The Beauty and The Beast

written by: Sayome Love

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Episode 3

The Eyes of Beauty

I let out a giggle as I watch my character use her monstrous teeth the devour the flesh on my opponents face. For some odd reason, my character reminded of something or matter fact someone. She was one of the vicious and evil female characters one the game. To the naked eye she looked like a beautiful ninja, but behind her mask her face was twisted due to foreign blood that flood through her. Equipping her with large, razor sharp teeth.

Her name was Mileena. She was a proper example of a perfect combination of beauty and beast. She used brute strength to win her battles, and charming wits to anger her opponents. She acted like she cared, but of course she was as heartless as the next evil villain. She did not care who she had to go through to claim what she thought she rightfully own; even if that meant killing her own "sister". Mileena did not weld the same martial arts knowledge as other characters, but her wild and fierce attacked made her even deadlier. I truly loved the character, even though some of her skews in her head was quite loose.

"Eww, sis. Do you have to have to be so brutal?" I snorted at my older brother, Tyler, comment.

With my attention fully focused on the deadly battle in front of me I could help, but notice Tyler plopping down right next to me. The motion caused me to bounce a little bit causing me to press the wrong button on the controller, which caused my awesome combo to be total ruined. I let out a frustrated sigh as I continued to subdue my opponent with a split kick to his head.

"Why her?" my brother mumbled as he slouched more into the sofa.

Once I did my favorite fatality and ended the life of my opponent in the most horrible way, I cocked my head towards my brother and sent him a smile, "Because she's a beauty."

"Sure if you say so." my smile dropped and was replace with a 'Really dude' expression, which caused Tyler to burst in a fit of laughter.

I rolled my eyes at the laughing wolf, and returned my game. Did he really just come down here to bother me? I let out another frustrated sigh. I'm not a person to get easily irritated, but when your a girl with ten brothers. Yeah, your patience run a little thin. Do not get me wrong I love being in a family where I am the only girl; it can be quite annoying at times. And disgusting.

As soon as I was about to tear into my opponent's body, my phone began to ring. My face grew darker as I paused my game once again, and picked up my phone.

"Hello." I answer as sweet as I could, but I think it came out a little to forceful.

I heard a familiar chuckle from the other end of the phone, which made an enthused grin to plop onto my face. "Well, hello to you too, princess." Seth's voiced was dripping with humor.

"Sorry, hoochie. I was just playing me a round of MK." I apologized with the same tone of humor.

Tyler snapped me a face of confusion as he mouthed 'Hoochie.' I rolled my eyes at the brunette as I shoved his face away from me. Not wanting to explain the weird nickname I gave the person on my phone. It's been a week since I met Seth at the ball, and since then we have been chatting on the phone. Mostly we discussed our food pun obsession, nonetheless, we became friends. Seth was actually my very first friend that I've made on my own.

According to Tyler, the reasoning behind my lack of friends was because I was always nose deep playing violent video games. A part of me accepted that fact. I accepted the fact that girls avoided me like a plague. Having no friends never bothered me, because I always found comfort in my games. Everyone in my family accepted the fact that I was kind of a loner, well my father and my brothers has. My mother still found it weird that I would rather rip people apart on a video game, than going shopping with friends like a normal girl.

"I take it back your not a princess, your a nugget." I was snapped back to my phone call when I heard Seth comment.

"Am I a Wendy's nugget, because I heard McDonald's give you a mini heart attack." I smiled when I received a laugh from him.

"Yeah, whatever. But seriously I have to ask you for a favor." Seth voice went from goofy to serious in a matter of seconds.

I carefully listened to Seth's as he went into detail with his favor. He explained that he had a friend that saw me at the ball, and took an entrance in me. He explained that his friend was incredibly shy and that his friend wanted to go out on a date with me. I shifted in my seat filling a little uneasy about what Seth was asking of me, because not only did girls avoid me like a plague. But guys kind of did too.

