Why the hell would I do this to myself? Am I secretly masochistic? Perhaps I low-key relish the morbid feeling of wanting to tear my eyeballs out of their sockets? Because that would certainly explain plenty of things about me. What I wouldn't give to sleep-in! Urgh... God, I hate mondays... Mornings specifically; the rest of the day, I could care less about.

To Be A Hero


Written by Dudebroman

Genre: Action, Romance, Drama, Comedy

"This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or

used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Rated T for Mature Audiences: Strong Language, Suggestive Themes, Adult Situations, Violence

"Enjoy!" - Dudebroman

I removed my mask for a moment, bringing a gloved hand up to my head and squeezing on my sinuses to ward of the minor headache I had going on.

Ugh... Gotta be in the top ten worst mornings of all time. That said, the list changes every week and a half.

Well... At least the weather looks nice today— if not a bit windy for my taste. Sixty-two degrees and warming is what I heard on the radio earlier, though it feels a bit more like a fifty-five.

Slouching lazily on the building ledge I sat upon, I threw back my cape letting it flutter a bit in the breeze, before bringing a steamy bitter cup up to my face and taking a warming sip. As I did, the sweltering nutty fragrance filtering down my throat began to bring that fire back to my chest that had been missing ever since I woke up.

Ahh... That brings me life..! Now THIS is why I get up. Damn right. Hoo! I'm awake now.

I reach back into the paper bag to my side and brought out the little treasure that made these early mornings worth it. Its pleasantly soft texture and the toasty surface brought a smile to my face even before I bit into the sweet treat. To complete the morning ritual, I set my coffee down and pull my smartphone out of my trusty utility belt and start browsing the morning news as the doughnut says its last goodbyes to the world.

Mmffmm... Mhmmm... Doughnut... Mmmmm...

Let's see here... Mysterious masked man starts ranting about Egyptian curses in the middle of Achney Central... New Mars Colony Base in dire need of new personnel... Russia contesting international waters in the South Asian Sea Region... POTUS Andrew Lee Connor announcing new bid for election in 2120 ballot... Tomorrowsville Memorial Vigil Walk to be held on the tomorrow at 9:00 to 12:00 from the mayor's office to the Tomorrowsville Monument in Merlo Square Park...

I continue to listlessly scroll through the news taking an occasional bite of jelly filled heaven until I find a certain article that stops me in my tracks.

Oh! I think I know this one. I tap over the news article about Cromwell Justice University having a few guest speakers flying over from eastern Europe coming to hold a press-conference about 'Society in Powered Times' or whatever that's supposed to mean. If I recall its being sponsored by the U.S. Department of Powered Justice and the Department of Health and Human services. Its purpose was to promote awareness or thereabouts... I guess... So its important? Eh...

The mayor's gonna be there too I hear. But he's not the only one who's gotta drag his sorry ass there; I speak about yours truly. The Professor is gonna kill me if I miss out on anymore lectures... So yeah attendance to this conference is mandatory to ensure my survival as a college undergrad. Hell as if I'm NC'ing this sem! I shiver wondering what kind of extracurricular activities I would be forced to do if I miss out again. Ughh... Never again with the short shorts..!

I sighed before tapping on my old jury-rigged police radio interception app on my phone, and took another sip of java goodness to stave off the morning chill. Catching my eye from a distance, the shine of a white jet-liner lifting off from Davidson Achney Memorial International left me in a trance as it smoothly weaved through the complex reflective monoliths of downtown Achney's metropolis.

Wish I could fly like that.

I lean back a bit taking in a bit more of Achney's peerless morning skyline, and quickly finish breakfast. The layered violet and yellow hues of the early dawn sky mixed out towards the greater deep blue shades that contrasted against the city's glitzy ad-filled twinkling. White doves swooped overhead in their smoothly-formed V-shaped flocks towards the sky scrapers themselves, probably looking for a place to roost. The hum and din of busy 6 O'clock pre-rush hour streets down below was strangely soothing to my ears, though I don't usually appreciate the noise pollution— maybe I was just still sleepy and my head isn't on right.

This is the town you protected eh, Indomitable? Man, maybe they should've been more thankful huh? Heheheh... I know I know... That'll be the day that I die.


My head cranked towards my smartphone sitting on my side.

"Ten-Five... All..-nits be adv..sed... Suspected Arsonist.. alert... on Fairday Avenu- *bzzt* ...ossibly armed and danger— *crackle*!" The app itself spat out breaking up with almost every word, but to its credit, the message was clear.

Fairday Avenue? A suspected arsonist, huh..?

Great! There goes my wonderful morning. Not that it was sublime to begin with, so I'm not too distraught.

I stood up from the ledge and my dusted some stray crumbs off my bright crimson gloves and took one last sip of coffee.

Oh, that hits the spot...

Tossing the cup of joe into a conveniently placed garbage can below, I placed my fists on my hips, I let my cape fly behind me gloriously and puff my chest out. Its one of my pre-crime fighting rituals, something to get me in the mood.

Hahah! Here we go. I can't believe I'm jumping back into this hellish rabbit hole again. I must've finally lost my mind...

I smiled one last time, looking up towards the great azure canvas above.

Alright fine. So be it! This is the city you loved so much. Indomitable this one's for you, I'll show you what it means to be a hero!

Taking a few steps back from the edge of the building I had been resting on, I knelt back on the ground, lifting my behind and assumed a running position. No regrets left in my heart, I took flight letting all the power from my legs propel me forward into the air, soaring of the ledge. As I did my hand mechanically reached towards my belt to the usual back left pocket where I left my trusty grappling hook. Whilst my body moved, my eyes quickly spotted a suitable ledge, and then a decision was made. Within a split second my hand brought the hook-shot up to my sights and with an all to easy, push of a button my trusty grappling hook... My grappling hook... Er... My grappling hook?

...Grappling hook... Now where did I...

Oh crap.

I lost it in the battle against DOCTOR Apocalypse! Damn it! How could I possibly forget!? By the way, the 'doctor' part of DOCTOR Apocalypse is actually spelled in all-caps by the by the way, the reason behind that is— Teugh! Wait that's not what I want my final thoughts to be! I'm falling now damn it! I curse you Sir Isaac Newton, you can take all your laws to hell! Especially the first one! There I said my piece!





"Arghh...!" I brought an arm up to my back.

Oww..! That smarts... All in one piece still, eh? Ugh, now where the hell...

I crank my head upwards looking up at the ledge where I jumped off from. The roof of the fourth floor of Sanchez and Sons Laundromat was a nice place to relax after a nice day of crime-fighting. So if that's where I fell from then this must be... I looked to my left and saw my cup of joe, still intact sitting in the steel garbage bin I had landed on. I picked it up and there seemed to be at least a quart left so I had myself one last sip while letting my back recover from the fall.


