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Lock 1

Felix Frost let out a long, happy sigh, leaning back against the edge of the wall that held the large Men's bath. "Oh, yeah...This is great," he sighed. He was twenty-two, roughly five' eleven", with dark blonde hair and strikingly dark blue eyes.

Across from him, his older brother Aiden Frost nodded in agreement. "I have to concede defeat. I didn't think this was a good idea, but I've been proven wrong." He raised his left hand to run his fingertips through his long blonde hair. He was two inches taller than his younger brother, with inhumanly-colored eyes, a vibrant turquoise color. When he was in the Human world, he wore contacts that darkened his eyes to a dark green color.

A third man shook his head and used his mouth to blow his own strawberry blonde, shaggy hair out of his eyes. "This is why you should listen to your elders, boys." Brennan Garvin had his arms spread out wide to either side of him, a twinkling light in his sea-green eyes. "So, pony up, kids. You owe me a hundred jen a piece."

Felix groaned. "Why did I make that bet?" he asked in agony. "Oh, right, I'm a Frost," he reminded himself. "Okay, okay. I'll pay your greedy ass when we get back to our room. Speaking of bets, who wants to make another?" he inquired cheerfully.

Aiden groaned. "Felix, please don't tell me this is another one of your 'conquests'..."

Winking and pointing a finger-gun at his older brother, Felix flashed a wide grin. "Righto, big bro! How did you ever guess?"

"Felix, your man-whore is showing," Bren told the younger man behind a grin, eyes still closed and in a relaxed position.

Felix swung his left fist, punching Bren's arm. "Bren, please shut up," he grumbled. Turning his attention to his brother he shrugged. "At least I'm honest about it. If a chick starts to try and get serious, I let her know I'm dating other girls. Those who choose to stay know just how good it is to have me around," he smirked.

A deep, throaty chuckle floated from further across Felix, on the other side of the bath. A tall middle-aged man with blonde hair that still held most of its color-light though it was-appeared. For a forty-three old man, he was still in shape and looked just as handsome as his sons, though his looks were obviously a lot more mature. He reached up and brushed back the short curtain dividers, stepping out onto the concrete platform that led down into the bath. "I think you take after me a little too much, Felix." Jack Frost laughed as he lowered down into the hot water next to Aiden, adjusting the towel around his waist.

"Dad, shouldn't you be telling him not to be..."

"Such a slut?" Jack offered as a finish to Aiden's sentence.

Felix grinned. "Sluts? I've got plenty of those in my phone." He chuckled before turning to flash Aiden a sly, mischievous grin. "But enough about me. I'm a shameless hussy, we all know it. It's my birthday trip, so I want details..."

"Details pertaining to what, exactly?" Aiden asked, already regretting his question.

"C'mon, big bro. There is no way you're a virgin still. You're twenty-six and even the most chaste Frost can't stay innocent forever. Not with the amount of ogling, sex-filled glances chicks give you. Being born in a family of pretty boys basically spells a life of women and sex. So...spill it!" he commanded. "My birthday gift from you will be the truth. How and when did you give it away?"

Jack let out a snort of laughter and Bren snickered in humor.

Aiden shot them glares of irritation. "Don't you-"

"Eighteen," Jack chuckled.

Felix almost squealed like a little girl. "What? You waited that long?!" he gasped in shock. "Man, you really are up-tight, huh?"

Aiden's face turned a deep crimson. "You two promised you wouldn't ever tell!" he hissed in mortification.

Bren waved a hand in apology. "Really, loosen up a little, Aiden. It was just the one time. It's not that big of a deal."

"Wait, you were there?" Felix turned to Bren.

The older man nodded, laughing. "Yeah. You remember how your dad had to work a freak winter weather spree in the Human world around the twins' eighteenth birthday? The two of us were taking him out to celebrate. Your dad even let him have two shot glasses, technically his first drink. And that's when we learned that Sera inherited all the ability to handle alcohol out of the two of them."

