Glittering waters have a habit of luring lives to flow their way. This habit heightens in the places where waves bask in the shadows of tall cliffs.

Even a clifftop tree wasn't immune to the tidal lure. Securely rooted to the ground above the cliff, the tree was unwillingly vigilant to the waves' ascent up the shore and their playful slipping away. It yearned to drift along those rocking ripples too. No matter how much the tree grew or how far it stretched its leaf-edged branches, the beckoning waves remained beyond its reach.

Droplets of despairing dew dripped down deciduous dermis until even the tree's own roots felt some pity. Where the tree could not stretch above ground, its roots could expand below it. They twined together to become a boat.

Once ready, the roots released their grounded grasp. Their small skiff slid down the stony cliff slope right onto the sandy shore. And the tree sailed away with the tide.