Tim Tucker

Across the country the virus spread like wildfire.

Bred in the crucibles of public universities and transmitted via the subversive persuasion of the media, this a virus of the mind, propaganda and paranoia weaponized through suggestive influence.

The encroaching virus invades home after home, barrowing into the minds of the host like a tick. Through the guise of mental emancipation, the pathogen infiltrates deeper and deeper until the host reaches its new purpose.

To be a political tool.

Their mouths regurgitate truths that are not their own while their minds refract ideas manipulated by persuasive deceit.

Increasingly, civilians contract the virus at an alarming rate. The streets are overrun with the presence of riots, looters, and anarchy. In an attempt to quell further dissention the federal government unleashes troops throughout infected cities. Possessing endless amounts of resources, the soldiers lay waste to any and all who oppose them. The streets are now filled with blood as a regulated disposal of life reduces human beings to numbered body bags.

Fear and hysteria grips our country. The government drastically exerts its power through marshal law and the provision of new laws that hold no truths nor provide any real solutions. Politics has evolved into a Draconian tyranny where human rights are violated and corruption is the new law of the land.

With each passing day the virus is contained through bloodshed and obedience. Those who resist are jailed and beaten nearly to death, their tongues severed from their mouths as a reminder that freedom of speech is dead. As the soul of our nation bleeds out we realize that the virus was a manufactured self fulfilling prophecy. Our emotions taken advantage of, we have failed to construct a flawless design and now we must face the cold, hard truth.

This is real.

This is pain.

This is oppression.

Our freedom was the real virus.

So now we must be exterminated.