Chapter 7

Barry had dated periodically the past few years, slowly transitioning from the grief of losing Doreen. Jessie told him to sell the Hillsboro house the couple had shared for fourteen years and he had downsized into a condo a few years ago, hoping to start anew even though a huge part of his life was missing with Doreen gone. But Barry never seemed ready to move on and his individual dating experiences were never particularly long or successful. He wondered if such attempts with Marcia would be any different forty-two years after last seeing her.

He heard stories of long lost romances rediscovered. One of his Navy buddies had married his wife three separate times (two divorces!)! But Marcia was a twice divorcee and maybe at sixty she just wasn't ready to get involved again, even with him. She had rejected him for Humperdinck all those years ago – why would she be interested in him now? But, after thinking about it for a week, Barry decided to give it a shot by calling Marcia. What's the worst that could happen? She'd turn him down – or they'd give it a try and realize that there was nothing there and move on with smiles and polite goodbyes.

They agreed to meet for coffee at a place she liked in Brattleboro as a first try. The conversation was pleasant, each reviewing the past forty-two years – Humperdinck too consumed by his business to focus on his marriage. Curt the Doctor a womanizer who couldn't stay true to his wife. It struck Barry as ironic that Marcia experienced in her adult life some of the same challenges she faced when he knew her as a teen. But she liked her job and she adored her kids and grandkids and she seemed content to be living the life of a single woman.

"My students think I'm hip," she joked.

They met again a few days later for lunch – at the Sun Rise Lake Inn which was a pleasant experience. Barry shared his many Navy Sea Stories, the culture of Japan, and his transition back to Hillsboro following his retirement from the Navy. Both 'dates' had gone well and Barry felt emboldened to ask Marcia out again. Both had May birthdays – about five days apart – and he thought it would be fun to celebrate the milestone together.

"We did that a couple of times way back when," he told her as they stood in the Sun Rise Lake Inn parking lot after their enjoyable lunch.

Marcia smiled. "I don't suppose it's exactly our sweet sixteens though!"

They agreed to meet on a Saturday evening the weekend before their birthdays. Marcia drove down from Brattleboro and met Barry at his condo. "Let's go for a ride," she said when he opened the door.

She was driving a late model sporty BMW and they fondly recalled her brand new Chevy Vega Hatchback she got for her high school graduation.

"I drove it through college and then I gave it to my kid brother and he had it for another five years so it was a good car," she recalled.

They drove through Hillsboro for a nostalgic tour. Finast had gone out of business years ago and the original building had been torn down, replaced by a new plaza that housed the IGA, the drug store, a Dollar Store, and a hardware store.

"I shop at Fontaine's Family Grocery Store now," Barry said.

The town had built a new high school since they graduated – Jessie had gone there her last two years of high school but Barry felt no emotional connection to the new campus and he preferred driving by the old school (that now served as the school administrative office and the fifth and sixth grade school). They drove past there for old time sakes, as well as their old childhood neighborhoods while reminiscing about the old days. Marcia couldn't resist taking a ride into South County, passing the spot where The Constellation had once stood, now a housing project.

"Now kids can watch pornos on their computers," Marcia noted but they didn't talk about that night's experience any further as they returned to Hillsboro, stopping by Duffy's Tavern for a late meal and drinks.

Both recognized familiar faces which generated more conversation and Barry realized that he felt naturally comfortable being with Marcia again after so many years. The familiarity of knowing her took away most of the nervousness of meeting someone know and both told some of their most recent dating stories as they ate. Marcia had clearly been much more successful in her quests than Barry had – but she seemed to have moved on from her divorces whereas Barry was always missing Doreen.

"Turning sixty next week doesn't make me look in the mirror any more frequently," Marcia said. "Yes, the hair is graying and the tits sag and my body brunts the results of three pregnancies but I never lost my sexual energy or confidence," she reported. "I've enjoyed the romances I've experienced and the sex has been pretty good – I mean, there's no sign of decreased libido so I doubt I'll ever be too old for sex!"

Barry was surprised that he felt a bit awkward and embarrassed hearing her admission. He hadn't had sex since Doreen died and it hadn't been a driving force in his dating attempts. Now the woman who took his virginity all those years ago was sitting there telling him over her Cobb Salad that she still liked to fuck.

"I'm still curious about sex," Marcia was saying. "Excited. Willing. I'm always open to trying something new. I had an affair with one of my grad students a couple of years ago. I discovered I'm even more orgasmic now than I was when I was a teenager!"

Barry had to admit he envied her for being so progressive, liberated, daring and confident about herself. Suddenly, he wondered if he had turned into an old man after losing Doreen. He obviously hadn't thought about sex the same way Marcia did these past few years.