I heard a door open to me left, and before me I saw the owner of the building the towering Mr. Sanchez himself (minus sons) folding his burly arms and flashing me a terrifying grimace.

"You know..." His usual growly unforgiving tone seemed more... Uh... Growlier than usual. "You and that damn woman are the reason I put that blasted garbage bin there, right? And boy did it come in handy today huh?"

"Er... Right thanks..." I rubbed the back of my head sheepishly taking sips of my coffee.

"Heh. Heheheh..." His gruff face instantly broke into a goofy grin. "You know, its actually been nearly a full year since I saw you two hanging out on the roof. Was gonna actually move the garbage bin back to where it was, lucky I left it here. Huh... Actually, where's that hellion?"

Sanchez looks at me giving me a warm smile before looking up at the roof. "She up there?"

"Ah, no, Mr. Sanchez." I reply lifting myself out of my foul smelling saving grace. "She's uh... She's on hiatus." I reply steadily, dusting myself off,

"Oh yeah? What's going on?" Mr. Sanchez's seemed interested, as his brows lift as they usually do when he's curious. He leans against the door and points at me to fix my hair. "I never figured her for the type to take an off day."

Yeah... She really wasn't huh?

"Health reasons." I manage to reply to him, before I toss the empty cup back in the bin.

"Makes sense." He shrugs his shoulders and looks back up at the roof again. "Superheroes have to watch their health after all."

"You're telling me." I look up at the roof myself and scoff. "Anyway, I gotta run, something up going up on Fairday Avenue."

""Oh wait up. "The burly man looks in the distance beyond me, his brows stiffening. " I heard they closed Main, so I'm guessing its at the intersection, either that or at the new mall."

"They closed it?" I repeated aloud but those words were meant for me alone. Unconsciously my hand started up to my chin and the gears in my head started to move.

That's strange... Why would they close a major road if a suspect had just been spotted? Don't tell me its not just a suspected arsonist... Moreover to close the road so quickly to the public... Perhaps they were expecting some sort of terrorist attack and it actually happened? That would make a lot of sense... Hrmm...

Mr. Sanchez shrugged as if to throw his problems off his shoulders. "Yeah, no explanation was given when I heard it on the radio. Though when the authorities say something, you usually just take it for granted hmm?"

"When did you hear this report?" I asked still lost in my thoughts.

"About thirty minutes ago? I was just fixing one of the darn machines when it popped up on the station."

Thirty minutes ago!? Then they were definitely expecting something! I only caught the report of arsonist suspected just a few moments ago! Hold up a second... This couldn't be it could it!?

A dark cloud must of passed over my face because Mr. Sanchez's face flushed with worry. "What's wrong, man?" He himself started to get worried.

Ah crap. To get citizens worried about the state of peace, was not my intention. I gotta do something to ease his mind...

"Er..." I could feels my cheeks stiffen in confusion of what face I should make in this situation. "Don't worry Mr. Sanchez...!" I suddenly yelled in a broad-dutiful voice, but it only made me freak out and the man look at me as if I had just lost my mind. "I've got this!"

"Well... Good luck I guess..." He cocked his head confused and instead just knocked me lightly on the shoulder. "You take care now, my roof is always free you know." He gave me a sincere smile to match my twinging 'serious face'.

This man... Is really nice!

"Unfortunately, this isn't the last you've seen of me, fair citizen!" I saluted trying to give my resolved look, but in the end I still just look dumb.

He nods to me with his arms folded, then disappears in the door behind him, waving me off. "Get the hell out of here, and bring the broad next time, she owes me a padlock for the one she broke that one time..."

"H-hey that was an emergency...!" I try to reason after him, but he slams the door causing a metal sound to resound off the alley.

Well it wouldn't be a stretch saying that padlock had once separated the fate of the country between salvation and utter apocalypse...


I spin around on my heel throwing my cape off to my side letting it billow dramatically and head off towards the back alley exit.

This is serious. Thirty minutes ago, the authorities closed off Main Street. About five minutes ago I caught wind of a supposed Arsonist suspect appearing on Fairday Avenue. Taking into consideration location, then the two possible locations this suspect could be in is in the intersection between Fairday Avenue and Main Street, or as Mr. Sanchez said, in the new shopping strip that just opened a week ago. Both aren't too terribly far from each other, about twelve city blocks in fact, but its still a distance.

Achney Police Department HQ is about a twenty-seven minute drive away, but patrol cars are usually out in the Projects, which are about forty minutes away. However, considering this was appearance was possibly expected, the cops would certainly be there quicker, or if not they already had men stationed on both sites... Okay. So I that's my time table, I have to be there in about five minutes if I want to make any real impact on the scene.

But which scene should I pick? First off,l I have to consider why did they close Main? If this were just a petty Arsonist Suspect, there would be no reason to halt the entire flow of traffic on one of the busiest roads of Achney City... That would be unreasonable... And if it were suspected... Then its in all probability a terrorist attack. Hidden under the guise of "Arsonist Suspect" to stave away any would be glory-seeking vigilantes. So then, if it is a terrorist attack, then I'm guessing then that the intersection is off the list. Its likely the new shopping strip.

Why? The goal of terrorists is to terrorize, simply put. The Main-Fairday intersection may have lots of potential victims, but at the same time everyone there is transient, they're commuters, travelers, with easy means of escape, since the intersection is very open and wide. Chaos will ensue, yes and people could hurt each other in the following confusion, but it won't be as damaging as say those who are trapped... In a building for example.

So yes, its all conjecture and calculation, but I feel as if something might be up at that Shopping Strip. Its worth a look into.

Now, the question shall be the mode of transportation, huh?

I reached towards the back left of my utility belt, but the strange hollow feeling of nothing being there met my fingers.

Darn, I really loved that grappling hook too... Maybe I can try to get another one commissioned, but hell as if Marciel will even consider it after the debacle with DOCTOR Apocalypse...

So then there really is only one way to do this huh?

My fingers pulled out of the bottom left and reached into the pouch just to the left side of it. An all to familiar brassy jagged sensation met my fingers.

*jingle* *beep* *beep*


The road felt strangely empty as I neared my destination on my loyal economy-class steed. Most likely they closed off more roads leading here, earlier. Its eerily quiet for a city street to be this bereft of sound... Its giving me chills to be honest.



I raised up the sappy pop song that was playing on the radio, to blaring levels of what could easily be considered rhythmic injustice.

Hell yeah! Not giving a damn about what others think while driving is freakin' awesome!


I strapped my seat belt in tighter and started swaying in my seat to the groovy 1/4 off beats. My fingers started to the rhythmic tapping thing that happens to all drivers when that one catchy song starts playing. Soon enough I started mouthing the lyrics to myself while making weird faces that I think personify the song during the instrumental bridges, but alas all magical times have to end.

I've arrived at my destination. Or rather something close to the destination anyway. Up ahead I think I see a police barricade already formed up, with an unfortunate line of traffic formed up viciously taking out their customary uncalled for plebeian rage on our boys in blue.

