We finally hit the end. Long time coming, right? Can ya believe I only intended this to be like thirty chapters?!

I have to say, The Haargrun Job was definitely an experience for me as a writer. Taught me a lot of new things about how I'll be formatting my stories and working with points of view.

I do regret that my progress seriously tapered off at the end, however…but thanks to sickness and family obligations, that was somewhat of a tossup, out of my hands for the most part.

I wanted to thank CrossPaladin and The Big Bad Bunny for their very helpful contributions, like seriously, you guys are great. It's a great way of pushing off the Oracleverse by introducing one of the major characters that Sasha Lovett interacts with the most, and it'll lead off into bigger, better things later on (like a certain badass mage making his debut. Don't worry, Kel, I haven't forgotten ya, pal).

It also gave me room to neatly plug in some future events and clear up some plot questions that I'd been mulling over myself over the months since I finished Legend of the Dark Oracle.

Now, as for what comes next…as I mentioned in that update a while ago, I won't be continuing Slave's Crown for a while, I jumped into the next big installment waaaay too quickly. Whether or not I'll feel comfortable continuing it soon, that's a question I've yet to answer to myself, but I do promise that it definitely will continue.

I'll be introducing a bit of more lighthearted humor with a story I've got planned, though it still applies to the Oracleverse and the overall timeline. I'm still working out the kinks in how I'm gonna do it, since it's a little experimental on my part. I will say that it will be an ongoing project that will hopefully be active over the next couple years (if not more), though it will be more of a side story than a main event like Legend or Slave's Crown, or a prequel spin-off like Haargrun. So it's not going to be huge like previous stories, not in the same way…and assuming it works as I hope it will, it will give me time to get back into writing Slave's Crown!

Anyway, thanks for reading, and I'll see you next time!