The Beauty and The Beast

Written by Sayome Love


Dear Mr. Beast,

Every fairy tale has an ugly villain.

A wicked witch of the west.

The evil step mother followed by her brainless daughters,

A monster.

A Beast.

But what does a true villain look like?

Is it a person that have the creepiest smiles?

Or maybe a witch's broom.

Or a scary serial killer from those cinematic horror films.

But the truth is Mr. Beast, this is not a story nor a tale.

This is reality.

And in reality everyone you have met or will meet is a villain.

A wicked witch.

An evil stepmother.

And a Beast.

Even I, a beauty, has a nasty beast.

But to the naked eye, she goes undetected.

That's her disguise.

Her camouflage.

I do not need a magic mirror to show me the small amount of ugly in my heart.

I do not need a mirror to show me the small speck of darkness.

Because just like you, every soul was once soft like creamy silk.

But just like everyone someone stole that silk, and turned you into the beast you are.

Mr. Beast I do not need a mirror on the wall to see the magnificent prince

that hides behind all that fur.

Mr. Beast I want to be the first person you fall in love with.

I want to be the first person you let a mouthful of promises to.

I want to be the one to cure you as will you to me.

I want to be able to kiss you like passion.

To be able to hug you like forgiveness.

To stay with you like hope.

I promise Mr. Beast I will not fear your scars.

I promises I will not look at them with disgust.

Mr. Beast all I want to do is look into your eyes,

and see perfection.

The scar down your back.

The glare in your eyes.

The mud on your knees.

And the ice around your heart.

That is something more than perfection.

It's more than any hopeless princess could dream about and read about in dusty old books.

I see something that is soft and light like silk.

I see a BEAST with a prince's heart.

And I can not wait to be your BEAUTY.