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~In fifth grade, I experienced some rough things in my personal life, and began facing the fact that I really did not have any friends in school. I thought more about what I was was writing about, and started writing longer stories. I even began using separate documents to plan out what I was going to write next. My stories, as usual, focused on bullying, but also took a dive into Fantasy and Science Fiction, setting a course for the rest of my writing career.~

Revenge of The Rodents

When I woke up, my head hurt. My wings felt wrinkly and my dress was in tatters. Oh yeah, I had been up late watching the parade. I got up and fluttered slowly and painfully towards the main clearing. A huge skyscraper had a banner stating, Fairy & Rodent War, Fairies WinAgain! I had heard about that for a while. Every few years some rodents try to take over Fantasia. But they have never succeeded. I guess we're too familiar with their attacks. But still, they always are jumping out at young wandering fairies, capturing them, and threatening them until the fairy agrees to get the fairies spread out and off-guard. Plenty of my friends have been 'jump-jacked', as we call it. But I'm always careful. My nickname is Sir Watch Out.

But this morning I heard the snap of a twig. I tried to stay calm as I fluttered a little higher. I don't like doing this because once I was carried to an eagles nest and almost eaten. Using my charm I had left under the guard of the eagle. Then a pink nose leaped up and touched my left slipper. I flew faster. A pink claw dug into my soft skin and dragged me down, under the animal. It was a white rat. She cackled as she tore my wing. I winced in pain. Then I felt a heavy weight on me. The rat was dragged away, and a small red female fox glanced at me. She laughed at the rat, then looked down at me. I was petrified.

Then she giggled and said, "You don't have to be scared, Mariposa." I relaxed. "I'm Renardia." The fox told me.

"I'm Fleur."I said. She grinned. I started to fly away roughly, but Renardia jumped over me and landed on my other side.

"Wanna play!?" she asked. I shook my beautiful blond hair and fluttered to the skyscraper. I landed next to the door. A fairy-guard opened the bronze and silver doors. Inside is a bright red lobby. My mother, in her dark purple business jacket and skirt, trots over to me.

"Fleur, where are you supposed to be?" she asked softly. I sheepishly get my schedule from the receptionist. It says, Training, 8:00. History of Fairies, 9:30. History of Fantasia, 10:00. Rodent Safety Gym Class, 10:30. On and on it goes. I go to training. Today we learn how to survive a rodent bite. When the fake rodent nears me and my partner, Ivy, I scream and push her to the floor.

Then, suddenly, the rodent alarm starts screeching. We fly outside. 5 huge rabbits burst out of the building. One pounces on a fairy named Orchid. Orchid screamed as she wriggled. The bunny raised it's head.

"We know you naive fairies won. But now we shall RULE!" the rabbit trotted off, Orchids wing stuck in it's claw. She yelled for help and we just stood there. Then the fairy cops told us to go home and have a lock-down. So I trailed behind Poppy, Daisy, Marigold, Zinnia, and Primrose. At our mushroom we close the pink, petal curtains. Poppy and Daisy went to their room, and Marigold and Zinnia went to theirs. I wish I could sleep with Daisy. Poppy is too grown up, Marigold is too energetic, and Primrose is too quiet. Daisy sat in her room with Poppy, making a new skirt for Zinnia. It was an ugly, sharp orange. Mine is always soft pastels, swooshing beautifully and blending together, making a moving picture of the sky...

I peek in. Poppy looks up from her potion she's making. Daisy stands up. "Oh, Fleur, why are you scared?" she asks. I just shake my head and walk softly away.

~Not sure what happened thereā€¦ but prepare yourselves for my first ever science fiction story!~

Human Cat

"I didn't know this would happen." I said. I smoothed my skirt. "We were having fun. I thought she would think it was a joke." The man paced in front of me. He glared. "Please, sir, I did it for a joke. I thought-"

"You thought. I am disappointed. After all that we have done for you, erasing your name, creating a new life for you, training you. Do you want to go back to the labs like an animal? I could always do It." the man replied. "So I want to hear your story. Right now."

I never was normal. My story starts way before me, actually. In 2000. 30 years ago.


Mrs. Merri Strous gave birth to a little girl. The girl was happy and healthy. She was bubbly and the doctors were joyful. But in the lobby, a man entered.

"I wish to see Merri Strous." He said to the receptionist.

"She did not have any guests listed." replied the woman, Miss Jenny. Jenny double checked the lists. "Nope." she said, and went to help the next person, Henry Smith.

"Hello, can I see Merri Strous?" he asked pleasantly. Jenny and Henry were dating, so she just laughed. "Merri is not seeing anyone!" she joked. "Now go on." But Henry's face fell.

"I need to see Merri. Now." he pounded the table. Jenny stood up. She was frightened, because he was always calm and gentle. Henry ran to the stairs, and she called security. The other man was gone. She screamed and ran after her boyfriend.

