Secret Heart

One week later...

She smoothed her hands down the sides of her knee-length dress. It was a dark blue, cutting off at her shoulders to leave her arms bare. Paired with a pair of black, slim, two-inch heels and a small purse with a long strap around her shoulders and her outfit was complete. Shaking her hair out behind her, she subtly pinched her arm. Calm down, she told herself. You really don't need to be nervous. This is just a normal business meeting, that's all.

Shifting again, she stared at the elevator's face buttons, tapping her foot impatiently as she waited for the machine's slow ascent. No, it's not, the part of herself that was a mess of jumbled nerves and emotions insisted. This is nothing like my normal business meetings. Oh gods, what am I going to do? she thought in a panic.

You could just walk away...You could just run, a desperate voice spoke up.

Y-yes...I could...No, no, I can't! Oh, what am I going to do?! she lamented.

The elevator door dinged and she straightened. Shaking her head, just a little, she forced herself to pull up an air of confidence she didn't feel in the slightest. Calm down! she berated herself. Before I start to panic, the least I can do is sit down and attend this meeting. I can at least talk to them, just once. Afterwards, I can freak out and decline. I can tell everyone to go to hell and back again...But first, I just have to get through this...


Alright guy, so we've reached the end! Secret Heartis done! Clocking in as my longest book yet, it was certainly quite a ride!

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