My eye widen when a particular thought popped into my head, "Wait a minute, Seth. The only person that talked to me, let alone noticed me was you."

A frown appeared when I heard him mumble a swear. My frown deepened, wondering about was truly going on at the other end of my phone. "Well, um you kind of met him on your way from the bathroom."

My eyes widen in pure shock when a not-so unfamiliar face flash through my mind. That's friend. The guy who nearly broke my wrist. The guy that melted my eyes with his intense glare. That guy had a friend. I mean I would have believed him if he said that Jason Voorhees was trying to kill him, but having a friend. Matter-of-factually going on a date.

"Um, no offense Seth. But your friend reminds me of Jason." I replied.

"Yeah, I said the same thing. But he is a lonely Jason, looking for a certain nugget to free him of his evil deeds." I chuckled at Seth attempt to persuade to go on a date with a famous cinematic serial killer.

"Okay, I'll do it. But if he kills me, I'm going to hunt you for the rest of your life." I agreed with small smile.

Seth thanked my like a thousand times, before saying to meet up with his friend at the local ice cream polar around 5. I simply agreed, before ending the call. I just agreed to go on a date with a guy that I joked about being a serial killer from a horror movie, but little did I know that he was a real life killer.

I sighed as I plopped down into an empty booth inside the appointed ice cream shop; since I was practically the only customer as the shop I chose the booth closer to the doors. I leaned my head against the glass window that was conveniently placed, and stared out into the open sunset. The sun was only bright yellow just an hour ago, scorching my pale skin to a crisp. Now there was no more heat in this wind as it sweep the scarce litter over the pavement nor was there enough coolness to call it a gentle night breeze. It was just the sunset of a very uneventful day. Nothing more, nothing less. That's how life was. Only day when the sun was up and only night when the moon prowled. I released another stream of air as my mind and body finally found peace with the soft patter of the employees.

My moment was short lived when my ears twitched when the sound of the bell at the entrance of the ice cream dinged. I slowly risen from my position and twisted my body around to face with a man I never thought I would met again. I sat there and watched as he paced towards not once breaking eye contact. My heart jumped a little when the man from the ball stood in front of me with those dark eyes once more. For some reason something told me that behind that dark cloud in his eyes is a color fit for a prince.

"Hi." I whispered as I shy gazed down at the girly pink table.

"Hello." his husky, yet dead tone shot fuzzy bullets into my chest. I heard the shuffling of fabric as I confirmed he took on the other side of the booth.

I closed my eyes tight and clenched my fist. You can do this. Just do it. I snapped my eyes back open, when I conjured up enough confident to stare him right in the eyes. "Hi, my name is Champagne Silva. And I'm terribly sorry I poked my nose where it clearly did not belong."

The mysterious guy from across from me just stared. After I just nearly died from a mini panic attack, all he did was stare. The man's eyes were still the usual ink color, but if I focused my eyes I noticed specks of purple scattered in his irises as if it was trying to take over. He blinked and the split moment shield his morphing eyes from mine. When he reopened his eyes, purple specks transformed into a ring around his pupil just like the majestic rings of Saturn. I nearly leaped out of my seat when I noticed the slight change, but his glared stayed intense.

The alarms inside my head was screaming danger, however, all my focus on the wavy piece of hair that escaped from the rest of the bunch. Trying to gain control of my hand, but failing horribly as I reached across the table. Never in my life have I ever had the strong urge to touch a guy before. But since today was the of risk taking and the infinite images of his angered expression from the ball clogged up my thinking cap.

So, for the first time in my life, I gave in to my urge. I placed the pad of my index on the stray hair.

"So soft." I whispered without knowing it.

Before I could react, his hand quickly grasped hold of my wrist, locking it in a tight grip. I winced at the sudden tight squeeze and began to reflexively pull my wrist.

"Do not touch me." he sneered through gritted teeth.

Curses, FOILED again!

Yeah, that's right I'm smart enough for math puns.