"I have a whole new appreciation of sex," Marcia continued. "People tell me I look great and that's nice to hear. I realize that I'm a mother and a grandmother but I'm not about to quit on sex. I like it too much!"

Barry laughed nervously.

"I'm freaking you out, aren't I?" Marcia realized. "You're probably a by the book rules guy because of your Navy and Sherriff experiences. You're probably wondering what you're doing having dinner with some kinky old lady!"

"No," the somewhat bashful Barry replied. "I'm just out of practice, I guess."

"I'm seeing someone, Barry-Bear," she sighed, slumping back in her chair. "It isn't anything regular. He lives in Nashua New Hampshire so it's only occasional. He's a former colleague."

"I see," Barry said, trying not to sound disappointed.

"But there's certainly no commitment," she said. "We're both open to other relationships."

Barry didn't say anything as he took a sip from his Whiskey sour.

"I wouldn't mind something more…..local," Marcia told him. "Something a little more routine and dependable."

"I have a year left with the Sherriff's Department and then I can retire," Barry informed her.

"That's interesting," she said, lifting her eyebrows. "I get summers off."

"Once I'm retired there's nothing keeping me in Hillsboro."

"What about your daughter and grandkids?"

"They've helped me get through the loss of my wife but they still have their lives to live and listening to you I realize that I need to start living mine again too."

She nodded with understanding. "I'll be staying at Marlboro College for the foreseeable future," she said. "But I'd like to start traveling more. In the summer. While I still have my health and energy."

"I've spent a lot of time in Europe," Barry said. "I could show you places."

"I'd like that," she smiled.

When they were finished with dinner, Marcia drove Barry home to his condo.

"I'd like to come in," she said.

"As you wish," Barry replied and that made her laugh.

He gave her a quick tour of the condo, explaining how he tried to feature all aspects of his life in the décor – a couple of photos from high school, a lot of Navy memorabilia, displays and artifacts, including some art work from Japan, and his latest career as a Sherriff's Deputy. There were plenty of photos of his family and Marcia commented on how attractive a woman Doreen had been.

"Do you think it's karma, chance, fate, destiny, luck, chance or coincidence that we're here tonight like this?" She asked.

"Yes to all of it," Barry said with a grin on his face.

She smiled. "Now that we're old foggies, I can't stay awake all night anymore," Marcia said. "I don't want to drive back to Brattleboro. Can I spend the night?"

Barry lifted his eyebrows but he couldn't think of a reason to say no. "You were the first girl I had and maybe now you'll be the last."

She nodded in understanding and he led her to the second floor master bedroom. She excused herself to use the bathroom and when she emerged she was naked.

"Why are you still dressed?" She wanted to know.

Barry smiled and quickly disrobed. Marcia sat on the bed and without wasting any time took his penis into her mouth and his balls into her hand.

"Jesus, Marcia," Barry said with surprise. "Just like that?"

He felt her mouth and lips and tongue and fingers and he moaned as he stroked her hair while she pleasured him. Then she let him slip from her mouth and she stood and kissed him, her tongue darting in his mouth.

"Let's pretend we're teenagers again," She giggled, sucking his tongue while her hand played with his penis out of hibernation after five years as a widower.

Marcia lay on the bed and she pulled Barry on top of her. His penis still in her hand, she directed it to her entrance.

"You've made me wet," she laughed. "That usually doesn't happen so easily anymore."

With images of their first time together flooding his memory banks, Barry slid himself into her and he felt her wet warmth welcoming him. They made quiet and slow love, Marcia cuddling herself around him like a pretzel whispering adorations into his ear while he gently pumped and he was relieved that he was giving her pleasure as she happily moaned.

Barry grunted as he found a rhythm easily sliding in and out of his long ago love. Marcia's hands clutched his ass Barry slid his tongue into Marcia's mouth and his finger found her ass and soon she let out a high-pitched wail as she began shaking and he felt her wetness soaking him and then he felt his juice spurt out him after a long period of celibacy and he almost sobbed with relief and gratitude.

When it was over, Barry rolled off of her and onto his side and Marcia held onto him as if she was a drowning victim and he was her buoy.

"Thanks, Sailor," she said. "That was wonderful!" She gave him a warm kiss on the lips.

Barry told her about seeing The Princess Bride with Doreen as they lay naked underneath the covers. Their emotional connection was much like that first time and now as they cuddled together about to turn sixty, Barry felt like his life had started again.

"You're always going to miss your wife," Marcia said knowingly. "I understand that. I accept that. But it's okay to be given a second chance, Barry-Bear."

"Happy Birthday, Marcia," Barry said, kissing her forehead.

"Happy Birthday, Barry-Bare."

"Thanks, Buttercup," he told her.

"You're welcome, Wesley," she replied. "Will you be with me?"

"As you wish."