Chapter Seven; David Goliath James

That evening my parents and I walked over across the street and rang the doorbell. A few moments later I came face to face with the same man that I had seen the day before. Only now I actually got to see what he looked like. He had long and wavy brown shoulder length hair and tanned skin with a short little beard and beautiful blue eyes with just a little bit of green inside them. He had the brightest smile that I had ever seen.

"Hello there, you must be my new neighbors." He began continuing to smile at us.

"Yes I'm Dan and this is my wife_" my father began while extending his hand out towards him.

"Lydia I know." David finished for him as his jaw dropped and his eyes widened with complete and utter bewilderment and amazement. "We've already met." He explained while he shook his hand and then glanced over at me. "And that must make you Sarah. Your mother was right, you are a very beautiful young lady." He told me before I turned my head and looked behind me as if expecting to see another girl standing behind me.

"Well, for those of you who do not know me or remember me my name is David. David Goliath James." He told us.

"I know who you are, I_" I began as he continued looking at me and I tried to decide whether or not to tell him everything that I knew about him. "I heard about you on the news. You're the town hero around here aren't you?" I questioned him but he simply just chuckled.

"Well, I wouldn't say that. I was only doing what was expected of me. You see I believe in saving anybody that calls upon me to help them. And that includes you miss Adams." He told me.

"Uh,.. thanks." I replied since I didn't really know how to respond to him.

"Come on in. Supper's already on the table." He told us extending his smile while there came a slight twinkle in his eye. "Just watch out for Delilah." He said as he held the door open for us. Sure enough as we stepped inside, a beautiful Border Collie was there to greet us. She wagged her tail from side to side and started sniffing my hand.

"Is she friendly?" I asked him.

"Oh yes, she wouldn't hurt a fly." He told me before I slowly reached out my hand and gently stroked the top of her head.

"Hello girl." I said softly while David watched me and continued smiling at me.

"She's expecting you know. It won't be too much longer until I hear the pitter-patter of little paws around the house." He told me.

"You mean she's having puppies?" I questioned him eagerly as an excited grin appeared on my face and David laughed again.

"As far as I know. I don't think that she's having kittens." He said before I looked over at both of my parents.

"No." my mother told me as my grin vanished and I felt my heart starting to sink.

"I'm sorry Sarah but you should always listen to your parents." David began. "Besides, they'll already have their hands full enough with a new baby on the way." He said.

"How did you know that?" my mother questioned him with uncertainty and disbelief.

"Oh well,.. one can just sense these kind of things you know." He told her.

"Yeah,.. right." I responded while eyeing him suspiciously.

"Anyway, we better sit down before our supper gets cold." He said before he turned around and led us towards the dining room table. "Sarah, do you want to do us the honors in saying grace tonight?" he asked me but I decided to remain silent.

"I'm sorry Mr. James, you'll have to excuse her. She's a little upset. You see this boy that she has a crush on was falsely accused of a crime that he did not commit." My mother told him before he slowly nodded.

"I see. So then, you're deciding to take it out on God?" he inquired questioningly but I just simply shrugged.

"I don't know." I replied.

"It's alright if you're angry Sarah, I get angry too when stuff like that happens. However, one of the things that the Lord has given us is the ability to solve our own problems. He would never give us anything that we couldn't handle." He told me. "I'll tell you what, would it make you feel better if your earthly father said grace tonight instead?" he asked me as I silently nodded and he gazed at me lovingly while smiling at me warmly and affectionately.

After that we all gathered around the table and sat down. After we pushed our chairs in we all bowed our heads, closed our eyes, and folded our hands together to pray. My father led all of us in the Lord's Prayer. "Our Father who art in Heaven, hollowed be they name. Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our debts, as we have also forgiven our debtors. And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory, for ever and ever amen."

"So David do you have any children?" my father asked him before he started passing the plate of chicken breasts around the table.

"Oh yes, I have many." He replied smiling brightly at him as his eye twinkled again.

"How old are you anyway?" I blurted out without thinking.

"Sarah!" my mother scolded. "That is very impolite!" she exclaimed.

"Oh it's alright, she's perfectly alright to ask me questions. And the answer to your question is that I'm as old as time itself." He told me.

"Very funny but I'm serious." I said while narrowing my eyebrows and glaring at him.

"So am I." he began with a grin. "However, for the time being, let's just call it twenty-five." He said.

"Really? Wow, you're only eight years older than me." I said before I placed a chicken breast onto my plate and Delilah trotted over to David and started pawing his arm.

"Don't even think about it you silly dog." He began with a chuckle. "I already gave you your supper remember?" he questioned her before he slowly reached out his hand and gently stroked the top of her head.

"Uh Sarah, would it be too much trouble if you could please the mashed potatoes over to me?" my father asked me as I nodded at him and passed the bowl over to him before we all started eating our dinner together.