Six Inch Heels by Beyonce & The Weeknd plays in the background as a woman walks through a club. The POV scans the room, first to a group of white women, dancing to the best of their ability within a circle of their peers, then to a woman by herself at the bar, nursing a drink, then to a man who seemed to be in search of someone… She focuses in on him. What is he searching for tonight?

"She's stacking money, money, everywhere she go…" She watches as he approaches the woman nursing her drink. He leans too close for the woman's comfort and says something in her ear. She looks taken aback, but timid… He is definitely making her feel awkward, if not unsafe. She politely smiles and glances around, searching for either company or an exit. She makes eye contact with our subject… And now, she watches what she hopes is a savior approaching…

The woman in red slid herself in between the man and woman at the bar and wondered, "You ok, Sis?" When she arrived. Relieved and more comfortable now, the woman with a drink smiles and turns her attention towards the woman.

"My name is Luther," the man says. Neither woman cares, but the one in red reaches her hand out to shake his. "You don't repay niceties?" He wondered. He wanted her name.

"Do you deserve that?" She asked right back at him. While she engaged him, the other woman ducked out of the bar. She had done her good deed of the night, so she began to wrap up the conversation, "So, I am actually meeting someone here, but thank you for the space saving, Luther. She made an attempt to leave him now too, but he caught her arm, roughly. "Now, Luther… I do not appreciate having hands on my body without my consent…" She warned, with her eyes darts into his. He let go, abruptly.

"Stars in her eyes, she fights the power, keeping time…" She danced her way out to the floor, parting a sea of people as she did, many of them staring, a few following her to the center of the floor… She centered her attention on him. No, not Luther. Oscar. She really did have someone that she was meeting up with tonight. "From Monday to Friday, works from Friday to Sunday…" She bat her eyes at Oscar, then looked at Luther. Luther immediately turned his attention to Oscar, too. She strutted towards Luther and said in his ear, "He needs to go. He's dangerous. I don't feel safe, to be honest…" Luther nodded his head and moved towards the balcony, where Oscar was watching her dance, stuck in the trans.

Amazing. He couldn't say when it happened or why. He had only been interested in sleeping with her, but at some point, became obsessed. There was nothing he was not willing to do to make her his. She seemed to think that he would leave her alone, but he would not be moved. "Over my dead body," he had told her when she initially insisted that he stay away from her…

The last chorus of the song played as Luther grabbed the first bottle near him and hit Oscar over the head with it. A waitress screamed, some drunk girls scattered, a few men confusedly wondered if they were witnessing an actual fight or some type of staged event for the web…

It was hardly a fight. Luther struck Oscar with the bottle until it broke, then proceeded to stab him with the broken bottle repeatedly, until finally, bouncers reached him and subdued him. The woman in red, now feeling free again, simply held her arms out as she swayed along to the music, "Come back. Come back, come back, come back…"