Chapter 1

Silence. The sound I can't get out of my head. It tortures me, and won't let me be. Let me introduce myself, my name is Darrell. I write to you from Florence supermax prison in Colorado. I lived a normal life for Twenty-seven years, before everything changed. So many people in here like to complain, they say that the world is out to get them. I can't say the same thing… I'm out to get the world, and I've got the body count to prove it.

You must be thinking to yourself "Wait, what?" However, it's true. There's a good reason I'm here, and it's not because my hair looked pretty. I regret nothing though, and to be quite frank, I'd do it again. My first 34 victims were an experiment, something to help me settle in. Then just like in New Orleans… The dam broke.

Every night I lusted for blood, and every night the craving was met. Before long I was famous and I had a label and everything… I will forever be known as the, The Haswell Horseman. The blood they'd find in my victims… was horse blood, and it's truly a tragedy so many horses had to die. However sacrifices must be made, and…well they drew the short end of the stick,

The first 34 were just drained… They weren't repackaged. I enjoyed draining the bodies, and it helps keep my skin soft. The horses blood well… it's always fun when you find out that the victim's blood is well… not the victims. I do have a heart though. I did love one girl. At one time. It's sad that she ended up being the first to be filled with horse blood, and she turned on me one last time when she led to my capture as well. More on that later though. I promise this will be worth your while, because guess what… Tag officers, you're it. There is still one out there. You interrupted me before I could finish. She is dying slowly though. No food, no water… Hear that sound? Tick Tock, that's the sound of her life running out.

Life is precious, which is one of the reasons I'm so happy mine is quickly coming to an end. Death awaits me, 6 days, 18 hours, 37 minutes. And 21, 20, 19 seconds left of existence on this planet. I can't wait for the end. Tick Tock that's the sound of my life running out.

Until next time,