I know it's wrong yet I can't break free,

Well it's more of me not wanting to leave,

I know he doesn't have the right to treat me this way,

But sometimes I wonder if this karma making me pay,

Is it my fault that my life has become a mess?

Is it your's for showing that a woman should always be less?

Please tell me my dearest mother,

These burning questions have become a bother,

Why do I crave the attention of a man who hurt me so?

I ask you but you also don't know,

Will this cycle of self-torture never break?

Mother, won't you leave this broken home for my sake?

Won't you lead the way to a healthy life?

I don't want to continue this chain of strife,

But what can I do? This is all I've ever known,

I'll grow up and build my own broken and battered home...