Chapter 1 - Proclamation (1893)

Somewhere in the peninsula of mainland Splena, large groups of spectators were all gathered up near the gate of a wooden castle. All of them were holding flags of green with three lines of white in the middle. Most of them were young peasants and labor workers wearing hats that had colorful feathers on top of them. The spectators were awaiting for someone of great importance as for today was a glorious day for all of them.

Before the spectators could wait anymore longer, a horse-drawn wagon stopped right near the gate. 2 men dressed in military uniforms approached to the wagon's doors and they bowed down as a man of his late 30s dressed with a khaki military uniform and a green feathered beret disembarked.

'Whaji Davay, Your Highness.'

'It's an honor to see you wearing in your royal finery, Sire.'

The man bowed to the two military men.

'Thanks for your hospitality, Regents Korifo and Johivo.'

Korifo smiled.

'Anytime, Emperi Kilaro.'

Kilaro nodded and as he and his two regents approached the castle entrance, the spectators were all cheering his name. Some took photgraphs of them while others even waved their flags in high spirits. When the trio arrived at the entrance, there was a chair marked with engravings and a counter that had roll of paper on it. A girl aged in her late 20s was just standing idly by beside the chair. She was wearing tribal clothes and the same beret similar to Kilaro's.

'Whaji Davay, sweetheart.'

She then bowed her head. Kilaro as well Korifo and Johivo bowed back at her.

'Great Greetings, my dear Helera. The Emperi is finally here to be received by the great empire that awaits.'

Helera smiled. Kilaro approached the chair and he turned his back around to face the spectators whom were still cheering for him. Both of the Regents stood by the counter.

'My people. Heaven smiles on us over mainland Splena. The time is ripe for us to declare a new monarchy of our very own!'

The spectators cheered.

'In the wake of our lost of the great Kingdom of Hawaii, I hearby declared myself from Chief to Emperi of all Splena as a righteous attempt to quell off the foreign invaders that invaded our allies. Our time as a puppet state is now over and our time as a new monarchy had finally began. May the Splena reign over all of us forevermore!'

The audience cheered again. Kilaro bowed his head down before he sat down on his imperial throne. Korifo and Johivo then unrolled the paper and they stamped it with a golden circular-shaped seal. Helera then moved closer to her husband.

'Our aspiration is finally done, my love. We finally created our great empire for our people.'

'It is, sweetheart.'

Kilaro grinned. Johivo and Korifo then approached to him.

'Sire, we're done in stamping the documents as you planned.'

'A thousand thanks to both of you guys. With this, the Splena Ampiere Dynasty was finally born.'

Both of the Regents bowed down again as the spectators celebrated and the musical fanfare played loud. The cannon boomed into the skies and a flying observation balloon commandeered by two pilots dropped colorful ribbons below.