A/N: Yeah... I don't know anymore. This is based off of the DK Rap from Donkey Kong 64.

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"SOKARA!" Rubio ran into Sokara's tent, with Ridgar and Koshka following closely behind him.

"Yes, Marco?" Sokara asked, not looking up from whatever he was doing.

"I need to show you something I made!" Rubio replied, smirking. "What is it now?" Sokara groaned.

"This!" After waving a tiny piece of paper in front of the exalt's disinterested face, Marco dramatically flung out a finger pointing to some materialized speakers that rose out of nowhere in general, "KOSHKA! RIDGAR! HIT IT!"

Here, here, here we go. So they're finally here, Performing for you,

If you know the words, You can join in too.

Put your hands together, if you want to clap, As we take you through, this Shepherd rap! Huh!

SK! Sokara Kong!

He is the leader of the bunch, you know him well. He's finally back to kick some tail!

His Ragnarok is swung in spurts, If he slices ya, it's gonna hurt!

He's bigger, faster and stronger too!

He's the first member of the Shepherd Crew! Huh!

SK! Sokara Kong!

SK! Sokara Kong is here!

This tactician's got style, so listen up dudes, He can change his class to suit his moods, He's quick and nimble when he needs to be,

He can float through the air and hide among trees, If you choose him, you can't meet disaster,

With the tip of a scale, he's one cool Divinemaster!


SK! Sokara Kong is here!

She has no style, she has no grace, This lord wears a mask on her face, She can backflip when she needs to, And stretch her Ragnarok out just for you, Wear tacky dresses covered in balloons, This crazy lord just digs this tune!


SK! Sokara Kong!

SK! Sokara Kong is here! She's back, and ab out time too, And this time, she's in a mood!

She can fly really high on her Pegasus horse, With her Galeforce out, she's tough, of course! She'll make you smile with her flower petal fortune, But Sirens beware, because she's after you!


SK! Sokara Kong!


Finally, she's here for you,

The last Divinemaster of the Shepherd Crew, This girl's so strong it isn't funny,

Can make a Sirens cry out for mummy, Can activate Aether with relative ease,

Makes wielding Tempest seem such a breeze, She may lack Rightful King, she's not a magician, But this brown-haired unit's one heck of a tactician! Huh!

C'mon, Koshka, take it to the Barracks! Sargon, Tenaki, Gendembi smells,

Sobek, Nimbus, Galen, and Elmeri's sells! Ahh yeah!

Sargon, Tenaki, Gendembi smells,

Sobek, Nimbus, Galen, and Elmeri's sells!

Ahh yeah!

"Are we done now?" Ridgar growled, scowling at Rubio.

"Yes, we are. You now have Kendora's and my permission to marry Reuben."

"Thanks." Ridgar muttered, quickly walking out of the tent.

"Sooo... What was the point of showing me that?" Sokara asked. "Dunno. I just felt like it."

"I don't get you Marco..." "Same here, Sokara."

Sokara stared at Rubio for a while.

"Get out of here." Sokara ordered.

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