Have you ever heard of the abandoned ghost? I don't blame you if your answer is now. The abandoned ghost is unknown to anybody who doesn't pay much attention to local folklore.

There's an old theme park near the outskirts of the city. I heard it was once a pretty busy place with guests coming in from all over the area. They say you could walk for miles and still have a lot left to see. Now I personally don't believe it was ever that bi,g, but there's no denying that it was quite popular at the time. Then one day it shut down. Business slowed down and the rides that were once so popular had become aging relics. A lot of older folks were upset to see a fragment of their childhood disappear like that. But with the closing of the theme park came something else.

Stories began to pick up about the place. One in particular is still told today. It's about the abandoned ghost. People who've explored the place at night have reported hearing soft crying sounds coming from different locations. They echo a little around the place and become much louder as you get closer. Only two people have actually been brave enough to follow the cries. They both found the same thing at the end of them: A small boy hiding underneath an abandoned ride in a fetal position. No one has ever seen his face because he's always turned away from whoever see him. The cries that come from him are haunting and sad.

Walking closer to the boy will cause his appearance to turn morbid. His skin and hair slowly shrivel away until he's nothing but shivering bones, only to return the next day in the exact location. You'd think that something this predictable to find would have a lot more sightings, but it's actually the opposite. People are either too scared by his cries or find themselves frozen in his presence. His eerie cries and decaying body are enough to give people nightmares for weeks as it is. On top of all this, nobody even knows who this boy is. Incidents of missing or dead children in the park have never been reported or even rumored. Who this boy is and what he's doing there is the biggest mystery. There's never been a reported incident at the park that we know of. Some people have made the assumption that his parents left him at the park and never returned. We'll probably never know, as sad as it is.

I hope that someone eventually figures out what the cause was. Not every story needs to remain a mystery.