"I'm sorry to say," Jack laughed still. "But son, you inherited your mother's inability to drink. And you turn just as loony and sex-crazed as she does…" He snickered even harder, shoulders shaking with his humor.

Aiden raised a hand to his face, letting out a tired groan. "I still remember nothing about that night..."

Felix blinked, settling back further into the water. "Wow...I didn't expect that. Seriously, just two shots, Aiden? You're such a pansy," he sighed. Shaking his head a little, he decided to take pity on his older brother and moved his attention to Bren. "So what about you, big guy? How'd it go with your first?"

Felix's comment wasn't unwarranted. Brennan was huge, having finally stopped growing after reaching the staggering height of six' five" when he was seventeen. He was thirty now and he was incredibly relaxed as he leaned against the bath wall. The only reason for this, though, was because of the company he kept. Despite appearances, though handsome, Brennan was covered with a multitude of large, ugly, jarring scars all over his body. The most jarring and obvious though, was the very large ouroboros tattoo-like image on his upper chest. It covered nearly the entire area of his breast and upper ribs. Only his stomach and abs didn't hold the mark. But they did hold a multitude of other scars.

Bren closed his eyes and thought back. "Remember Carly Draco?" he asked.

Both Felix and Aiden stiffened in shock. "No. Fucking. WAY!" Felix reared back with the force of his shock. "You seriously fucked Carly DRACO?! How?!"

Lips twitching in a smile, Bren shrugged. "That's a secret. I can't tell you all my tricks."

Felix moved closer to his side, clasping his hands in front of him in a begging position. "Please, oh Great Pussy Lord," he bowed over his hands. "I beg you, teach me your ways of pussy hunting!"

Bren moved his hand from the side of the pool, whacking the back of Felix's head. "Man, don't put it like that. That's not what I'm about and you know it."

Rubbing at his head where it stung in pain, Felix turned to face his father, Jack. "So, Dad. You gonna fess up?"

Bright blue eyes sparkling, Jack smiled impishly. "Are you sure that's info you want to know about?"

Very quickly, Felix raised his hands up in a stopping motion. "Um...no. I guess that means Mom was your first?" Jack just continued to smile. Felix shuddered violently. "Ew, no, no...I'm good. No share bear from Dad tonight then."

Aiden nodded his head quickly in agreement. "Yeah, Dad. Please don't."

Jack chuckled heartily. "Aww...but everyone else seemed to be having so much fun sharing."

Felix decided to change the subject. "So, speaking of getting around, what are we gonna do with Sera?"

Aiden groaned. "Well...at least she isn't as bad as you..." he murmured.

"Still...how is she not knocked up yet?" Felix questioned in amazement.

Jack flashed a cold, deadly smile. "What's this about Sera being knocked up?" The hot bath began to cool in temperature, shifting abruptly from hot to cool.

Bren shot Jack an annoyed glare. "Jack, Sera isn't pregnant, so calm down. She always takes a morning after pill." On the outside, he was perfectly calm. Neither his face, voice, or body reflected his true emotions. This was good. The thought of Sera being touched by another man was enough for him to want to strangle the life out of the bastard.

Aiden eyed Bren warily. "Speaking of Sera, how goes your...mission?"

Bren blinked, focusing back on the present. "Hmm? What mission is that?" he asked innocently.

"Dude, you shouldn't play dumb. I keep telling you...Just throw her up against the wall and kiss her lights out. Chicks almost always like that kind of stuff, plus it'll definitely get her attention. How else are you going to get her to like you?" Felix sighed.

Shrugging, Bren shifted in the water that Aiden was using his magic to warm back up after Jack's little outburst. "And like I told you before, there's nothing going on between us. We're just friends and that's how it's going to stay," he said firmly.

Aiden opened his mouth to argue how stupid that was, how perfect the two were for each other. But Jack shook his head. "It's Bren and Sera's choice," he reminded his oldest. "It's not our place to butt in."

Giving in with a sigh, Aiden nodded his head. "I know, Dad."