Heh... Sucks to have their job.

Its probably safe to say by the way cops are making steadfast gesticulations and the way the drivers are shouting vulgar lexicon that people are being turned away. I should also assume that if Achney City's finest are doing their jobs properly then they've got an entire perimeter up. This also confirms my suspicions of a planned terrorist attack and the fact that they already had men stationed here in advance... The dudes dressed in riot armor up ahead on that barricade seems like overkill.

Okay. So the target is in there eh? Past the police barricade and again most likely in the mall. Alright, then there's only one thing to do!

I casually sneak around the perimeter— Hah! As if! Hell no to sneaking; that's too much effort. Besides if the cops are already here I should let them know that I'm on scene, it saves on the explanation later.

I shift gears into reverse and back up around a sitting island, to enter the empty oncoming lanes driving up to the barricade. As I pull up, I roll down my windows and shut off the radio and then one of the cops— a young looking rookie, probably the same age as me— walks up to my car with a strange expression; as if he just witnessed a clown streaking naked down the boulevard or something.

"Hey man, open up. I'm a hero." I call out and lean out the window to the young man.

"Gosh, I've never seen a superhero roll-up on a family-friendly four-seater before..." He mutters with the slack-jawed expression on his face. Behind him I can see some of his seniors snickering or trying to hold on to a stoic expression. "Is that your uh... Super-mobile?" He said that without any malice, he's probably still just shocked from my dynamic entry.

"Damn, right this beast is my royal chariot." I pick up the soda drink I got from a drive-through on the way here from its place on the cup holder and drink. "So you gonna make way or what? I've got an itch on my foot that I can only be scratched by kickin' ass!"

"Uh... Hero License and Registration please..?" He's still gazing at at me with uncertainty in his eyes.

"Wait seriously?" I ask dumbfounded. "Is this actually a secretly disguised pull-over? Did I walk into a trap just to get me to pay some tickets? Is this the time for it?"

"S-sorry Mr. Superhero Sir..!" The guy looks away from my direct stare, before sheepishly looking back at me, his eyes a little firmer. "But that's just rules and regulations, if you want intel and access, I'm afraid I'm gonna n-need to see some I.D.!"

Damn, looks like the careless deflection tactic, is a bust.

"Sheesh, fine!" I threw my hands up into the air and reached over to the dashboard cabinet on the passenger's side. "Don't blame me if we lose time with formalities and end up with civilian injuries, or worse."

"C-civilian casualties!?" He muttered to himself alarmed.

Wow, are guys like these the future of the ACPD? Then I'm kinda worried...

"Hey, you said it, not me." I muttered sifting through piles of old case files and dossiers. "Here." I tossed him and old tea-stained I.D. that had a picture of me, in my superhero costume from way back when. It was manicured obviously from an I.D. that fell into my hands way back when but it should still do the trick.

"Alright... So you're Indomitable?" He squints at the I.D. then looks back at me as if he were seeing two different things.

"Yeah? What, something on my face? Is it my mask? I changed it from a grey ballroom mask to the black domino, because I lost the previous one." I reply honestly.

"Uh... Yeah I can see that..." The guy keeps checking on it as if he can't read English.

"Then what? You fall in love? Sorry but I don't roll that way sorry."

"No, its just that-" He makes a difficult expression. "-you look kinda different."

"What? Is it the hair? I cut it short, I'm done with my emo phase."

"N-no its not that." He stares at it grimacing.

"Then out with it damn it! Civilian casualties remember!?"

"I know, I know!" He gestures moving his hand away from his head. "I just don't know how to put it, in tactfully!"

Put what tactfully? What does he mean to say?

"Hurry up, say it, my feelings won't get hurt." I roll my eyes in exasperation and steady the grip of my hand on the steering wheel.

"Oh, its just that you're kinda fatter than what I see in this picture." He glances away from me again as if he struck a mortal wound.

And mortal wound he struck indeed... My feelings hurt!

"Fat? Damn bro that's harsh!" I frown and sigh.

Like, okay, I've perhaps been letting myself go a bit! True, my super-suit is feeling a bit tighter than average. Three donuts a morning doesn't exactly translate into a hefty sum of pounds at all! Er... My apartment floor is just creakier than usual! And, sure, maybe I've developed a bit of a gut since last year..! But that doesn't mean I'm fat!

...Does it?

"Sorry that's a sensitive subject I know!" Zain, the officer— as evidenced by his name plate— tried to comfort me after the blow was struck. "Commenting about a person's body is a very sore subject for a ton of people! Er... I... In fact its one of the very few way to reliably hurt a person's self-esteem! I actually took a course on it in college and—"

"Stop please." I interrupted him and sighed, taking back my doctored I.D. from his hands. "Just let me through already..."

Hahhh.. Damn, that DOES hurt my self-image...

"O-oh... R-right away sir!" He runs back to the barricade and signals for his colleagues in riot armor to move over.

As they do, Zain runs up to my window again, holding a brownish-fuchsia folder in his hands, something you'd probably see in the drawers of an Officer's office, rather than out here. "Hey, do you need some intel or something? Something serious is happening you know! We've got civilians on scene, and we've reports of a terrorist going around in there! We were actually just about to move in their ourselves..."

"No time, for lengthy explanations here." I sound off and unlock the door on the passenger's side to get in. "Get in, you'll be explaining it to me on the fly." I order him but he looks hesitant.

"Uh... I'd rather stay here..." He looks over to his colleagues but they just stare at him and don't say anything.

"CIVILIAN CASUALTIES DAMN IT!" I reiterate slamming my wheel forcefully, and he quickly nods shakily.

Friggin' noobs.

"Okay! Okay!" He opens the door quickly and gets in and shuts to door.

As soon as he does, I start driving off to the scene which is still just three blocks away. Everything seems peaceful right now, but we'll know at the crime scene.

"Okay, spill." I transition over back to the right-side lane and look over to Zain, who was reading the documents. "I need a sit-rep; what's actually going on in there? Be concise."

"Well to be honest, there was a terrorist attack." His face tenses up as he reads the documents, and his smartphone which he had just pulled out right now.

"I can figure." I retorted and checked my back mirrors before making a right turn. "No, I need information like, when did this happen, what's their force size, and if they're powered I'll need to know what kind of esper abilities we're dealing with. Again, be concise."

He looks at me briefly with uncertainty gulps. Looks like he finally grasped the gravity of the situation.

"Alright." He replies letting out a sigh to relieve his tension. "Okay so the attack started about fourteen minutes ago, but since the police was alerted earlier of suspicious activity and helped an anonymous tipper, we cordoned this area off earlier about 47 minutes ago..."

"Yeah? Uh-huh? Go-on." I ran a red light on an empty intersection, we're almost there."