Upstairs, Merri was with her daughter, Mae Strous. Mae was lovable and sweet. Until, she disappeared. Yes, Henry burst into the room, and Merri screamed. Mae was grabbed, and Merri was heartbroken. Everyone searched, but Mae was gone.

"Yes, but what happened? I know THAT story." the man circled my chair again. He was about to transform. I saw the signs. The eye twitch, the mouth move, the deep sniff. I shrank back.

"Umm...you.."I took a breath.


When I was born in a hospital room on December fifth, I screamed so loudly that a nurse tried to take me away. My mother tried to take me back, but the nurse refused. The nurse, Miss Ann Schmidt, noticed something strange. Already, I had most of my teeth. She screamed and dropped me. Two men burst into the room in dark suits. One held the women back while the other scooped me up. They were gone in a flash.


"Mom!" I yelled. I poked my head out of my doorway and looked down the hallway. My mom was in the kitchen, frying some bacon. I checked my IPhone. Crap! I didn't set my alarm last night. Now I was half an hour late.

"Tessa, breakfast is ready!" my mom shouted. I struggled to get out of my pajamas.

~Obviously, I had work to do before I was ready to write a full science fiction novel. Now here is one of my first realistic fiction stories, though I'm fairly sure it was supposed to turn into fantasy at one point.~


I walk down the hall as fast as I can. I turn the corner and rush to my locker. I undo the lock quickly and open it. I check my teeth in the mirror and take out my binder. I look around. No Leah. I get out my pencil case. Then I put it on the door behind me and take out my math book.

"Look who is it, girls!" I hear. Oh, great. Its Leah. Leah with her skinny legs and miniskirt and Abercrombie shirt that shows her belly button. "It's the Squid!" I sigh. Why can't I have a day of peace? I don't even turn around.

"Leah, please give me my pencil case." I grumble. I hear a snicker and I know Maddie's here.

"Hey loser." she drawls in her Southern accent. I turn. As usual, she's wearing her pink cowboy boots and hat, with a denim skirt and a designer shirt. Then Danielle appears in her Delia jeans. She looks at the note on my whiteboard.

"Look, Squid's going to auditions!" she jeers. Then she takes my binder and unclips it, then spills everything out. I gasp, and Leah pushes me back. I can smell Pop Tart on her breath. She smirks.

"Squid isn't auditioning, right Squid?" She waits for me to look down and say that I won't.

"Oh, I am." I snap. "Maybe you'll get.. hmm, maybe a Mission lady." Leah narrows her eyes.

"We'll see," Is all she says.

In the auditorium, I find my best friend, Rosie. Rosie is Spanish and has dark shiny hair with green eyes and red lips. Rosie always wears a pink shirt and a black skirt. Her shirt is a sleeveless ruffled thing, and her dark skirt shows off her legs. No one says anything, because she's always worn pink and black since second grade when she came here, changing it only once a year to make it appropriate for her age. She wears a necklace with a rose charm and one of those teeny little bottle charms with sparkles inside. It's weird, but if I was named, like, Daisy, I would wear a daisy charm. Anyway, I sat with her. Rosie had on her stylish black purse, and was constantly checking the time on her phone. She silently passed me a candy.

"First to audition is Rosie Grande." calls Mr. Gerard. Rosie squeezes my hand and stands up. There must be 200 kids in here, but Rosie makes it to the stage. She looks pretty nervous, though. The music to "Guys And Dolls" starts. Her voice is shaky.

"W-when you s-see a guy, r-reaching s-stars in the sky you can b-bet that he, uh, doing it f-for his, uh, d-doll!" as she sings on, I sigh. Rosie kinda sucks right now. She keeps singing and cracks. "Meet a gent...r-rent, uh, doll!" Rosie is almost done, and her forehead is shiny. She looks lost, and the pianist looks up. When Rosie finally ends, Mr. Gerard nods and she goes back to me. She looks excited.

"You did great." I lie. Uh oh. Its Leah's turn, and she has chosen I'll Know. Blegh.

"I'll know! When my love comes along! I won't take a change. And I'll know-" I have to turn away. She's REALLY good. When Maddie comes along its...not so good. She chooses I'll Know, but doesn't have the voice. She begins to crack until Mr. Brown stops her. Danielle has an interesting belt. She will sing it like a man and get all nasally up high, and then she will drop down to a lower octave. Finally, it's my turn. I have chosen the regular song, so I'm good.

"When you see a guy reaching stars in the sky, you can bet-" I crack. Oh my god. I can see Leah smirking at me from the front. I hide my disappointment and shuffle on. "-that he's doing it for soooooooome dooooll-" I cough. "When you meet a g-gent p-paying all kinds of RENT!" I accidentally shout it out. Leah sneers, and pulls out her phone. Then she takes a picture of me. I am horrified, and trip. Mr. Brown coughs to stifle a laugh, and Rosie looks at me sadly. I probably did the same for her, and I feel awful. "Bet...uh, d-doll...Mr Brown-" I am so confused.

