A lightly painful headache was what made Shino to wake up from the dark void he felt by the massive alcohol in his blood. He put his hand on his forehead and grumbled, "Urgh. Dammit. Guess I abused it last night," he checked around and grumbled, "Where am I?" he then heard someone lightly snoring and checked the source of the sound as he sat up. The firs thing he saw was the unconscious angel on the ground, tail above his forehead and showing his butts to anyone who looked at him with his pants down, "Angel butts. That's the last… Second last thing I want to see when I wake up," he grumbled as he stood up.

He didn't feel the pain worsening, "Okay. Don't need painkillers," he checked around and quietly giggle when he saw Kailus sleeping on the sofa opened recline sofa, "How hilariously adorable."

Kailus was sleeping without his shirt on the sofa, salivating a little while having an empty bottle of beer in his right nostril. One of his hand rested on the back of Mika, peacefully sleeping on the gut of the demon, with the shirt of the demon used as a sheet.

"Don't remember how it ended up that way thought," the Hell Shinobi quietly grumbled. He felt pressure in his balder. He used his skill to quietly dashed in the bathroom.

It was then that Toel stretched himself as he woke up. Letting out a bubble as he belched once again. His blue eye shined on the middle of his face as he looked around, "Am I back in Heaven?" He tried to wake up, but failed so and felt on the ground.

The angel noticed that his pants were down and put them back on. He stood up and walked towards the bathroom, "I need to pee," he checked on Kailus and saw the little girl sleeping on him, with her left hand in his belly button, "As big as I thought."

He quietly giggled when the little girl squeezing herself against the demon and sunk in his lard.

He went to the bathroom and tried to open the door. It was locked, "Weird. It's only the three of us right now. Someone locked the door before closing it again," he put his hand on his forehead before he took out a lockpick and opened the door.

When he entered, he saw Shino standing up and peeing. His blue eye shrunk while the demon furiously glared at the angel.

"Oh yeah. I forgot about you," he grumbled a comment after that, "First demon I saw who had a dick this small."

Shino face turned white, humiliated by the comment before he yelled, "You are so dead angel!" He was about to charge when he remembered what he was doing, "Once I'm done! I'll murder you!"

"Quiet in here!" Kailus yelled.

"Done!" Shino grunted furiously as he checked at the door. The angel was gone. He began the hunt.

Chapter 11: The After Party

Kailus put his hand on his forehead after yelling his order while Mika yawned, "Dammit. Those idiots have to yell so loudly," he grumbled. He realised he had trouble breathing and took out a bottle of his nostril, "How that ended up here?"

"Don't know," Mika grumbled as she stretched her arms, stretching the belly button of the demon at the same time.

"H-hey!" he grunted.

Shino dashed through the living room and yelled, "Show yourself angel!" He searched left and right and continued his hunt.

Kailus chuckled before focusing on Mika who sat up and joyfully said, "Good-morning Kailus," before smiling at him.

The big demon frowned and replied, "Morning Mika," before giving a small smile, "What are you doing here?"

"Hum? You said it would be fine if I sleep here. You even gave me your shirt remember?" she replied.

The demon didn't believe her words at all and took back his shirt, "Right."

She grumbled, "You were probably really drunk then. You even said that you found Toel's butts sexy."

The big demon eyes shrunk as he heard that and looked at the ceiling.

"Is there something you aren't telling me?" she teasing with a grin on her face.

"No! I'm not implying anything. I was just really drunk! Get off of me right now!" he furiously ordered.

"Sure. With everything you drink," she climbed down.

"Yup," he grumbled as he quickly went to the bathroom.

Mika giggled, but realised her left hand was a little sweaty, "Got to wash my hand. He can be so sweaty."

"Found you!" she heard the Hell Shinobi yelling.

"Wait! We don't have to fight!" Toel replied.

Mika heard an explosion followed by the angel yelling in agony, "You better spare Toel's life! We need him more than you!"

"Fine! I'll just beat him up a lot!" Shino yelled, furious about letting the angel live.

"Kailus! Kailus save me!" Toel begged as the sound of the beating resonated in the house.

The big demon was busy in the bathroom and covered the side of his goaty head. He grumbled, "Damn. Just add an angel and another demon and it feels like the entire world is changing," he yelled, "You better not destroy anything precious or you are going to regret it Shino!"

"Shut up old friend!"

Kailus wondered why the other demon was infuriated, before remembering from where Shino came from. He quickly realised it was probably for that reason, He chuckled, "I bet he saw that didn't you!"

The other demon swore a lot, making the him laugh loudly. Shino added one last thing at the angel and Kailus, "If any of you say this to everyone, you'll regret it! I will take my revenge if it becomes public!"

