When I'm gone, tell him.

I'm happier where he cannot follow.

When I'm gone, search him.

You'll find the knife that left me hollow.

Some things in this world defy explanation;

Like a father who can be cold,

Like the dignity he sold

For even the smallest drop of pretty poison.

We are given a choice when we face our demons;

They appear to us if we choose to see them.

Dark and ugly, or disguised by beauty;

Hard to tell if we're seeing them truly.

Nevertheless, the choice is there.

Defy their control, or remain unaware.

Ignorance is bliss when bliss is a lie;

No sympathy for the father who made his children cry.

The stifling, cloying, claustrophobic sadness;

The unending soundtrack that pushes me to madness.

All of the pain you used to keep me from growing;

Nothing you taught me was ever worth knowing.

So when I'm gone, they will tell you:

I'm happier where you cannot follow.

When we're gone, you'll face the truth;

The father who left his family hollow.

I'll work hard, I'll run, I'll earn my freedom.

I will build a life outside of this hellish kingdom.

You'll look for me when you find yourself alone.

You'll look, but you'll find that nobody's home.