It is a short scene written for our theater class, I decided to keep the actresses' names and I purposely wrote a short scene because we did not have much time to rehearse together, I wanted to create characters that would fit the girls so they would be comfortable enough to act and lines short enough for them to learn their lines quickly. Thus, I kept the original text: short, quick paced. It had no name when it was performed but eventually I decided to give it the name YELLOW.

Five women completely different with different personalities are in a cell. They think they are charged for murder.

CELINE – Why ?

JULIETTE – Stop asking why.

PRISS – Why why why why why.

LYDIA – Doesn't matter why, we don't care why but we need to know what.

PRISS – What what ?

CELINE – Yeah, what what ?

MARIE – Stop.

EVERYONE turns around and stare at MARIE who shrugs.

MARIE – It has been only a few hours and you're going mad already.

JULIETTE – to Marie – MADNESS has nothing to do with us. You probably already are. You killed that poor boy, after all.

CELINE – So that's why ? That's why we are here, Marie ? It's because of you ?

MARIE – I didn't kill anyone.

LYDIA – So says every murderer out there !

PRISS is curled up in a corner, nervous and afraid.

PRISS – whispers – JIMMY...

CELINE – turns towards Priss and asks – Are you too guilty ?

JULIETTE – You are all guilty, you wouldn't be here otherwise.

MARIE – If I ever kill anyone, I'd eat his whole body.

CELINE – moving away from everyone, particularly MARIE – Does that mean that you killed that boy and ATE him ?

MARIE laughs. CELINE hits the white wall, she wants to get out of here. JULIETTE ends up joining her. And CELINE and JULIETTE keep hitting the wall.

LYDIA – Already tried, doesn't work.

PRISS walks towards the WINDOW – There is a window.

There is a window (towards the audience), LYDIA walks closer to the window, peaks through and stare oddly at what she sees. JULIETTE and CELINE want to see too but can not because LYDIA keeps them away from the small window.

MARIE – What do you see ?

LYDIA – Not sure.

MARIE – What can you see ?

LYDIA – Nothing much.

CELINE – What's much ?

LYDIA – Some fence.

Scared and angry, JULIETTE pushes LYDIA and CELINE, peeks through the window and yells :


PRISS – Shush, you'll wake up the officers.

CELINE – Let'em come, we didn't kill anyone.

JULIETTE – I didn't kill anyone, you all did !

PRISS – Can assure you : you were there.

LYDIA – Yeah, you were there.

JULIETTE – It's impossible.

PRISS – Jimmy lies dead before us. Of course you were there when we killed him.

They all stare at something in the middle of the room.

CELINE – Hurry up, Marie, eat it.

MARIE – Eat what ?

LYDIA & PRISS point at the body under MARIE – The body !

MARIE – Which body ?

In reality, they are in an asylum.