"Problem is the attack happened earlier than reported, just as we were setting up our perimeter. We didn't even know that the Twin Palms Metro Mega Mall was under attack until one lucky escapee, ran out and we found her. So we've been unawares for thirty whole minutes, the situation is looking grim."

"And number of enemy forces? Have you any intel on that?"

"Er..." His face shifts uncomfortably but he steels himself again. "Its just one."

"Huh? One? And he can hold the entire Mega Mall complex down by himself?"

"Y-yeah it seems so... His powers look like, he's capable of igniting things. Earlier attempts to approach him earlier with some riot forces were met ended up with our guys being swathed in flame and burnt. That's kinda crazy! So we had to retreat and currently we're going into a stand off against him. We know he has plenty of hostages inside the building itself but the guy hasn't even made an announcement or anything yet. He's just standing in front of the entrance... Maybe he's waiting for something."

"The hell..?" I can't help but let out a scoff.

What kind of information is that? I can't glean anything from that at all. Except for the fact that this guy seems like he's trying to make a statement or something... Or that he's just an unhinged psycho. If its the former, he's probably waiting for something as Zain says, allies maybe... Wait this sounds like that one time in—

"Let your superiors know that you should probably get more guys, this sounds like it has the potential to become major." I point to Zain's radio and he immediately starts relaying more information and calling for back up.

"Is that all the intel you have on him?" I ask as we pull in towards the plaza. Once I turn the corner I can see more armor clad officers surrounding the building itself, and a few riot drones flying above watching the situation.

I look towards Zain but the young officer seems busy shouting and relaying out information over his own radio. Guess that means that's probably it then. Soon enough I come up to the scene and park my car just right behind the officers forming a shield wall, and step out. Some officers see me and sigh in relief, but others keep focused on that a particular figure standing on the steps of the large complex.

There standing bathed in the light of a dozen or so police flood lights the unshaken ebon-clad figure stands ominously still as if waiting for some other unseen horror to rendezvous with. Even at this distance I can feel something is really off about the guy... The gut sinking feeling this guy gives me is that one particular vibe that immensely powerful espers tend to give out by just being near you. Even without innate ganzfeld sensitivity a normal dude like me can feel the dangerous wavelengths that he emits; this guy... Is friggin nuts!

And the thought finally hit me.

Ohhhhhh shiiiiiiiit...! I'm gonna be facing that? What the hell did I get myself into..!? There's no way I stand a chance against this bozo! Jesus Christ what was I thinking!? Uh... Maybe I should just secretly retreat? No no no, but I'm already here... What would people say if they saw a superhero leaving this situation up in the air? Perhaps I should apologize and make an excuse? 'Oh sorry guys, I have a sudden stomach ache..! I gotta hit the can! Catch ya in five!' Huh... Yeah... Maybe that could work... Hahah. No shame in running when you've bitten off more than you can chew right?

"Indomitable, thanks for your help... " Zain steps out of the car behind me looking at me with gleaming eyes. "It's kind of hard to admit this but this is my first real situation on this level and... Well... I just want to thank you, I suppose. I don't know just being next to a superhero like yourself gives me a sort of courage I guess. People that go around selflessly helping your fellow man are what inspired me to join the force after all! So I hope I can be of use to you! Besides we can't let him just do whatever he wants and hurt people can we!? I mean what kind of people would we be if left things unchecked!?"

I dunno, a normal human being with only reasonable concern for his own mortality?


Fffffffffffffff— Okay, you know what? I really hate my sense of shame and guilt. Is there a way to turn that off? Because if so I'd take the lobotomy right now. Damn it.

"Uh.. Y-yeah... What kind of craven fool would turn a blind eye to citizens in need? Ahahahah! Not me no! For I am Indomitable! The hero who gets up every time! Hero to the weak, helper of little old ladies, and savior of tree kittens!" I strike a heroic pose and laugh it off avoiding direct eye contact with Zain to keep my pride intact.

"Ohhh! Sorry for even doubting you earlier at the checkpoint Mr. Indomitable! Its true that I had my reservations about you, by they're now gone! I was stupid for thinking so... Because you really are a true hero! Wait here, I think I see the Sarge over there, I'll go fetch him and then maybe he can explain the situation better."

Oh what the hell! Man I really hope this doesn't bite me in the ass...

I look up to the terrorist up on the stairs one more time.

Maybe he just only looks tough?

My chest heaved heavily— my heart threatened to give out. My entire being yearned to jump out of my physical body as bright burning streaks whizzed by. Bright hot lights, not exactly fire balls, but near invisible waves of heat energy; like fast glimmering distortions.

Oh sweet mother of god! What the hell was I thinking!?


I ducked behind some poor car, finding a moment's respite from an incoming stream of heat.

"What the hellllllll!?" An exasperated voice jumped out of my dry throat as I did so.

I hate to admit it but I can really feel the calories weighing me down right now damn. I gotta go on a jog sometime! I've got no damn stamina!

I clutched my chest in futile effort to slow my breathing.

Okay, just calm down Indomitable... Think, think clearly... You've trained for this; you've been through worse... Recall what you should do first... That's right, assess the situation!

Cautiously standing up, but being careful to obscure most of my body I peeked up from behind the automobile.

What a mess!

Fire strewn everywhere across the open plaza! The whole mall front was ablaze. A heavy black plume of smoke crawled into the city skyline. The panicked clattering of riot officers scattering here and there attempting to take cover from the whirling inferno filled my ears. In the midst of all the tumult a lanky shadow draped in a trench coat lurched towards me, and then quick as a flash before I could process the next thing a swirling brightness from his palm came hurtling towards me!


Goodness gracious! Great balls of fire!

I dropped low before the light hit, shutting my eyes as an intense sweltering wave of heat swirled around my head. Instinctively my arms wrapped protectively around my brain pan taking the brunt of the burns as I hit the floor.

"Yowch! Hot! Hot! Too. Friggin. Hot! Haaargggh! Alright, wooo... He shoots fireballs. That's scary. That's good. Yeah. It's good..." I muttered like a loon as forced myself to take deep breaths... "LIKE HELL IT IS!" I tore my boot off my foot, leapt over my cover and with all my strength threw my boot to his head.


The boot hit him dead in the head—I think... All I could see was his outline against a rampaging inferno of cars and smoking buildings. It looks like it had harmlessly bounced off his temple, similar in effect to throwing a cotton ball at an elephant... Then he stood there for a second contemplating what just happened. I resolved to not hold his confusion against him as he gave a me a curious cock of the head.

"Yeah yeah... I don't know what I was thinking either.." I swiftly knocked myself for ever thinking that could work. Great, now I'm down a boot.