Jack cleared his throat, glancing between Aiden and Felix. "Speaking of relationships, have you two decided at all?" He was talking about the rule he had given all three of his children. With the way the royal society of the Realm of Others worked, he figured he could give them until they were twenty-six or twenty-seven. But after that, he'd have to enforce marriages for them…Or, at least Aiden would now. He turned his attention completely to his oldest. "Aiden, you are twenty-six now. I know it's a bit of a strange concept for you to think about, but you do need an heir. And for that, you need a wife. You've already taken on the full responsibilities of the Lord of Winter. Now you need to produce a son."

Turquoise eyes dimming in resigned seriousness, Aiden nodded, swallowing. "I know, Dad," he sighed. "I just…I wanted to find true love, like you and Mom have. The kind that, when you first meet each other's eyes, you just know…But I'm sad to say it hasn't really happened."

Slowly, Jack shook his head. "Aiden, that's not what happened in the slightest. Your mother and I have had more than our fair share of ups and downs. But I suppose you don't remember a lot of that, as you were still pretty young then."

Aiden glanced over at his father to his left. "No…I remember a little," he admitted. "But even with what I remember, you two are so close and comfortable with one another. I can't help but think that you've been like that from the beginning." He sucked in a long breath, rubbing at a ache at his temple that was beginning to appear. "But I understand, Dad. Once I come back from this Winter, I'll start looking at appropriate candidates," he promised in a heavy voice.

Nodding his head in a show of thanks, Jack turned his bright blue gaze to his youngest. "Felix, you still have several years before you'll need to settle down from your wild ways. So try to give it some thought in the meantime, alright? I want you to be happy, just as I do for your brother and sister."

Felix's mood soured. "Why can't I just be the crazy, goofy, failure of an uncle?" he muttered. "Who needs kids, anyway? I'm not going to inherit and neither will my kid, if I have one. So I don't see why it even fucking matters."

Jack shot his youngest a cold glare. "It matters because you can't keep the shit up that you do. If I'm being brutally honest, I'm amazed you haven't knocked a woman up yet. Not even modern pregnancy preventions can keep up with the line of women you go through in a month."

Face looking slightly uncertain, though still pissed, Felix scoffed. "I make sure to be careful. I know I don't have a kid running around somewhere in the world. I can't stand them, so why would I ever make them?" he asked in an irritated mutter.

Bren decided to cut in. "It's been half an hour already. We should probably get out before we all pass out in here." The other three didn't comment more than with soft murmurs of agreement, choosing to take the excuse Bren had provided to the escape from the current tense situation. As one the four men rose up and moved out of the large bath, their conversation much more subdued that when they had first entered.


Willow closed her eyes. She placed her hand against the man's chest. Leaning ever closer, she moved to kiss him. The man's hands ran along her naked body, following the curves of her breasts further down to her waist. "Wow..." he breathed out in delight. His breath was thick and sour with the smell of alcohol, but considering how much he had drank earlier that wasn't a surprise. "Your skin's so dark compared to mine..." he hiccuped.

Willow paused from leaning up to kiss him, glancing at the slightly tan skin of his hand, with a thick covering of black hair along the back. This guy was of Hispanic descent so he wasn't some pale white guy. Still, compared to the dark of her own skin, even he looked pale. She lifted her gaze back up to his brown eyes, glazed over with lust, drink, and the drugs she had given him earlier. "Yeah," she chuckled softly, her voice a rich, sexy tenor. She pitched it so that she sounded both amazed and turned on. "But don't you like it like that-" she frantically searched for his name, "-Daniel?" she asked. "Chocolate and caramel go so well together, just look at how successful Twix is."

Daniel nodded, moving his head lower so that he could play with her breasts, taking one into his mouth. Despite herself, her eyes fluttered close in two seconds of brief longing. But she quickly shut it down. Instead she moaned in delight, arching her back off the mattress slightly to give him better access. "Oh, Daniel," she gasped. "Y-your tongue..!"

