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I haven't seen El, forever. I know I sound like a whining girl but I miss my girlfriend so much. Girlfriend, sigh, I could say that word for a million times and I wouldn't get tired of it. I'm so elated that I just had to tell someone about us. "Hey, dude, do you know who Ellie Nowell is?

The guy that I asked randomly has a shaggy black hair and when he shook his head, it made that swish swish noise that I found weird.

"She's my girlfriend," I grinned, probably so wide that it must have freaked him out to walk away.

I walked into the school hallway and soaked up the sunlight that is coming from one of the high windows. With so much electricity going through my body I screamed out, "ELLIE NOWELL, IS MY GIRLFRIEND!."

I even hummed it during classes that caused most teachers to tell me to be quiet or else I earn myself a ticket to detention. I don't listen to any of their request and continue singing until I'm sended outside.

Third period is almost about to start and the next class that El has is English which is located to the hallway that is to my left. And just a couple of steps is Mr. Kowaski's janitor closet. I smirk thinking of what I'll be doing to El during third period.


Don't use slang words," El says. "And no high-fiving or knuckles when apologizing to my parents."

I look at her plump lips that are forming words that I don't bother deciphering. I am too busy thinking of her lips on my hungry ones.

"Blaise, are you even listening to a single word that is coming out of my mouth?" El asks, irritated.

"I'm looking at your mouth, does that count?" I say, smirking. "Ow, ow. Okay, I'll listen." She must really love abusing me.

"Just try and act like you're real sorry about the incident and talk formally."

I'm starting to get angry that I have to act sorry for a kiss that I love. I push El to a nearby tree that is along the trail that we are taking to her place.

One of my arms instinctively wrap around her small waist while the other cups her cheeks. "You want me to apologize to your parents about a kiss I love?" I say, huskily to her soft lips. I look into the depths of her dark brown eyes and that is when I sink my lips into her's.

She won't allow my tongue into her mouth which makes me growl. I tugg her bottom lip to open and force my tongue in her mouth. El, starts whimpering which makes me sad and back away from her. "Sorry."

El walks up to me and jumps up to connect her legs around my waist. Her face is close to mine again and she is smiling a rare shy smile. "Don't apologize. You're just making me really anxious."

I smile and kiss her until we're both satisfied. "You can't come to my house today and speak with my parents. They need to cool down first from the news of their only daughter dating," she says. "My dad would punch you right away and my mom would use her frying pan for support."

"Wow," I say, "I see where you get part of your personality from."

"What's that supposed to mean?" She says, angry.

We are by her neighbors house, and I can see across from here that her mom is at the front porch, waiting for her. I smile at El and kiss her forehead for her to think it over "Bye, babe."

She growls at me, wanting to know, "Don't you dare run away and not tell me, Blaise."

But I'm already too far away to hear her complaints. I love my, girlfriend.

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