Hey everybody! So yes, this does deal with time travel, however it won't be going into all the complicated stuff of that like the time continuum thing or whatnot. Its just the most basic idea of time travel, so don't be expecting the baggage that comes with it. Also, just as a heads up, there will be some mild torture. Just so you kmow, but that won't come till later. With that said, I hope you enjoy!

Clouds of dust shot up off the ground as a dark blue, red, and black ATV raced over the dry earth. Shots echoed through the canyon walls in the distance, following the all-terrain vehicle.

"Faster!" Bridget shouted. Wind whipped through her ponytail as one arm was clinging to the driver, Ben, while the other was clutching her little Yorkshire Terrier, Batsy.

"I'm trying!" Ben shouted back, swerving around a large rock in the middle of the path.

"Well try harder unless you wanna taste lead!" Bridget was about to continue, but ducked and shielded Batsy as a bullet flew by. "I knew I should've driven," she muttered.

The chase continued on through the canyon, the drug dealers' jeeps slowly gaining on the teens. Dust was flying through the air as if there were a dirt fire, bullets pounding the ground like volcanic rock.

"There!" Bridget pointed to a semi-small cave in the wall of the canyon. "Do it there!"

Ben nodded before making a sharp left, nearly throwing Batsy over if it hadn't been for Bridget's tight grip. He drove into the cave before hitting a series of buttons on the panel. "Ready?" he shouted.

"Ready!" Bridget replied, holding Batsy tighter to her, who also gave a small yap.

Ben waited a few seconds longer before slamming his hand onto a bigger orange button.

There were flashes of brightly colored, blinding light, and a whoosh of wind before the teens felt the hot summer sun beating down on their skin. Bridget opened her eyes and smiled when she saw the familiar, Nevada desert landscape that they loved to ride the ATV in.

Ben slowed down before bringing the ATV to a full stop, nothing but the sound of their heavy breathing in the air. A few moments passed before the two broke down laughing and Batsy started yapping.

"I guess that'll be the last time we walk in on the Great Drug Deal of Arizona and Mexico," Bridget laughed.

"I think that'll be the last time we walk in on any drug deal," Ben corrected, still laughing while trying to catch his breath.

"So stay away from Arizona and Mexico if we ever go back to 2049."

"Probably a wise decision."

Batsy yapped in agreement. (Or, at least what sounded like agreement.)

"We should be getting home," Ben said. "I don't know about you, but water and a shower sounds really good right now."

"Yeah, agreed," Bridget replied.

Ben started up the ATV and headed in the direction of where his truck was, and loaded the dirt vehicle up. They arrived to their neighborhood just as the sun was beginning to set, and Ben dropped Bridget and Batsy off at her house before driving down a few blocks to his.

He sighed when he spotted the all too familiar black BMW in the driveway. "Guess we have company," he muttered as he parked his pickup.

Sighing, he got out and headed into the house. The moment he entered he was greeted with laughs echoing from the dining room. Ben dropped his keys on the small stand by the door before walking to the kitchen.

"There he is," his dad said, as the kitchen was in view of the dining room.

Ben just gave a nod at the table surrounded by his parents, friends of his parents, and their daughter, Isabella.

"Oh my, you're coated in dirt," Ben's mother said, a clearly disappointed look on her face. "Probably out on that old ATV again," she said to Mrs. Mulberry as if he wasn't standing right there. "Go get cleaned up. There's some pie in the microwave for you."

Ben just nodded again and walked pass the dining room to get to his room. this, unfortunately, meant passing Isabella, who gave him that flirtatious grin and mouthed a 'hi'. Of course her eyes said a lot more.

He just ignored it and continued on to his room, the chatter of the two families following him until he closed his door. In no rush, Ben got changed, washed the dirt off his face, and brushed it out of his hair. He even put on a little colon, just to buy some time. Then, after running a hand over his face and a sigh, he headed back out and straight to the kitchen.

"...and he even got a full ride scholarship to Harvard," his mom was saying when he came out.

"That is quite impressive," Mr. Mulberry complimented.

Ben heated the pie up for a few seconds before taking the, unfortunately, only empty seat...next to Isabella. He kept his head down as he ate, not making a sound. Of course Isabella 'subtly' scooted over so her knee brushed against his. Ben, in return, scooted over so she would really have to make an effort to touch him. Not that he thought that was beyond her, but still.

"Your mother was telling us about how you got a full scholarship to Harvard," Isabella said in that annoyingly flirty, sweet voice.

Ben just simply gave a small nod and continued eating.

Meanwhile, Bridget walked into her house to be greeted by the smell of something burning. She hurried into the kitchen, only to see her uncle's girlfriend, Carlene, bent over the oven. Bridget just rolled her eyes and crossed her arms as she watched the rather large woman pull out a tray with some sort of disfigured, crispy, black form resting on top.

Batsy ran around barking and yapping as the smoke detector went off and the high pitched laughing of Carlene filled the kitchen. Bridget grabbed a broom and turned off the alarm before attempting to wave all the smoke away.

"Whoo! That is one spiiicy meataball!" Carlene exclaimed, practically dropping the tray on the stove.

"What the hell?" Bridget said, trying to keep herself from screaming. "Are you trying to burn the house down?"

"Oh calm down little missy. It wasn't that bad."

Bridget looked around at the smoke surrounding the kitchen which said otherwise. But she decided to stay quiet, not feeling like dealing with her today. "Where's my uncle?" she asked instead.

"Oh, he'll be home soon. You know Bill, probably hitting the bar with some buddies."

"Great," Bridget muttered. She turned around and started walking away with Batsy before Carlene stopped her.

"Hold on a minute, Bridgey," she said.

Bridget cringed, hating it when Carlene called her that. "Its Bridget," she corrected between clenched teeth as she slowly turned around.

"You're covered in dirt," Carlene said, taking off her apron, revealing a very very low riding top that showed way more than Bridget ever cared to see. "What have you been up to?"

"Just out with a friend," Bridget replied, annoyed that Carlene wanted her to explain herself.

"Just a friend, huh?" The large woman had that look in her eye, and Bridget knew exactly where this conversation was going. "It was that boy with the ATV, wasn't it?"

Bridget just rolled her eyes and nodded, knowing what Carlene was implying. "Yeah. We picked up a lot of dirt while riding."

Carlene was about to say something, and Bridget knew that it was going to be really inappropriate, nut thankfully her uncle walked in just then.

"Hello, ladies," he said as he walked into the kitchen. "What happened here?" The smoke had almost cleared, but not completely.

"Oh, just a little whoopsie daisies," Carlene replied with a giggle, making Bridget cringe again.

"You tried making your duck again, didn't you?" Bill asked in that voice Bridget wished they would only use when she wasn't around.

"Maybe," Carlene replied, stepping closer to Bill.

The two laughed a bit before starting a full on makeout session. Bridget rolled her eyes and nearly gagged as Batsy sat down next to her, looking up at the couple with a 'why are they eating each other's faces off?' look.

"Well, I'm gonna go throw up and burry myself under a rock now," Bridget said, turning to walk away. "Goodnight."

Of course there was no reply.

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