He let out a rumbling laugh, massaging her left breast in his free hand. "Don't worry, baby. I'm gonna show you just what years of experience in bed can do for your skills."

Holding back the roll of her eyes, she flashed a sleepy, teasing smile. "But I thought I was your one and only," she puffed her cheeks out in feigned anger.

Daniel's tongue flicked over her nipple at the same moment he let the tip of his free hand slide over the curly black locks at the V of her thighs. On cue, Willow twisted in a show of horny impatience, rocking her hips and moaning.

He groaned in delight. "Oh God…the noises you make, baby. Let me hear more of them," he begged. Before she could respond, he had slid inside her. Her eyes closed and she let out another long moan, as requested. "Yes, yes, yes!" he half-shouted, half-groaned. "Give me more, honey." His hands gripped hold of her hips tightly and he began to pound into her, over and over.

From underneath him, Willow let her fingers run along the thick, matted mass of black hair that covered his chest. His slightly paunch stomach brushed along hers as he kept thrusting. "Daniel!" she cried out in a breathless pant, waiting. As he kept up his heaving movements, she let the emotions and energy from the sex fill her up.

Can I just hurry up and get this done? she wondered. Letting heat fill her eyes, she reached out her hands and tugged at his head. "Daniel...Mmmm, kiss me," she begged with her bottom lip pushed out in a pout.

Daniel's tongue flicked out and ran over his lips. He slowed his thrusts, just a little, lowering his lips to hers. And oh...the taste. She tasted like drugs themselves, making him feel as if he was even higher than he already was. He groaned, encouraged to thrust his tongue in deeper as she opened her mouth to him. Hot with need, he was quick to oblige, sliding his tongue in and out of her mouth as he continued his thrusts. Unable to hold it back, to force his body to hold out and last longer, he came in a rush of soaring, drugged elation.

As he kissed her, felt her kissing him back, a deep shudder ran up his spine. He groaned in surprise, but it wasn't exactly an unpleasant sensation, so he deepened the kiss. Two seconds later, he felt incredibly light-headed. He couldn't seem to catch his breath. Eyes popping open in shock, he froze at what he saw.

Her eyes, which before had been as black as her skin, were now glowing gold with two rings of black, one on the outside and the other through the middle. He tried to jerk away to break the kiss, but he found he couldn't move. Her hands were at either side of his head and by their strength alone he was being pinned. His eyes flew back to hers. He couldn't see anything else, just the black and gold...Five seconds later, he could feel a strange sensation in his torso. It was as if a weight was being pulled up from his chest, to his throat and even higher. He gagged on her tongue, on that heavy, mysterious weight. The higher it climbed up his throat, the lighter he was beginning to feel.

Willow watched the light of life leave Daniel Cortez's eyes. Releasing her grip of his head, she pulled back. Swallowing, she shuddered at the taste. Daniel's soul definitely wasn't what she'd call appetizing. As Daniel's soul began to digest in her body, breaking down to magical power and energy, she felt that flare of guilt she always felt. No matter how long she'd been doing this, she never seemed able to completely push aside her horror and guilt. Shoving the man's dead body out and off of her, she rose up from the hotel room bed.

Sighing, she moved around to the foot of the bed. Bending down, she picked up Daniel's pants, searching through his pockets. Finding his wallet, she fished it out and sat down on the edge of the bed. Pulling out his photo I.D., she counted up his age. She reached over to her right, on the edge of the bed, where she had deposited her black purse. Bringing it closer, she pulled out a small black notebook, with a pen hooked through the bindings. Opening the notebook, she flipped to the sixth page. Taking hold of the pen and clicking the top to release the tip, she wrote down the required information.

#104. Daniel Cortez, 45.

Closing the notebook, she replaced the pen on the binding loop and returned the black book to her purse. Next she pulled out her cell phone. Typing in her pass code, she pulled up her contacts, scrolling until she found 'A'. Hitting the call button, she placed the phone to her ear, waiting as the line dialed out. She glanced down at her naked body, feeling a little chilly.

