The Quintessential Guide to New and Upcoming Spellcasters

Compiled and Written by Varselion Larenstar, Grand Archmage of The Core

On Magic

In today's day and age, there are many misconceptions about magic. Namely, the belief that magic is not real. This is false. Magic is real, however, it is as only as real as you allow it to be. This collection, compiled from various scrolls, books, tomes, tombs, times, dimensions, and old hairy men with bad breath, has all the spells you should ever need, as well as instructions on how to use them. Be warned, though, that not all spells are equal. The common fireball, for example, does not equate to the power of summoning a volcanskyrahga, commonly known as a fire demon. Please also note that the spells contained in section three are only for emergencies, and that section four contains forbidden spells only as a reference on how to properly disrupt them. Now, onto spells.

On Spells

Spells, in their purest form, are controlled chaos. They were observed from shapes that primordial chaos naturally shapes into, then forced into that shape using the power of the Veil, which will be discussed later. Spells do not work in planes of pure order, and can have inverted effects or side effects depending on the dimension you are in. Also, all spells require practice and power. A newly initiated, class one spell caster can burn themselves out easily if they aren't careful, but even class seven are at risk of overcharging spells.


For the sake of convenience, spells in this guide are sorted by safety and element. The elements are as follows:

Thunder: Shockwaves, Air and Electricity

Fire: Fire, Heat, and Plasma

Frost: Coldness, Ice, and Water

Earth: Dirt, metal, Tremors and such

Life: Healing, True revivification

Death: Harming, Necromancy (False Revivification)

Order: Harmony, Disengagement, Paralysis, Destruction

Chaos: Panic, Fear, Frenzy, Animation, Teleportation, Creation

Overcharged Spells

An overcharged spell is a dangerous, fickle thing. A candle-sized flame turns into a raging fire pillar. A simple spark turns into a unstable crackling bolt. And a simple sandwich turns into a animated foodstuff. Take care, young spellcasters, to not overcharge your spells.

Spellcasting and Money

Certainly, this is important: do not create money. Do not create gems to use for Rituals, do not cast up some spare change, just don't. Alchemical balance is nearly impossible for even a class five spellcaster, and using an improperly balanced gemstone in a ritual can blow up in your face, quite literally. And any gem cutter or ATM worth their salt can detect the improper balance of chemicals in counterfeit money or gems. A footnote: counterfeiting is illegal, and magic related crimes are severely punished. Don't spend the first ten years of your spellcasting career in prison for making a couple bucks.


Summoning is simply a teleportation spell focused on a distant target, usually on another plane. Now, it's easier if the target allows you to summon it, and powerful beings can deny a summon completely. However, it is of utmost importance to be in a prior agreement; summoning a being doesn't bind it to your service, and it's difficult to cast Domination of Will when in a Dragon's maw (Only five spellcasters have succeeded in such a feat, and only one was unharmed. Make of that what you will, as I did while learning to write without an index finger). Please note that summoning demons more powerful than a vol-aqu-groun is strictly forbidden in most dimensions.

Final Warnings

The spells contained in this book are no mere parlor tricks (unless you often visit an Efreeti). I, Varselion Larenstar, assume no responsibility for the following: burning, maiming, attempts to raise the dead, successfully raising the dead, burns related to a Fire Succubus, magic-related crime, magic-unrelated crime, purposeful or accidental summoning of demons, overcharging a spell, crossing the streams of two Ethereal Bindings, teleporting into solid objects, teleporting out of solid objects, teleporting objects into yourself, teleporting objects or organs out of yourself, insulting a demon, speaking a Divine Utterance, horrible disfigurement, sacrificing humans to summon a demon, sacrificing demons to summon a human (it happens), hooking up with a Siren, timeline manipulation incidents, or death.

Alright! Now that that's out of the way, on to Section One!