"Yes?" snaps Leah from the front. She texts feverishly.

"Sydney, you know you aren't supposed to stop in an audition. Providing you will keep going? You can stop, this isn't your, er, best day." calls Mr. Brown. This feels awful, and I see Leah, Maddie, and Danielle crack up. I decide to keep going.

"That he, um, doing it...f-for his doll!" as I sing, I see Mr. Brown whisper to the pianist. I lean closer and stop. He doesn't notice, and keeps talking to the lady as the entire auditorium strains to hear.

"Don't worry, Tab," he says. "She won't be in the play." I stop and stare. How could he? It takes a moment to sink in.

As Leah and her crowd laugh, I run out of the auditorium.

I make it outside when Rosie finds me, huddled under an oak tree waiting to be picked up. She still has that sad look, but also looks angry. I wait for her to apologize, then think I should go first.

'I was SO bad, wasn't I." I say. Rosie folds her small arms. Her dark green eyes flash. She's mad at ME. Rosie clears her throat. She takes a deep breath, and seems to be about to do something. Then she takes another, and puts her hands on her hips.

"You screwed up my life, Syd. You made me the idiot. Did you see the face she flashed at me? Like, what the heck, Rosie? What's wrong with your friend?" Rosie is usually so sweet, but now she is angry. I lower my eyes.

"Sorry." I say quietly. Rosie just turns away. "Rosie...I said I'm SORRY!"

~Ah, my favorite line- "I smell Pop Tart on her breath." Now, may I present to you, the revised version of "You're Not A Princess"! (It was still originally titled Your)~

You're Not A Princess

"Hello, what's your name, sweetie?" asked a tall woman. I screamed and ran away.

That's how the beginning of my first day of school went. Not good.

I was finally in kindergarten. Oh, the huge halls, ginormous students, and dirty bathrooms. Lovely. I ran to my classroom. It was brightly colored with words and numbers. A young woman stood by the door.

"Hello, darling, I'm Miss Mack. Welcome." She shook my chubby hand. I smiled a first class smile. In my rainbow poncho, light green princess dress, and fluffy bangs, I was ready to go. "So now you can put your poncho in your cubby-I believe it is the pink one- and sit in the seat that says your name, Minnie, right?" Ahhhh! She talked too fast. I quickly nodded and went in. After putting down my Hello Kitty backpack, I went to find my seat. The classroom filled up. A small girl went up to me and introduced herself as Maddy. I loved her long princess blond hair, softly curled, her pink Sleeping Beauty dress, her sparkling blue eyes and slight British accent.

"Good morning, I love your Brave dress, it's very nice." she said sweetly. I smiled. We were suddenly best friends. Another girl joined our group named Angeline. She had smooth dark hair, a tutu, and a pretty smile. She had a friend named Beatrice, with light brown hair in two braids, glasses, and a plaid dress. We named ourselves the Disney Princesses. As we put our plastic chairs together, I said that we should each be a princess. I was Merida from Brave. Maddy was Aurora (I was proud to know her real name), exotic Angeline was Jasmine, and little Beatrice was Belle.

"Class! Quiet down please. I am Mrs. Mack." the teacher said. She gave each of us a crayon and a paper, and said to write something about ourselves. I wrote on mine:

Name: Michelle (Minnie) Prenski

Call me: Merida

I like: Princesses, ponchos, bangs

I don't like: The evil queen, boys, cooties, poor people

My favorite princess is Merida

I'm good at Acting singing being a princess

Please don't call me Michelle

"Alright, pass these forward," calls Miss Mack. "If you want to, you can share them with a group of four." I scooted forward to the Princesses.

"As the most beautiful princess, I will start." Maddie said.

"But-Merida is also pretty!" I stammered. Maddie just humphed and started to read.

"I am Madeline Benson. Call me Sleeping Beauty, Briar Rose, or Aurora. I like-"

"But JASMINE IS PRETTY TOO!" Angeline suddenly screamed. Beatrice looked startled. Maddie angrily shoved her homemade crown in Angeline's face. Angeline grabbed it and tore it apart, and Maddie started to wail. I grabbed Beatrice's hand. Angeline hit Maddie, and Maddie screeched louder. Then Maddie started to rip the lace off of Angelines tutu. Angeline swatted her again, and Beatrice started to sob. I kicked her.

"What is going on, girls?" yelled Miss Mack. She came over. Maddie was on the floor weeping. I stood up, and Beatrice stopped crying.

~Don't you love how easily heartwarming stories about bullying can turn into a kindergarten fighting ring?~

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