After the third ring, a gruff voice carried through the phone. "Yeah?"

"The target's taken care of," she reported in a bored voice.

"Good, good. I'll have a crew sent over to clean up any loose ends."

Yawning, she covered her mouth, stretching out some of the stiffness in her muscles. "Great. I'll get in contact with you later."

"Don't get too comfortable now," A warned. "I've gotten word that we may be getting a big one in soon. One with a giant, fat reward."

She sighed. "Hey, a girl's got to sleep. I'll talk to you later." She hung up, letting her phone drop back into her purse after making sure the ringtone was on, as well as an alarm. Yawning even more, she flopped back onto the bed. Sighing, she began the process of getting dressed and removing her presence from the room. Once every article of herself was gone, she left the room, taking Daniel's room key with her. She then returned to her own room. Glancing down at her phone, she estimated she had about enough time for a three hour nap. Then she'd have to get up and pass off the room key to the cleanup crew before passing out once again. Sighing, she followed her routine, letting herself pass out in the clothes she had worn to seduce Daniel. Her eyes were closed and she was asleep within seconds.

Three hours and seventeen minutes later, her phone went off, waking her with a jolt. Instantly she was up, off the bed, phone in hand and walking to the door of her room. "D here," she spoke.

The person on the other end let out a snort of laughter. "Oh, hey, Black Widow," a man's voice chuckled. "I haven't seen you in what, four months?"

Rolling her eyes, she unlocked her door, holding it open for the two who were standing out in the hall. Her guests entered and she closed and locked the door, hanging up the phone and sliding it into her pants pocket.

The first visitor was a man, about twenty-eight, with bleached blonde hair that fell in straight lines to his shoulders. He was wearing a bright green and black striped T-shirt, with white-orange jeans that were ripped at the knees, along with dark blue sneakers. His eyes were a very pale blue, almost white. Willow sighed even harder. "Vern, is it so hard to remember to dress like a normal person in the mornings?" she demanded irritably.

The second person was a short woman, about forty-six or so. The woman sighed in resignation. "Don't bother, Desirée. You know how he is." Beatrice had brown eyes and by her skin tone, she had some Italian roots. Beatrice was dressed in much more sensible clothes, with a dove grey turtle neck and black dress pants as well as loafers. "Still, it has been awhile since we last saw you. How have things been?"

Willow shrugged. "You know, same old same old. Lots of people, lots of souls."

While the women were talking, Vern moved over to the bedside table she had placed her purse on. He pulled out her little black book and began flipping through it. "Aww!" he groaned in disappointment. "It looks like you haven't screwed and killed any women since I saw you last." He turned his head toward her, giving her a pouting glare.

Willow rushed over and snatched the book out of his hands. "What the fuck have I told you about looking through my things, you dick?"

He reached out and slapped her ass. "Oh, c'mon!" he chuckled playfully. "We're all friends here. Besides, I'm a dude. How is the thought of two women having hot lesbian sex together not a turn on?"

Willow straightened, pulling her purse closer to her. She grabbed Daniel's room key card and handed it out to Vern. "There. Room 321, now are we done here?" she growled. "I've had a long night and I want to get what sleep I can."

Vern's bottom lip began to shake in an exaggerated pout. "B-but..."

Beatrice reached out and placed her hand on the younger man's arm. "We should be leaving anyway. I'm getting hungry and you have a lot of people's memories to eat tonight, alright?"

Vern let out a long sigh. "Ugh, fine!" Shooting to his feet, he glanced side-long at Willow. "Desirée, when are you going to let me have my shot at that tight ass of yours?"

Willow rolled her eyes. "Never. You know my rules."

He ran his hands over his eyes and down his face. "Yeah, and like I told you before, all I'd have to do is eat your memories of-"

Beatrice's deep, growling voice cut through the old argument. "Vern, I'm hungry!"

