' to stub an oar on a rock where none should be,

to have it rise with a slounge out of the sea

is a thing that happened once (too often) to me.'

basking shark by Norman MacCaig

Aelin Armedyn loved reading it may have come from being the child of a novelist and a screen writer or it may have come from her skill at over analysing everything. at this very second the first stanza of the poem basking shark by Norman MacCaig came to mind as she ran, she herself had indeed stubbed her 'oar' ( her foot) on a 'rock where none should be' ( a corpse) and it was not in a lazy, slow paced manner that the cadaver rose from what should have been its eternal rest but with a hunger an anger that made her flight much faster than many would have believed humanly possible from the tall willowy, easy going girl.

but those were the people who wanted to see a weak female lost in the beauty of nature and literature. well those are also the people who can get the frick out (of my life).

Aelin's phone had ran out of charge about twenty minutes ago and she had just managed to get a incredibly cryptic text to her boss and girlfriend Cassan and was now regretting not charging her phone prior to leavening the house that morning.

all she could do was run and not get shanked or murdered or like eaten she doesn't know what zombies like to do to their victims'! she wasn't well versed in zombie tendencies! ok that was panic she needed to stop panicking and start thinking, oh tree!