An abrupt heat wave surged past and a mad chuckling echoed on the crackling city streets. "Hahaha, ohohoh that's good! That's too good haha- And you call yourself a hero... Oh hah!" The looseness of his uncontrolled cackling made the hairs on my back of my neck stand at attention. "Come now! Vienza you're better than that...! You've made it this far! It's so amazing you found me! I don't know how you did it... But this makes me so giddy I can barely contain myself..! Intertwined fate is what they call it!?"

Oh damn! This guy is a freak!

"I DON'T KNOW THE FUCK YOU ARE." I shouted back at the maniac, adeptly ducking before another blazing wave hit.


Crap, seriously!? Who is this guy!? He's just laughing mad!

My head turned to my list of past acquaintances who I may have rubbed the wrong way until I heard a hissing sound come from right behind me.

Ugh... The hell is happening now?

I peeked my head out again to see what it was but to my astonishment, it surely wasn't the flame freak chewing up the scenery. The source of the hissing got cleare-

-Oh Shit! It's the car! Not good-


I had barely closed my eyes when I felt the force of the explosion sent me skidding into a painful shoulder cartwheel across the damp morning pavement.

Kuh! Damn..!

My hand reflexively crawled up to my chest, then up to my face. Carmine, the wonderful color of my innards was painted so vibrantly on my palm, it would've made Picasso kill for the particular hue. I struggled up, but several intense sharp pains forced me to stagger on my knees. I glanced at my chest. My suit was peppered with holes and smoke dubiously drifted out of it; it looked as if some stray car fragments lodged themselves into my torso. The pain after reaction was immediate.

"KGH!" I reeled a bit, clutching my quivering gut.

Ow ow ow ow ow ow OW!

My chest and by lesser extension my stomach felt like a jigsaw puzzle with each individual piece painstakingly hacked apart. The world around me was spinning but I pulled out my collar and peeked into my suit. Hot serrated metal pieces of slag were embedded onto the surface of my skin.

That doesn't look good... Ah, how far in did it go? It doesn't feel like its poking into something vital, so it only looks as nastier than it appears, but I'm gonna have to get this checked afterwards.

"Ahahaha! EXCELLENT! That's what I like to see! Just lie old times huh, hero? Oh that looks so fun..! Keheahahahaha!"

My ears rang dripping with his words as if the imaginary hunchback inside my head started wildly banging on my skull in the grim realization that he might in fact just be a figment of my imagination.

Ugh... Jesus Christ..! Why do villains always do the laugh? Can't I ever find a quiet scheming one- you know the ones that keep their cards close to their chests and their motives firmly hidden? Yeah, why can't I get one of those instead, you know, for once!?

I clambered to my feet ignoring the pain. It was clearer now his face—or rather lack of a face— stood out. The terrorist was clad head to toe in a charcoal-toned trench coat, a black balaclava and jet-crystal sunglasses. I squared up into a stance threateningly, but the form of a lunatic grin behind the tight black fabric of his mask only warped further. His hands were stuck confidently in his pockets waiting for me to make the first move; and luckily for him I was inclined to do so.

My legs tensed as I charged at him, fist at my side. He let out a brief cackle in that instant, presumably to unnerve me but I refused to falter from whatever he had in store for me. Just as I was in striking range another great flash of light, appeared just as he pulled out his hand from his pocket.



An intense heat engulfed my being; I was set on fire for the briefest of moments, my body getting cooked in those few seconds before I dug my fist into his completely masked face. My knuckles spinned into it, feeling the slight sensation of cartilage breaking and the resistance of bone— it was a direct hit.


"Aughh!~" The man jumped back letting out a confusing cry of pleasure as he brought a bare hand up to his hidden nose. His hand was smoking, and one could see the light bend around it, much like one could see on hot pavement, or when looking upon the crest of an open fire.

Hrmm, so is that it? I had my suspicions... That power— it's not pyrokinesis, its more like heat energy rather than straight up fire. Something more like a microwave oven on full blast turned on you... Wait..! Perhaps the heat is being generated by microwaves...? So maybe he can control sound waves? His bare skin does seems to be emanating high temperature bursts. But, he hasn't hit me with any auditory attacks aside from his annoying laugh... Guess that means I'm safe in assuming he can only control a certain spectrum then...?

"Well, you've got fangs, I'll give you that... Heheh..." The terrorist cackled madly before me. "But you shouldn't hold back against someone like little old me, Vienza. Hehaha! Or is it your little way of showing you care for me? Aungh... its getting me so heated-"

I cut him off immediately following up with my last swing. I half-gave up on making sense of his mindless drivel, better to just punch first and ask yourself the hard questions later. The man suddenly bent himself backwards dodging my blow and the quick follow ups that came after.

Shit, he's pretty quick, huh? Well, how about this instead!?

"Yes give me mor-"


A good swift rising elbow smashed into his face ensuring a black eye and he buckled back. Wasting no opportunity. Irregularly-timed punches followed thereafter weaved in with more savage elbows and kicks aimed towards the head leaving him with no opening for a spare attack much less a breath.

*Pow!* *Thud!* *Smack!*

As long as I'm close and not giving him any breathing room, he can't retaliate with something strong..! Probably..! I dunno, really I'm just rolling with what seems to be working at the moment— that being the literal punches.

"Vienza! My love!" My opponent screamed into the air as I hardened my blows. "Do you see we are not world's apart after all!?"


Damn, am I not hitting hard enough!?Shut the hell up! That voice irritates me for some reason. Ngh, forget it... Man honestly, non sequitur is the worst kind of villain character quirk!

I shook my head and was about to give the coup de grace, when he— to my surprise whipped out his a ball of glowing energy from his pocket.



An even greater force threw me back for what felt like no small distance.


"Ack!" My body crashed into something very hard. A fire hydrant!? The sheer blunt force impacting with my back knocked the breath right out of my chest. But my body didn't stop.

I-I was right! That heat energy really is emitted from his bare skin..! And yet I was also wrong in thinking getting close would mitigate the force!


"Urghh!" Next thing I knew I was laying on my back, the world spinning violently around me. Shards of what I believed to be fragmented glass surrounded me, prickling the skin on my back through my burnt cape.

Ow ow ow... That was the first time I've ever been a victim of defenestration..! I can finally cross that out the bucket list...

When the rolling stars finally diminished in number and got the strength to open my eyelids, a bright light shone into my eyes. I flinched covering my head, thinking it was the enemy's follow up and rolled colliding into a solid wall.

"Augh..!" I wheezed out clutching my sides.

Ahhhh...I don't wanna get back up...

My head throbbed and the distinct blackness of unconsciousness was drawing my mind in.

I can rest right? Just for a few more moments, I'll still be alive when I get up... I'm sure, like ten percent sure and ninety percent uncertain but I'm still sure for that ten percent... Just a few more... Seconds...

"Sir... Sir... Are you alright!?" A gentle hand accompanied the voice gingerly supporting me up in a sitting position.