Willow and Vern both glanced over to the door where Beatrice was very impatiently waiting. The middle-aged woman's eyes, which had been brown before, were quickly turning red. A dark, menacing aura was beginning to surround her. Her fingers were slowly turning into claws, her teeth growing larger and much sharper.

Vern gulped. "Yeah, okay. I got it." He threw a glance over his shoulder back to Willow as he started toward the door. "What kind of dude was it this time?"

Sitting down on the bed, Willow brushed some of her hair over her shoulder. "A Hispanic."

Beatrice face broke out into a hungry, evil smile. "Ooooh, Mexican food, my favorite," she chuckled in that deep growl.

"Have a great dinner, you two," Willow called after them as they left the room. Once the door was closed, she sighed, flopping back on the bed. Turning her head, she dug her phone out of her pocket. Imputing her password, she checked the time and made sure she didn't have any missed messages, calls, or e-mails. For now, things were quiet. Her alarm was still on and according to it, she had three hours and eighteen minutes until her alarm went off. Groaning, she placed her phone on the bedside table, along with her purse. Then she flipped off the table lamp and passed out.

The next morning, at roughly six in the morning, she was very quietly leaving the hotel, careful to attract as little attention as possible. She had even changed into some clothes that were pretty bland, careful to blend into the high-end hotel's 'normal' customers. Once she was checked out, she got into her rental Corvette. She drove for four hours, returning the car to a branch of the rental company that was further from her home. She then managed to be just a little early to leave for the next flight to a city just an hour away from her own home, by plane.

It was a just a little past noon when she made it to her own home. While she had been at the airport, she had changed into much more normal everyday clothes. Wearing a pale green vest top and jeans, she paid the taxi and stepped out onto the sidewalk. Placing her suitcase on the ground at her feet, she pushed back some of her hair that had fallen into her eyes, giving her a better view of the place.

It was a large home, an entire building to be exact. It took up the corner block of the streets it intersected. Made of brick, it showed the amount of years it had stood, but it was still in pretty good repair. Numerous windows ran along the sides of the building, on all four different levels. The building itself was roughly the size of a medium-sized apartment complex.

Directly in front of where she stood, twenty feet away, was the front entrance. Above the large, heavy wooden door was a sign that read: Cheshire Cat's Mixed Martial Arts Dojo. She smiled a little, just a tiny bit, at the sign. Next to the building's name was a cat, drawn on its hind legs, dressed in a martial artist's outfit. It was ridiculous and silly, over the top and unneeded. But...That was her dad. Shaking her head, she switched her suitcase to roll and moved to enter the makeshift dojo.

As she did, a young boy, roughly eight years old, with cropped bright blue hair and dark green eyes, came shooting out of the front door. "You suck, Prophecy!" he shouted angrily. "I will too beat Nathan next tournament!" He wasn't looking forward and promptly collided with Willow. He grunted and stepped back, rubbing at a sore spot on the back of his head. "Ow!" he grumbled.

From further in the building, a little girl who was of mixed ethnicity came running out on the boy's heels. "Mommy!" she called out in a happy squeal. "You came home three minutes early, so you bumped into Timothy." Prophecy Chester pushed past the older boy and wrapped her arms around her mother's legs.

Willow laughed out loud. "Sorry about that, Timothy. My taxi only hit three red lights on the way." She ruffled her hand through Prophecy's wild, frizzy curls, a lot like her own.

Timothy smiled a little himself. "It's nice to see you again, Miss Chester."

A cheerful rumble came from inside the dojo. "Why don't you all come back inside, eh? It's too bright out there."

Willow shifted and grabbed her suitcase again, holding Prophecy's hand in her free one. Inside, directly forward and on the left wall was the stairs to the second floor. Standing at the foot of them was a thirty-year-old, leanly built man. He had close-cropped black hair, a clean-shaven face, and dark brown eyes. It was obvious he had Asian roots, as his eyes were slightly oval shaped and his complexion was a bit more olive than white. He was the same height as Willow, five' nine", and currently shirtless with only a pair of loose white cargo pants, besides his bare feet. Without a shirt, the many scars and cuts all over his chest, sides, and back were evident. But despite the grim picture they made, his face was bright with a welcoming smile.

