"I spent generations through time. traveling through the mystic world".

The voice came from a gray beard man with a blue & gray robe along with a hat of the same colors.

"I sometimes travel for great life such as communicating with magnificent beings".

"But for this journey...i have been searching..but i am not sure what the answer really is".

The wizard looks up into the sky as it turns very gray

"Yet i..sense it coming very soon".

"I do not know what lies ahead for me".

"But i cannot turn it down". I will bare this with my own life..even if it means giving it up".

Just as he lowers his head & turns towards the path he is at while walking

"We mustn't rely to those of the past..only to those of the future & the future itself".

"But we shall always treasure the ones we carry in one's heart & learn to let everything they once held go & live with those around you".

"As for love..it is something about how close you are to someone who is like family to you like a brother,sister,mother, & father". "It isn't about those of our blood..it is about those we are very close to in our hearts..we share a great bond to one another & learn to live as one".

While walking the wizard gave himself a smile while looking at the screen as he looks at it

"Forgive my intrusion of not concluding this..but the journey has yet to begun".

"I don' believe we have introduced ourselves..I am the Great Wizard & are you ready for a grand adventure"?