I couldn't breathe, feels like I just got winded. My lungs convulsed in irregular patterns frantically trying to regulate themselves. It sounded like I was hiccuping violently. My head drew back in anguish, but I forcefully took control of my neck and nodded to the demure voice.

It was a middle-aged woman, dressed in the clothes of that of a retail clerk. One of the hostages I'm guessing... Arrgh... My head screwed up at the bright lights of a department store. Surrounding me were the wide bewildered eyes of concerned and frightened hostages that were caught up in this mess. It looks like they had been taking refuge in this store.

The woman tried lifting me up on my legs but an intense pain in my lower back jolted throughout my body nearly throwing me onto the ground again. Another arm caught me, or more like it was several. My back didn't feel aligned and there was a loss of feeling in the lower portion, think I may have slipped a disc. Or worse. Most likely something worse. Its always something worse.

"Steady now boy!" A gruff voice sternly whispered from above me. I turned to see who it was an I was pleasantly surprised to see the Sergeant from earlier, Zain the noob himself, and the rest of the rescue team evacuating the civilians.

So its going as planned huh? At least we're doing good.

Earlier when we made a plan, we decided that I and a contingent of officers should go distract the villain while the rest of our forces storm the building to rescue the hostages and search for any additional threats. However, my forces were completely wiped out by that damn terrorist's power and I was the only one left for a while. Even the snipers that we had trained on him, kept missing their shots and were eventually taken out by his long range attacks. Its like he's got this crazy sixth sense... With his face is covered up like that its a miracle he can still even dodge those shots like how a prostitute dodges church! Just what are we dealing with here?

Caught up in my thoughts I didn't see that the Sergeant had moved behind me. "Stand up straight." He went around and slapped me hard on the lower back.

"HNGGHGHHHGH." Why!? Oh god why...!? Who in the right mind!?

Intense pain flared and I wanted to shout plenty of profanities to the heavens, but by self-restraint and respect for Zain's position I held it down my throat.

"Huh! Some distraction you turned out to be, not that I expected much in the first place... Some super stud you are! Well at least you bought us some time..." He huffed while gently rocking my shoulder.

You're welcome. I never heard words of thankfulness that sounded so ungrateful; that sure is one hell of a way to express your gratitude buddy..! That loon can shoot fire from his hands! How the hell am I supposed to handle that!?

"Whatever, using the time you bought us kid, we gotta split. We've nearly finished our evacuation and some special back up is on the way to neutralize this guy. As you and my men showed us earlier this guy is not the type we can take down all by ourselves, so we'll need to wait on our reinforcements to make a counter attack. Right now however, it's best we get away from that... Thing." He turned towards the mad man laughing outside. His brows tensed as he did.


While I think you're an ungrateful jackass... Yeah, I think that's a good—no, a great plan! I wanted to voice my disapproval of his demeanor and approval of his plan, but a combination of the Sergeant throwing me on his shoulder and my laboured breathing prevented me from doing so.

We ran in the direction further within the store where other panicked citizens seemed to be going. Amidst the loud screaming turmoil as we ran a heavy cloth like material was draped around me. I winced for a moment thinking it to be another sudden attack, but it was just the woman from earlier returning my cape which must've fallen off somehow. She put on a warm smile as she did with a worried but gentle expression.

"..." My breathing stabilized and my breathing got better. "T-thanks..."

"You're welcom-"



She was cut short. In that instant it looked like a fire blaze hit her and the Sergeant and I went crashing to the floor.

"Hmph-!?" My voice escaped my aching lungs and I felt the impact of the floor on my hands. It turned black again. My senses were then inundated with the wild screams of anguish.

How did he catch up so fast!?

After the sudden surge of heat a cold wet sensation pierced its way through the mantle I wore.

Oh, this feeling... Crap.

My head started screaming at me. "Get up!" And my blood started to burn at the realization of what this could be and I jumped to my feet ignoring the defiant protests of my back.

I threw the mantle off me fearing the worst of the woman who had helped me. I looked and an instant sigh of relief escaped my lips. There she was clutched tightly in the arms of the old-man. She was alive and still breathing.

Good grief..! For a minute there I thought she was- ...Ah. But her back... Charred black and gleaming with the dying glow of cinders. Damn! I looked at the older officer. In contrast, he was safe and in one piece albiet a few minor burns. Looks like he tried to move her out of the way but was a second too late.

The present wetness around me came to mind then. It seeped through my cape and into my super suit. Water was gushing out from a broken pipe from where a water fountain had stood and the sprinklers were spraying hard on the entire room. It rained water around us completely drenching me in several pounds of added weight.

"Hey kid, are you alright!?" The old officer coughed out struggling onto his feet bringing the woman up with him. She looked unconscious by the look of it, but she still drew breath, that was good.

"Yeah I'm fine, what about her?" I stood up straight and careening my head to her burns. At the same time the pain in my back had dulled and control of my breathing had almost nearly returned to me.

"S-she doesn't look good." Zain stands up from the floor alongside the some of the officers who get hit by the blast. "Is she gonna be okay?"

"Ohh...She's a right mess, but she'll be alright, thank god for that..! C'mon, we have to hustle!" The sergeant hoisted her upon his shoulder as he did me before and started running to a nearby exit. He was slow, damn it. I looked on for a moment as he shuffled. The old fart was drenched carrying several pounds of inundated riot gear plus another person who's also soaked. I rushed to his side to help him, but the grating sound of distressingly familiar cackling made my body temperature drop.

I whipped around giving the terrorist a dull glare.

"Ohhhh don't stare at me like that..!" The villain disgustingly wriggled with a trail of destruction and fire in his wake. "You're making me blush!"

"Boy! Are you thinking today would be good day to die or what!?" The Sergeant barked out getting my attention again and my eyes jolted forward to the exit frustratingly far away.

"We aren't going to make it like this." I let go of the woman and turned around. "Zain! Go help your boss!"

"Gotcha!" Zain and two others started to help out in her evacuation.

"You-!" The Sergeant looked back at me as if I were mad.

I glanced back and softened my expression... "That woman." My eyes narrowed on the very still middle aged woman in his arms. "She needs a medical attention ASAP." I looked at the old man in the eye. "Make sure she she gets to safety. Besides, I'm a superhero this is my job." His eyes in reaction to mine sharpened angrily, as if to say something but he turned to the woman in his arms. His face upon meeting hers contorted into a look of pained decision making.

"Get the hell out when we're safe." He nodded back at me, as if he understood how I felt before I turned back to face the villain in front of me.

"Don't die Mr. Indomitable!" Zain calls out to me as their entourage heads towards the emergency exit.

"Hey! Just who do you think I am? Its in the name boys, I'm Indomitable!" I strike a cool pose and threw my cape back to let it fly. "I'm the hero that never goes down!"

Now its time I live up to this name.

"Such warm feelings..!" The weirdo in front of me squirmed some more. "Mhmm... Its just so warm and fuzzy..."

Damn it.