An hour later, they were eating their breakfast with the angel staying as fast away from the Hell Shinobi as he could. Toel was covered with many bruises and many cuts on his body. He wasn't bleeding, but everything he did was painful for the angel.

"It really hurt a lot you know. It was disproportionate Shino," Toel painfully grumbled.

Shino took out a kunai as he glared at the angel who wimped, despise not waiting to let out a pitiful sound like that.

Kailus, wearing his red shirt and blue pants ordered, "Enough Shino. Toel has enough and I won't tolerate that you hit him another time, especially since everything he says is the true."

"How dare you say that old friend?"

"You are an odd demon, right?" Kailus chuckled, enjoying to take his revenge from all the teasing the other demon said yesterday, "One of the few demons who has a short," he gazed at Mika before turning back his attention to the shinobi demon, "stick."

The other demon grumbled, "Don't mock me about that! It only looks short. It can be way much longer when with a pretty female old friend."

"Yeah," the big demon replied as if it was nothing. He finished eating his breakfast and stood up, "Going to check if we are finally on the news, and no more fighting."

The big demon walked out of the kitchen while Toel quickly finished and joined him.

Only Mika and Shino remained.

The Hell Shinobi finished eating before face planting on the table, "Kailus won that round."

"You like to embarrass him?" Mika asked.

He gazed at her, "Yeah. I like to annoy him, especially when we ended up fighting a dead or alive fight once. Well… Close to that," he sighed with a smile, "Yep. Good old time."

"I prefer Kailus as he is now," she replied.

He chuckled, "Of course. A softer version of him is more suited for you, both ways."

She finished eating and walked in the living room. The Hell Shinobi finished and said, "Just never say anything about what they brought up," he suddenly said in an extremely dark mood, "Because I won't hesitate to make you regret it."

She smiled and replied, "I won't."

They walked in the living room, the angel remained a little nervous, but felt cheerful once again.

"There you are, they are about to interview with one of the witness of the battle of yesterday!" the angel said.

Mika sat on Kailus gut as always while Shino sat on the ground. They watched the news with excitement as they wondered what they would see.

"I bet we will see a few cool battles shot," she said.

"I've seen all of it, but not the rest of the town," Shino said.

Kailus grunted, "I wonder what are the cutaways in there. They better focus on some of my good profile or I'll pay them a visit. Eventually," he crossed his arms.

"And now with the news. Let's come back with the event of yesterday. We tried to obtain interviews with the witnesses yesterday, but the cops prevented us from obtaining any information's or showing anything. So, we had to postpone it today. So, what is the news Kevin," the first journalist asked.

"As of now, we have a few information's about a group of villains that caused a lot of destruction in the police force. Those two are powerful and surprisingly destructive," Kevin showed the image and they saw Mika and Toel destroying polices mech suit.

"An angel and a kid? That never happened before," the first one said.

"That's surprising Laurence. Yeah, an angel and a kid as dangerous villain. It has been confirmed that they aren't terrorist after a few researches. They are a force to recon that's for sure," Kevin replied.

Kailus emitted his dark aura as he watched the news. He was completely pushed aside by Mika and Toel, "Those bastards. Giving them all the fame!"

Shino laughed loudly as he grabbed his chest, "Man! It feels like they did most of the job by beating up most of the police forces in their mech suits."

Kailus glared at the other demon.

"They got a good angle of my back," the angel commented.

"But I wanted to see you beating that mech suit and blowing it up. We just saw the smoke when you blew it up," she grumbled.

Kailus grunted, "I wanted to see that too."

"You also have any information's about what happened at the park?" Laurence asked at the other journalist.

Kevin crossed his arms and replied, "Yeah. There was a battle between one of the most known policeman, Justin, and a fat demon."

"Fat!" the demon yelled.

"He got that right!" Shino continued laughing.

"What happened there?" Laurence asked.

"There was a battle between the two of them and… The demon won against him. We have no image of the scene since he used his magic to block anyone from using their cameras or any means to record it," Kevin replied.

The big demon eyes shrunk completely, leaving a small dot on his eyes as his mouth was fully opened.

"The finisher!" The Hell Shinobi laughed loudly as he rolled on the ground, "Ouch! My chest. Can't breathe!"

Mika couldn't help, but giggle when she saw the expression of Kailus while being disappointed that they wouldn't see the fight.

"From the intel we got about that demon, we know a few things about the fight," Kevin cleared his throat, "It was an intense fight where the demon managed to destroyed the mech suit from the inside thanks to his magical power."

"That's it?" Kailus furiously asked.

