Imbibed. Imbued. Infused.

Jerusalem. Jerusalem. Jerusalem.

Christ. Christ. Christ.

I (AM so tired)

was so tired, when I was here on earth.

My heart was so (tired)

full of love (for my people, my Jerusalem), Infinite Love,

but the vessel that held it was

always. so. tired.

The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak

My people whom I loved—my dearest Jerusalem—I loved you so much, with a love beyond this world from a place (a Kingdom) where (My) Love never ends, and never fails…but, here in this world, on this earth, in this flesh vessel, you (would) constantly try (to tire out) my heart—and my love.

You tried my heart, Jerusalem; you tried my love, and you try my patience. Beyond this world (in my Kingdom) those things have no limit. But here, (on this temporal plane of existence,) I can feel those things try to give out. My heart. My love. And my patience for you.

I AM Israel. Jerusalem IS IN ME/US. The Kingdom IS HERE AND AT HAND, WITHIN.

Remember. Remember who you are, Jerusalem. You are made in My image. And in Me, in My Kingdom, in My realm, All things are without limit…I AM limitless—in my heart, in my love, and in my patience.

So don't let your heart give out. Keep on loving. Keep on waiting patiently. I AM the Christ, and You are my Bride.


Let this Kingdom come, and Let this will be done.

Amen and AMEN.