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it's us or them

The scratch of pen of paper was the only sound in the room of 14 pupils, outside the window a light dusting of snow fell covering the ground like frosting on a cake.

And Cassan Warnirs phone buzzed quietly against her thigh, it was a text, from her friend Aelin Armedyn,

Get out its started.

Only Aelin would send nonsense during school hours, and Cassan knew that if she replied asking what the hell she meant she would get grassed on by someone.

She looked up as Faze Booce a boy with a very unfortunate name finely dropped his pen onto the desk with a sigh, finished the 2nd exercise they had been set that day she gave him a smile and noticed a short boy looking in his pencil case for a second to long he smiled and she knew Matt Micwhit was on his phone (most likely looking at pinterest)

She gave herself the satisfaction of a smirk and opened up her what's app and messaged him

What are you looking at Micwhit?

She knew that Matt always had his phone of vibrate so they wouldn't get into trouble but she also knew that she wouldn't get a reply, no he would just glare at her across the room

your mum.

came the replay she snorted and...

"miss Warnirs what do you find so funny? would you like to share it with the class?" Mrs Troppus smiled at her with that smile that evil smile. "I just remembered something Mrs" she said quietly. Mrs Troppus nodded and turned away about to write something on the board when the lights suddenly flickered and went out.

a few people screamed in fear and surprise Cassan gave a yelp and sat forward in shock.

" nobody move!" came the commanded from Mrs Troppus but every one was all ready on there feet and moving around, matt was suddenly at her side.

"you ok?" he asked, she nodded and then realised he most likely 100% probably couldn't see her. "I am fine matt" she said with a sigh. they both stood quietly for a second " do you think we will be sent home?" he asked," what makes you say that matt ?" she asked with a concerned frown. Faze gave them a look as them eyes adjusted to the darkness of the room, Cassan and matt having reputations as the class clowns and both being just a tad melodramatic and matt pulled a face and he looked away with a smirk and matt answered.

"I. mums not at home she's in Aberdeen she wont be home till dinner if we get sent home there won't be anyone to pick me up." she gasped that was right matt had a detention after his homework club ironically for not handing in his homework, and would if they all got sent home, be stranded "you can come to my house its in walking distance and if my mum is there which she most likely not be, she won't mind" matt sighed and she could hear the thanks in his voce "thanks Cassan your the best friend I could ever hope for."

everyone was settling down now and sitting down once more matt sat down beside her and they waited.

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