Title: Working in a Bookstore

Summary: Thought's on working in a bookstore, from multi point of views. - Note this was an English assignment and it is only half done.

Written by: Jaylene Olebar


Chapter 1: First Point of View

During the work experience I learnt that work it can be laid back and fun, busy and fast, difficult and easy as you get into routine; sort of like school.

The one I found most difficult was to keep up with the customers when I was working at the till, most of my other coworkers knew what to do since they have worked in the bookstore a long time, and mine was a few months…. But I got to understand which person liked what books, and was able to help them choose their books that they would want to read, or help them choose another book series/book to read.

Just like how I would help read a lot of the new books that had yet to come out, I would read the books and give my opinion on them and see if they were worth buying and selling. I read to close to 100 books, and I liked the experience that I could help more with which books I could help sell. It was like a game where I had to learn the instructions to play properly, but alas my end for working in the bookstore came too soon and I had to stop….. It was pleasure to work, laugh, and read alongside the coworkers in Volume One, and I hope I have the enjoyment. that one day in the future I will be able to work there again!