Summary: Ellie Nowell, a cynical 15 year old girl, is in a relationship with the school's most renown jock, Blaise Anderson. At first, El didn't know that Blaise was gonna annoy her with his possessiveness, over their relationship. Until she got used to the idea and found him cute with his angry face.

Genres: Romance, Friendship, Family, Hurt/Comfort, Semi-Drama, Minor-Mystery.

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He's doing it again. Not trusting me. Thinking I will go behind his back, like those bitches in movies. Blaise Anderson can be annoying whenever this occurs to me.

A boy is assigned as my partner in Science/English/History/Health/etc. class, and he goes berserk whenever I am invited to go to the boy's house, to finish up a project.(Partners assigned this school year: Toby, Brian, Andrew, Larson, etcetera.)

There was also that one time when I had to go work with Zeke O'Shea at my new job, Starbucks, and my boss(Bill) told Zeke and I to go and pile up all the to-go cups. While we were doing this, Zeke's arm rubbed on mine and my boyfriend came into the supply closet, to beat the crap out of Zeke (I stopped Blaise before he made a commotion at the quiet cafe). If I wasn't there, I don't know if I would see Zeke again at work.

My boyfriend has been playing basketball, ever since he was a toddler. Now with all the workout his Dad(Coach Ralph) has been giving him, he has become one of the most renown jock at our school, Forrest Valley High School (the founder of our school wasn't that educational, since he spelled forest wrong with two Rs). Blaise could've had all the hottest girls at school. But instead, he chose a bookworm, that can't go anywhere unless she brought a novel with her.

I started dating Blaise when I begun to trust him. My friends-Saoirse, Belle, and Delilah-has been telling me to not be a cynical person since it's not healthy for me, which I still don't understand.

The first civil conversation I ever had with Blaise was when he confessed his profound love to me. I thought he was lying when he said he loved me, since love takes a long time to get and know. I, Ellie Nowell, still don't know if I love Blaise. I knew that Blaise told the truth, about him loving me, when he said it the third time. I don't know why I felt so weird at that time. I saw how green his eyes were, how full his lips were, and how my stomach wouldn't stop giving me that butterfly feeling (which I thought was stomache from eating way too much ice-cream).

Now I'm pissed off at him, since he thinks that I might be pounced on by Zeke, who I know has a girlfriend he cares about dearly. After my shift was over, I went out to my car, knowing he has been inside it for the past eight hours. Once I opened the driver's door, I banged it close, so that he will know how enraged I am with him.

"What's wrong, babe?" he asks, innocently.

"You," I growled.

"What?" he says, astonished. "What did I do?"

"You know exactly what you did to get me annoyed, Blaise. You won't stop hogging me around, whenever I am by Zeke. Who, I repeat, DON'T LIKE."

"El, sweety, please don't get pissed at me. You know I can't help it whenever you are by that Jeffrey guy."

"His name is Zeke, jackass, he has a girlfriend, for Christ's sake," I replied, angrily.

Once I looked over at Blaise, he looked so happy, which ascended my anger even more. Without knowing what he was about to do, Blaise tugged on my collar so hard my lips met his. He was kissing me too roughly, I wasn't able to breathe. His tongue was on my lips, asking for entrance, which I didn't oblige. He started to tickle my funny bone, making me open my mouth a little for him to stick in his tongue, that skillfully tugged on mine, making me moan, assuring me that someone might hear from outside my blue Volkswagen car. I moved from my seat, sitting on his lap to get closer to his scent and to feel his muscles. God, his abs feels great. For a while we broke apart, for the need of air. Then, pressed back into each others body, locking our mouths again like there was no tomorrow. In our little utopia. Now I forgot why I was even mad at Blaise in the first place. Great.