Laurence grabbed his collar, "What? No one could ever used magic against those mech suit or anything made to block any magical power. How could he have done it?"

"I don't know, but that demon is dangerous. He is the first one to actually destroyed one of those mech suit with his power. He is a danger that must be recon now. This is the why the heroes had put that demon in their official target list and only A rank heroes or more can handle him," Kevin concluded.

Mika chuckled, "You scared them."

That calmed the big demon down as he grinned, "I am the first one why by using magic," he chuckled as he tapped his hands, "It would have been better if they recorded it, but nonetheless, they are scared of it and this is going to be great for my return."

"That's sure. You got kicked out after losing against a mech suit like that and you returned by destroying such mech suit," Shino chuckled, "But you aren't a beacon of hope for demons of course."

Kailus raised his shoulders and replied, "I am not aiming for that. I will become the greatest villain once again and made sure to never lose this position."

Toel raised his hands and yelled, "First step towards victory!"

"Right," the big demon smiled, "That means more challenges are coming and if I'm put on the list, the heroes might fight me on the spot now and not waiting for me to do anything villainous anymore."

The little girl asked, "What does that mean?"

"Ambush and surprises attacks are to be expected, when there is no innocent around me. I could just go to the market and get attack by a super hero since I'm in that list," he laughed and commented, "Just like old times. I remember I buy groceries once before I was attacked by a trio of super heroes," his smile shrunk a little, "I lost because they threw two trucks at me thought."

Shino took out a dagger and licked it, "It gets better. I was hoping we reach that point eventually, but we are now. We just need to add me in that list and life will be an endless anticipation and excitement as anything can happen outside of here."

Kailus nodded, but added, "But I rather make sure that you are not entering on that list Mika."

"Hum? Why not?" she asked.

"Can you fight on your own?" he asked her.

"Sure," she replied.

"Without guns or rocket launcher. Fighting like the three of us can do?" he asked her again.

She nodded positively, which ended up with a pinch on her cheek as Kailus grumbled, "Big liar."

Shino stood up and said, "Then we have to make her ready for this. We already have a dummy to use as a target," he threw a smoke bomb and was behind the angel. He grabbed Toel by the throat and said, "This shit from heaven is a nice target. You can beat him with a bat-"

"I'm not a good target! I'm already wounded!" Toel nervously yelled.

The Hell Shinobi sighed and walked besides Kailus and tapped the gut of the demon, "We also have this big punching bag here."

"Stop that!" Kailus and Mika yelled at him for different reasons. The big demon grunted, "Although, you are right. Before moving to the next phase, Mika has to learn to handle a fight on her own."

"I can already-"

Kailus grabbed her in his hands. He put some pressure on her and said, "You lost this fight."

She stopped complaining and nodded. He gave a clear example.

"We will begin your training tomorrow, because it's your turn this time," Kailus said before putting her back on his gut, knowing she would climb up there eventually.

Meanwhile, at the Police Station, Justin was sitting on his desk as he finished his paper work. He still thought about the previous fight and the fact that the heroes were overtaking this affair against the demon Kailus. He continued writing his report as he grumbled, "That accursed demon. How did he pass the armor? I don't get it," he continued grumbling for a while when he noticed a shadow appearing behind him. He turned around and saw the robot watching his report. The man gasped before he put his hand on his chest, "HEFF… Why are you active?"

"I have been used on a mission and no one deactivated me after wards," it replied.

Justin sighed as he tried to stand up from his chair, when the machine put its metallic hand on his shoulder, "This unit wants to know what happened to you."

The man gazed at the machine, finding the behavior suspicious. He wanted to chase those thoughts away, but the action didn't feel like an it was programmed. It was curious.

HEFF saw how the man was looking at him, but didn't made a comment, "This unit heard about your recent fight against the criminal. This unit wants to inquire more intel about it."

The man said nothing for a while and quietly said, "You aren't functioning like a normal machine."

"This unit doesn't-"

"It's obvious HEFF. You are curious," he replied to the robot.

HEFF remained silence for a while, before saying, "HEFF is a machine built to fight criminals. This unit has the power of a A hero. This unit… desire to bring justice and arrest the demon named Kailus for what he did against you and your coworker."

Justin wondered what he should say. The robot dropped the act, or how it tried to act. There was a risk of going rogue and he had to make a decision, "HEFF. Are you desire true?"

"This machine existence is to protect and serve among you. Without it, this machine is empty," it replied.

Justin looked at the machine. He was a hero. His duty was the same as the machine. Even if the machine might go rogue, it wasn't right now and as a hero, he couldn't blindly destroy it, "Here. I'll explain what happened against Kailus," he showed to the machine his report and answered questions about the demon.

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