green, a red, and a gold skirt

3. A black ninja outfit, complete with weapons and ropes

4. A blue, a green, a red, and a gold shirt.

5. 4 pairs of jeans

6. 4 pairs of sweatpants

After never writing this again, I have no idea where the Mother was, or why she left her daughter clothes. A common theme in my writing was to provide detailed descriptions of clothes, mainly dresses.

Well, that's the first chapter! I hope you enjoyed reading some *masterpieces*! It's so much fun to go through my old writing, and I hope you had fun, too!