"Hey, Dad," Willow greeted him warmly, moving forward to give him his customary kiss on the cheek.

Kazuo Chester wrapped strong arms around Willow's middle, pulling her into a tight hug. "Hey, sweetheart. How are you? This assignment took awhile."

Prophecy came to stand beside the two. "Nope, Pawpaw. I said Mommy would be back today."

Kazuo loosened Willow from his hug to lift the seven-year-old into his arms, propping her against his hip. "I'm sorry, baby girl. Pawpaw completely forgot." He kissed her cheek, making her giggle.

Timothy cleared his throat, looking awkward by the door. "Um...I'm sorry I got angry earlier, Sensei."

Turning his attention to his student, Kazuo slowly nodded his head. "It's alright, Timothy. You've admitted your mistake and I can see you really are sorry. Still, you should know better than letting Prophecy get under your skin. Fate and destiny are fickle things and can always be changed. The future is never set in stone, you know that. If you keep practicing and training diligently, I'm sure you'll prove Prophecy wrong."

Blinking, the boy nodded his head, dipping into a quick bow. "Y-you're right, Sensei. Thank you," he coughed in embarrassment. "I'll be sure to work hard," he promised.

Kazuo chuckled. "You still have two months. Don't rush too much. Remember, patience, diligence, and drive will take you past your limits. If you can nurture those qualities, you'll be all set. And not only in this little tournament."

The boy bowed again, green eyes alight with a determined excitement. "Yes, Sensei!" he cried out.

At Kazuo's hip, Prophecy smiled and nodded her head happily. "You'll really like the trophy, Timothy. You look so cool in the picture too, I like it."

The boy flicked his eyes to the girl's, a small grin starting to spread over his face, though it was obvious he was fighting to hold it in. "Well, don't worry. I'll show you that in reality real soon," he promised, nodding his head enthusiastically.

Willow laughed, letting go of her suitcase. "I can't wait to see it. I hope I'll be in town when the tournaments starts, but if not, good luck Timothy." She dipped into a low bow, hands clasped in a praying stance in front of her.

The boy was quick to do the same. "Thank you, Miss Chester." Grinning from ear to ear, he waved his hand wildly in good-bye as he headed back out the door. "I'll see you guys later!" And like that, he was gone.

Willow turned to her father. "Was he the only student you had today?"

Kazuo nodded. "Yeah, he was the last."

Stretching out, cracking her knuckles and neck, Willow grinned. "It's been awhile, Dad. What do you say to taking me on in a little sparring match, for old time's sake?"

A slow, menacing smile spread over the man's face. "Alright. I'm down for that. It has been a long time, hasn't it? I want to see how rusty you've gotten." Turning, he lead the way up the stairs, Willow a few steps behind him.

Voice bubbling in excitement, Prophecy clapped her hands. "I'll watch, I'll watch! I'm going to cheer for-"

Turning his head slightly as he continued to climb up the stairs, Kazuo pressed a finger to Prophecy's lips. "Uh-huh, little miss. No cheating. You can't spoil all our fun now."

She swallowed, blushing. "Sorry, Pawpaw," she apologized. But her dark blue eyes were alight with happiness. She tightened her arms around his middle in a hug. "Love you, Pawpaw," she smiled. Then, very suddenly, she lifted her head up and turned to look down the stairs at her mom. Her dark eyes were wide and her jaw dropped in shock. A sharp gasp passed through her lips.

Raising a brow in curious worry, Willow called out after Kazuo's back. "What's up, baby?" she asked Prophecy. "What did you see?"

The little girl's face broke into a wide smile. "Nothing!" she giggled. "I didn't see anything!" she half-singed out.

Shaking her head, Willow knew she wouldn't get anything out of the girl. There were just some visions that even the seven-year-old knew she wasn't suppose to share.