The blowing wind is bitingly cold against his face, but he does not feel it. That deep is his focus.

His muscles ache from being in the same position for hours, but he barely twitches. That strong is his resolve.

He lies in wait, poised like a tiger, prepared to strike its prey. And like a tiger his patience is unending and his hunger fierce.

His prey is injustice, evil, the very darkness that lies in every man and blossoms in many, the poison that threatens the freedom of the innocent; VILLAINY.

It corrupts the good, infects the righteous, and overwhelms the feeble.

Unending and relentlessly it destroys, leaving nothing but death and misery in its wake.

It manifests in various forms; a mugger in a dark alley, a bank robber, and most detestable of all; TRAFFICKERS.

They have polluted the city, his city, and the duty of ridding 'her' of the vermin called villainy is now his.

His heart is alight with fire; scorching flames with which to set ablaze the threads of evil he now faces.

He has trained for it, he has lived for it, his predecessor died for it, and his successor will claim it.

THE FIRE. The fire to consume the darkness, to drive away the shadows, and to turn poison to ash.

This is why he exists, this is why he fights, and this is why he will willingly die.

For he is a HERO, the sole defense of the innocent against villainy, like an unyielding light repelling the inky void.

He will not surrender, he will not retire; if villainy pushes twice as hard, he will push ten times harder, If evil becomes ten times darker, he will glow a hundred times brighter.

He will hunt, he will fight… He Will Win.