I raised a brow and sighed feeling the weight of my lungs. "You know man, sometimes I really wonder why there are powered freaks like you in this world..." The voice came out however more like a heavy rasp. "To be honest... Hah... Haha...The world would be way better off without you guys."

The villain squirmed some more and cocked his head giggling like a giddy high school girl. "Oh don't be that way..! The world is plenty interesting this way isn't it?"

"Nope." I give him a cheeky smirk. "Not at all..!"

"Oh that smile of yours... Aaaarrrrrrrgggggguhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" He squirming started to turn into a violent shudder. "Its so cuuute~ hgnghgngh...!and I'm so hot and bothered right now..!"

Wait! What. The. Fuuuuck!? A shiver ran up my aching spine. He really is just freak! A kinky freak! Its definitely my luck today isn't it? That aside— It looks like he's up to something really bad..!

Light started bending around his entire figure and clear smoke was being emitted from his shoulders. The area around us started to heat up. I stole a glance behind me at the group of officers heading out, they were nearly there to the fire exit. If they can just make it out the door, then they're home free! However...

An intense heat wave circled around the room, seemingly swirling into the man in the center. The freak brought his bare hands out of his trench coat pockets and the entire room's temperature shot up a few degrees. My instincts reacted and I swiftly sprinted at my fleeing charge.

There can come no good of this. On that I am certain!

"Oh hoh hoh hoh! You just want to make me..." The man's heat emitting hands reached for the buttons of his trench coat and unbuttoned each one. "BARE IT ALL!"

"!" The man threw his coat open revealing a his gross naked body underneath, great heat radiated from his exposed skin sending an enormous sweltering swathe of flame in our direction.

Aww hell no! He didn't just— ugh... I mean that's just not right!

I stood there for a moment shocked in several ways. What can I do- Something clicked in those split seconds as the blaze approached us.

I threw my doused mantle in front of myself with my arms and planted my feet in front of the group. "Get down!"

The men dropped behind me into his knees. I braced myself— I couldn't remember what happened in the next few seconds— Most of my senses shut off and the only thing I felt for awhile was pure unbridled agony. An intense wreath of needle-like pain engulfed me spiraling all over my arms and legs. I grit my teeth. The wind force of the blast threatened to throw me off if I even lost an inch of footing..! But in that chaos I heard the soft breathing of the people behind me...

Whew, they're still okay... Thank god..!

That one fact put my mind at ease. My legs quivered as heat sapped all of their strength beckoning me to fall, yet my mind refused the requests from my scorched body. That moment seemingly went on for interminable minutes, though in actuality it lasted just for twelve full seconds.

"Oh shit, Jeez! H-hey are you all right!?" The shaky voice of Zain arose behind me.

I-its over?

I didn't respond. I couldn't feel my arms, in fact, I can't feel my limbs at all. I took a look down sighing in relief as both of my legs were still there, albeit burnt to a crisp. After that my eyes snapped behind me; the folks were safe.

Man! That was a little too close for my liking..! Hah! I let my mantle drop then thus did the destruction before me lay apparent.

The tiling for the department store was scorched and everything in the way of that blaze had been blackened. I looked at the mantle before me, all dry and burnt to tatters, fringed with dying cinders. I gripped the charred cape and tightened it around my shoulders just in case I needed a shield again.

"Kid!?" The older cop put a hand on my shoulder but stopped and gave a small gasp after he drew closer. I had blisters all over and my arms were scorched with nasty burns and discolored skin. The forearm section of my super suit sleeves were incinerated exposing the melted flesh;. It was the same thing with my legs too actually, its like I'm walking with a pair of numb stilts.

Woo, okay... Alright... He has to go down now.

An opening just came up. My body groaned in protest but my creaking legs took flight. There will be no respite for or him or myself.

I ran with all my might towards the psycho and my dangling senses recovered. It's as I figured out earlier! He looks exhausted, this seems right in theory! His power is generating heat internally with sound waves and releasing it via exposed skin. With that enormous blast it seems he's wasted all his energy now!

He wasn't paying attention at all once I got to him, he had a glazed over look in his shaded eyes as his face turned up to meet my crashing arm. My right elbow slammed into him with all the rest of my strength and his lithe seemingly fragile frame went down with a satisfying thud.


Or possibly not.


Oh... When did the world turn all red? My fingers tenderly crawled up my face. Huk!? My neck!


Where... How? I could feel myself slumped over something hard. Don't tell it me it was I who went down instead!?

"And... Yo... HAHah... -ero!? Thought... Good... -ose? I pity... -ou..."

"Geh... Hah..." My ears. I can't hear shit... I looked up, whats wrong with my sight? I couldn't open my right eye, it felt like it was glued shut. Everything else was just a drunken blur of lights and crimson. Oh, shit. I clambered on my feet before dropping on my knees. Move legs! Move damn it! -My legs wouldn't budge. I was on the ground again before I knew it, feeling numb all over. That blaze attack killed the nerves in my skin. I can't even tell if I'm holding on to something, much less feel if I'm gaining any footing. The only thing I could sense right now is the dull, vague vibrations of my limb hitting something, presumably the floor...


No! No— I'm not done yet... As if..! Not when I've just decided to start living again..!

Pain wracked my body, but I fought against it, reaching for the back my utility belt at the bottom right pocket. The familiar sensation that I had once relied upon and threw away upon finding new strength... Its a vexing feeling turning to this once more. But there's no option is there..?

I'm sorry Indomitable, I know I promised that I wouldn't do this again, but this time the situation is different. Its not just my life on the line now... You'll understand right?

Clenching my deadened fingers around the light syringe, I quickly brought it up to my neck in that all too familiar motion that I'm ashamed to be used to. Swearing a quick apology under my breath I press the syringe into my neck and an instant like a factory that just restarted its reactor, my body exploded to life.

The first thing was my vision that was repaired, the light shone radiantly through the skyline, more so than what it had been before. Then my arms erupted in a one singular shock that coursed through my body brimming again back to life bulging with vigor. Then lastly my legs that had been deadened, rose to their proud stature once more, elevating me back to fighting ground against the villain.

"Hahah..." My invigorated broad voice resounded proudly off the walls of the mall. "Hahaha...! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Villain... Did you really think you could beat me..? With just that? Let me tell you something, you who dwell in darkness... I am the shining beacon of light of Achney! The one who will foil your evil deeds over and over again until I am satisfied! For I am the greatest ally of justice, the superhero Indomitable!"


I now stood up proudly, puffing my chest with my hands on my hips out while looking upwards towards the broken glass ceiling which now looked like a beautiful flawed mosaic to me.

"Did you know villain? Justice always wins... And I will show you why. Ahahahahah— AHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!" I laughed my head off and struck a ridiculous pose with my fist pointed upwards. "TIME FOR YOU TO TASTE THE TRUE POWER OF MY ULTIMATE, GUT-BUSTING, VOLUMINOUS, UNBRIDLED, FURIOUS, ALL-AMERICAN SLICE OF JUUUUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSSSTTIIIIIIIIIIICCCCCCCCEEEEEEEE!"

