A deserted (& spooky) land filled with trees with no leaves, as well as the skies with no light.

As for the river itself. It's water is very deadly (filled with red blood-water) & can also rise the dead to form an army of them.

Unlike the River of Light.It is filled with pain, torture, hate, anger, death, & evil.

However the river itself wasn't always like this before.

In fact through the ancient timeline, the river was just an ordinary river just a peaceful one.

Until an evil sorcerer (who was exiled by the king) discovered the river & used it to seek his revenge on the king & take over the kingdom forever.

He used his power to bring the river & it's land to ruin as all life faded away as he desired it to be.

However his power was drained away as well as his life as punishment by the power of the ancients who had no choice but to destroy the evil sorcerer.

As for the river & it's land. It remands as it is. Wondering if there will be any hope at all to restore the remarkable river as it was before.

Only time will tell of it someday. Somewhere