Chapter One; Just an Ordinary Girl

My name is Sarah Adams. Yes, I know what you're thinking. There isn't anything extraordinary about a name like that and there was never supposed to be. That is until the day that my life changed forever. Now before you continue reading, ask yourself a couple of questions. Do you believe in God? If you answered yes to that ask yourself another question, do you believe that He could communicate with you?

I'm not talking about through the bible or through certain people, I'm talking about communicating with you face to face just like you would with anybody else in your family. Well let me tell you something, I actually had the chance to meet Him once and He was and still is the greatest friend I ever had in my whole entire life. However, I'm getting ahead of myself. So I guess that I'll start at the beginning which is a very good place to start. Que Julie Andrews. If you didn't get that joke, my guess is because you haven't seen The Sound of Music.

Personally, that is one of my favorite movies but enough about that. You see I was born on July 11th, 2000. That means you guessed it, I am seventeen years old. I had just moved to Miracle Valley, which I'm not kidding it really is called that. Ironic isn't it? Anyway, I didn't think that I was in any way shape or form the kind of girl that you would call miraculous.

In fact, I personally believed that the most interesting and miraculous thing about me was that anybody ever noticed me at all. I was so short and so small at seventeen that people were often very surprised when I told them that I attended Gather High. A lot of the times they figured that I was a freshman in middle school. Nobody would ever figure out that I would be graduating the next year until after I told them.

I also didn't find myself the least bit attractive. I had long dirty brown hair, mahogany brown eyes, thick furry eyebrows, round purple glasses, and was very plump and fat. If that didn't make me seem like much of a bully target already, I had just found out that I need braces. I hardly had any friends and the friends that I did have would either move away or just move on after they decided that they got plain sick and tired of me and my weirdness. I forgot to mention, I am in the special education classes so I have been called the R word rather frequently.

Unless you're uncertain on what I'm talking about, (which I seriously doubt that you are) I'm talking about the word retarded. The teasing and name calling was about the least of my worries though. The abuse would get physical, I even had a bunch of boys threaten to throw me out into the middle of the street and that it would make for a thorough source of entertainment.

Hardly anyone ever cared about me or my feelings and thought of me as a person. That is anyone except my parents, grandparents, and Jesus. Ever since I was a little girl both my parents and grandparents had always taught me about God and Jesus and how much they loved me, although they had very different ideas about Him. Every so often I would go over to stay at my grandparent's house for the weekend and we would go to church together.

One of my favorite hymns to sing was Amazing Grace just like them. I inherited a lot of things from them. Their love of animals, (they had a cute little black and white Cocker Spaniel mixed puppy named Sam that was short for Samson like that story in the bible) although my grandmother and I both hated snakes, and we loved listening to music and praying to God the most. However like my parents I saw God very differently from them.

They saw God as a God of wrath and if you didn't believe in Him the way they did then you would be damned straight to Hell. However I figured that if there really was a loving God up there, He wouldn't send somebody to Hell just for not following that religion. There are a lot of bad people in this world. I figured that the only thing that God would really care about is that you were a good person, treated other people the way they wanted to be treated, and followed the Ten Commandments.

To me that's why Jesus died in the first place. He died for our sins, didn't He? So, if they've already been paid for then why would someone who gave to the poor and fed the hungry and all the other things the bible teaches go to Hell simply just because they weren't a Christian? Anyway, I already mentioned the fact that my grandparents were one of the few people that cared about me. Just as we had moved to Miracle Valley I got really bad news that Papa (which was the name that I called him) was really sick and he had cancer.

I automatically blamed on it on his smoking and use of tobacco. "Papa's in a lot of pain baby girl." My father began. "I'm afraid that it doesn't look very good." He told me while he was driving me home from school.

"He'll live though won't he? After all, he's got to make it to my graduation next year." I said.

"I'm sorry Sarah, but it doesn't look like Papa will make it to Christmas. It's very clear and obvious to me that the Lord is planning on taking him to Heaven." He told me. It was at that precise moment that I suddenly felt something that I had never felt before. All throughout my life ever since I was a baby I really had loved Jesus. I would say my prayers every night and thank Him for blessing me with such a wonderful family.

Up until now I couldn't remember a time where I didn't feel pure love and happiness towards Him. However, now that all changed. For once in my life I felt nothing but pure rage at Him. This time, it was personal.