I flash the womanly figure before me a huge grin and stare with my eyes of determination, burning the villain's look into my eyes one last time before I send her off to jail.

From the bottom up: a pair of shapely long legs that taper up to some slender yet curvaceous thighs that forces you to redefine the word 'curve'. Obscenely callipygous hips that make lesser men foam at the mouth. A waif thin waist to that would feel nice to touch, a strangely modest yet impossibly far from unappealing brassiere. Shoulders that look like they would be soft to hold and a cute as a button face all hidden beneath the latest addition to spandex-clad law enforcement technology and a domino mask...

I have one word to sum it up...


What the hell!? What happened..? Where did the villain go!? Who's this bombshell!? Is she a superhero? Also why is she unreasonably hot!?

This is bad... My brain can't even catch up with the signals my body is sending it. I can't even...

Don't tell me I hit my head so hard that my brain got jacked up? Oh no! That would be terrible! —O-or maybe was it this!?

I look to the empty syringe I had in my left hand.

Shit I should've had the Doktor read me the side effects before taking the shot..!

"Guhhh... Arghh... Get off my you pig... Let me embrace my Vienza...!" I heard small gasp come out from beneath the dominatrix styled woman. She apparently stood above him, the stiletto of her risque costume digging into his face.

"Pig?" The woman scoffs and digs her heel even deeper into the man's face. Yowch that looks painful. "Bold words for somebody underfoot! You do know you're in no position to move right? Perhaps I should break a finger or two to teach you a little something called respect?" The dominatrix clicked her tongue and then a shockwave ran through her leg and into the man's body causing the burnt floor to split, cracking outwards like a jagged spiderweb.


"Guhah!?" The terrorist let out an agonizing cry of help as the floor slowly collapsed inwards, before suddenly dropping limp in silence. It appears he lost consciousness.

"Whoops!" A girly giggled followed after the man fell unconscious. "Done already? Shame, I don't like men who finish too quickly, tee hee." She cackled wickedly in her impish tone.

Woah. That was kinda sadistic... And also she's the second person I've seen that can nail that 'tee hee' perfectly without it sounding forced.. Bet she'd be good friends with the Professor...

"Are you alright sweetums?" She whipped around with a proud smile on her face. "Don't worry dear, and never fear! Got a hankering for some soft candy? No problems because I've got your back its me, your lovely lady sweet heart Scandy- wuh!?"

She pauses for a moment upon seeing me and then she suddenly shuts down.

"I... Eh..? HUH? You're?" The girl starts stammering violently before turning a rosy shade of red. "O-oh I... I Forgot my make up..? Oh no... N-nooo you can't see me like this..!" She lets out a high-pitched whine to herself covering her face bashfully.

"Sorry, do I know you?" I ask letting my shoulders drop in a moment of relaxation. Its clear this girl is a hero, judging by the gold-winged eagle pin on her the side of her collar, but I don't think I can recall ever meeting someone this... Er... Spicy... Before...

"E-eh? You... Yes? No? I mean... Huh? I... Wait there's... This villain I have to stop at Twin Palms Mega Mall— wait I already finished it.. I mean..." She fumbles her words and completely melts down in front of me curling up into a strangely cute ball of rose-silver hair, supersuit-grade spandex, and disarrayed feelings.

Is this girl okay..?

"Hellooo..." I call out to her and slowly approach her. "Are you... Okay? Rough day? Maybe you used a bit too much power?"

I've known that over-use of esper abilities can put a strain on your mind and cause mental health issues, but could this be the case here?

"Will.." She whispers something inaudibly

The tips of her ears were flushed a cherry red already. I kinda feel sorry for her... If I knew what the problem is perhaps I could've helped, but alas I am without context.

"Do you wanna grab dinner with me or something ehehe...?" The first audible and coherent words out of her mouth sounded strangely serene and mechanical like her mind wasn't present at all. She was also in addition absent-mindedly wrapping a lock of hair around her finger.

Excuse me? Dinner? What?

"Sure whatever." I reply thoughtlessly scratching the back of me head. "But first of all who are you..?"

"Fynahh..!" She suddenly let out a weird sound before tucking her head back into her ball of safety.

"Fynahh?" I repeat confused. Man, is there a point talking to this chick? Its like talking to adorably small animal. Cute, but ultimately useless.

"OH MY GOD!" I heard a loud and irritating screech suddenly call out behind me. It was Zain apparently jumping for joy, and the rest of the cops crawling out of a wall they used for cover. "It's actually her! Its the queen of climax, the damsel of straps and justice herself, its the legendary sultry nightcrawling superheroine! Scandalous!"

"Holy crap it really is my her! Hey can I get an autograph Scandy!?" The officers get really gung-ho for some reason.

"Scandalous?" I turn back to the incoherent creature before me. Is she really famous or something?

"Fnyahh..." She lets out a weird cry again.

She's broken..!

I look on the poor creature in pity before turning over to Zain and the others. "Hey, the villain has been apprehended and—"

"Oh damn! Miss Scandalous, Miss Scandalous! Can you sign this!? My daughter is a really big fan!"

"Scandy! Can I bug you for a just a picture!? Something that I can just send to my ex!? Please!?

"You beat that terrorist with so much grace... I never fell in love so quickly, please marry me Scandalous!?"

The cops all rush and surround her lavishing her with praise, pushing me aside tossing me off my feet and knocking me on my ass.

Ow! What the hell!? Hey! You should all be thanking me for saving your skins and your dignity from that crazy flasher! Sure that girl came in and finished him off, but I weakened him! In fact its not even fair to say she finished him off, it was more like an inglorious kill steal! She stole my credit damn it! Oi!

It's useless they had already surrounded the mysterious heroine and started throwing glorious praise on her hallowed shoulders.

"Damn it.." I sigh and a hand reaches out before me to help me up. It's Zain's. "Thanks man." I take his hand and he pulls me up from the floor.

"Hey, Inscrutible..." He trails off getting my name wrong.

"Its Indomitable." I curtly reply, and dust myself down. Dang, my costume really got roughed up this time around... I gotta get it repaired...

"Yeah, yeah, say... Do you think I have a chance?" He asks me suddenly.

"Chance? What? With who?" I turn the question over back to him catching on to where he's going with this.

"With Scandalous of course..! She's amazing..! Do you think we would make a great couple!? C'mon what's your honest opinion?"

I shake my head in disappointment. Et tu Zain? Et tu? Forget it, I'm just gonna go home...

Taking one last sigh, I drag my tired ass out of this damn mall. The cops can deal with the rest of this shit. I just wanna sleep now. Maybe there's still some of that left-over salmon in the fridge...