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Held and Found

Okay, this is not how I thought things were going to be.

My name is Spike O'Riley.

I'm part of this mercenary type-group and being the youngest, my exact age being sixteen, I was captured for the fourth time. But this time, I was strapped to a chair. It sounded like fun, right? Not.

One second, I was standing next to Smyth and Wessyn, two guys, one small and one large, on the team and then it went dark. I was falling through a trap door. I couldn't hear anything else, other than someone screaming frantically before I blacked out. Now, here I was, bound and probably be done for, but the door opened and unveiling a light so bright that it mocked me. The person who was wanted by my group stood there; He was Dr. Nigel De Blanco.

Before I could even bother to day dream, he looked like a whitewashed version of many villains, white suit, and tie. The man looked at me with those fearsome eyes that I wanted my stomach with ten dynamite sticks, but not now. I had to escape.

"Spike O'Riley," he said dully.

"Doctor," I replied as I was sliding my right hand from under the leather strap. I was strapped from my chest, wrists, thighs, and ankles.

"You're wondering why you're here, aren't you?"

It was for ransom and I was right. Most bad men wanted me for that reason too. Why else did bad guys want me for other than being a kid?

"True, but not for money," He stated after I told him that was the reason why I was here was for ransom. Then why the hay bag did he wanted me for then? I mean, this man was a wealthy scientist unless there was a problem with him. I knew what was wrong with him, he had a pure craziness rash on his skin!

"Then, what do you want me for whatever you want?" I asked him.

"Easy. The commander and his team have a mineral that can enhance life. Knowing where he keeps it, locked in its precious little cell in the middle of an island, my troops can't get to it. So, I figured, I would have to take something that is rather an asset," Dr. De Blanco looked intently at me like a teacher wanting to punish me for a test I didn't want while in a nightmare, "to him, and hope that he would give over the formula to me in exchange for what is his."

I knew what he meant by 'asset'; it was I. And the mineral was known as 'The Defibrillator Mineral'. Does one know how the doctor shouts 'clear'! when they push those fancy things onto one's chest to resurrect them somehow? The Defibrillator Mineral can do just that. It was rumored that it could resurrect anything the second it was dead or dying. Not only that, but it could enhance youth too. It was proven through injecting it into a dying alligator at a military base. Once it was, the alligator was quickly snapping its long snout at the audience again. I had seen it myself with the team. I don't think the animal aged a day over thirty either.

So I asked, "So, you need it because you're basically dying right?"

Thanks to the research that the team found on him, Dr. De Blanco was infertile. With that, he couldn't have any kids of his own. Without children, there was no way he could pass his business down.

"Yes, child, because no one else in the entire world can rule a business just as smart as I. So once it is in my possession, I'll be able to stand for well, each two ounces of the mineral can add five years. So, why not inject two ounces each day, for every ten days? You know the math; I'll be able to live more and be the same age for another fifty years. That's the reason I ordered for you to be taken, so the commander can hand over the solution to my problem for you." The man was in his mid-forties and had contracted unknown cancer that no doctor will know about forever. He didn't even chortle like other cliché bad guys.

There was one last thing, what would happen if the commander refused to hand The Defibrillator Mineral over?

"And if he didn't hand the mineral over to you?" I asked. I knew what would happen to me if the mineral wasn't handed over. I would be tied over a vat of razors or a large snake. That type of thing happened to me the second time I was taken. My wrists were tied behind my back to a hook, suspended over the Grand Canyon at two in the morning. The reason why criminals were holding me for about three million bucks. I was rescued by helicopter. I was cut free from the rope and helped inside.

"Oh, you see, boy, you'll be at the edge of The Island of the Dolls if I don't get what I want."

I felt like I was going to be here for even longer, hoorah. The man left without another word. Even better.

That didn't seem to matter anymore because my hand was now free! Yes! Digging into my pocket, I pulled out a switchblade, and cut my other wrist free. I was struggling to get my wrist free when he was telling where the Defibrillator Mineral was being kept. I proceeded to cut my chest and thighs free with just two simple swipes to under the leather. Oddly, they didn't bother to search me, not that I was complaining. It was an asset to me!

I soon found myself running down the room, as it was still dark. I quickly notice there was upside down handle-like bar on the ceiling. Remembering all those self-defense training programs I've been taking since I was five, I jumped up and grabbed it. I was trying to find a vent to crawl through.

Zero chance.

I jumped down, as my wild, black hair loomed in the air. Then, there was a lower vent and lucky me, it was open and able to fit beyond a kid. I climbed into it, not caring about the cobwebs that collided into my green eyes or the icky sludge that was being ground onto my black shirt and sky blue pants. Freedom was surging right through me.

However, something smashed on my right ankle. Not a good outcome! I grunted but managed to get away from it, proceeding my way down into the tunnel. I could feel my ankle begin to throb with pain! Okay, this could be worse. Far worse.

I could be in my underwear, laying in a fetal position on a gray floor, getting clobbered with raw T-Bone steaks by savage steak eating prisoners for being a vegetarian, something I didn't mention either, earlier.

So anyway, it felt like five minutes was two hours, crawling through the tunnel until I found myself with another opening. Sweet relief. It looked like it led to the outside, seeing its forest-like ecosystem. With everything I mustered up, I forced myself to crawl out and managed to sit on my knees. Oh, my ankle burned, hard. To make it worse, it was dark outside. Paranoid, I bit my lip, standing up, and limping my way out of there. I still didn't know how, but I found myself in front of a barbed wire fence and behind it, still walking like a walker. I could still feel something warm wrap around my ankle, blood probably.

I didn't know where I was going, but I knew I had to keep on moving, regardless. Before I could even lick my lips, I found myself eating ground. I must've tripped on a rock or thick twig, hissing as I tripped on my bad ankle as well. To think I was just maybe two miles from where I was. This was where I was going to perish. No one would ever find me. I would just be another dead kid in the forest. I closed my eyes, wanting to enter another world than this.

It was then when I felt I was going to perish, I heard screaming; was it Dr. De Blanco's troops? No, it sounded less noisy than that. It just a couple of frantic footsteps, more like boot steps, as they came closer to me. Just before I could look up, I was looking up at the dark night sky.

Then, the last thing I heard was him, ordering and running.

It was the commander.

No, it was my older brother, who was five years older than me, Jaden.

Everything turned into the same color as my hair. I couldn't feel anything else other than the feeling of dozens of fingers gripping my body.

So, the next thing I knew, I was looking at my ankle, which was wrapped up in thick bandages. What I saw next were the sheets, then the ceiling lights, which bright rays shone over my hospital gown cloaked body. The last thing I noticed, which surprised me like a kid seeing a groggy, smoking old man appear from an alley, was my brother. He was sitting on the right side of the room, looking at me like a killer shoebill at its poor prey.

I gasped.

But instead of him dope-punching me, Jaden came to me with a worried tone. He stroked my hair, holding my right hand in his.


"You had me worried, Spike." He said. "I wouldn't know what to do if you died. What happened?"

I told him everything, to De Blanco, to cutting myself free, and escaping. He told me that he worked endlessly to find me and how he and the team found me collapsed on the ground. He almost burst into tears too, though I was okay now. Okay back here in the light, him smiling at me. His smile was how I knew my brother loved me with all of his heart and soul. I didn't know when, but Jaden told me that the doctor said that I was able to get back up in at least two weeks. That was a huge relief for me; I realized I wanted to be at his side for good. And no amount of darkness could ever separate us.

The End.

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