Kailus yawned loudly as he entered in the bathroom in his underwear and his clothes on his shoulder. He closed the door behind him and locked it. He stretched his arms as he grunted and walked towards the shower. He took off his underwear, but his clothes near the shower and started showering. When he was halfway, he heard the door opening and frowned.

"Wait. I locked the door, right?" he asked himself. He remembered that he did so and thought it was his imagination. He continued for a while until he heard someone casually saying,

"Good morning Kailus."

The demon checked outside the shower and saw Toel pissing on his feet, looking at the demon as if nothing was wrong right now.

Kailus flustered when he saw a part of the angel anatomy he never wanted to see before he yelled, "What are you doing here?"

The angel twitched his head as he continued his stuff and replied as if absolutely nothing was wrong, "I need to take a piss. The door was locked, so I unlock it," his shining blue eye shined as he looked at the demon carefully.

Kailus covered his crutch, his face running red as he grunted, "If it's locked, then why did you unlock it? That means that someone is in there!"

"So what?" Toel asked. The demon was at lost of word and even more when the angel commented, "That's a pretty big belly button you got there."

"Don't try to change the subject! Why are you still here? I need my privacy!" he pointed the finger of one of his hand at the angel.

"Hum?" the angel tilted his head confused.

"Privacy! You know what that means right?"

"Not really," Toel innocently replied.

"What the f-"

"You're already done?" Mika asked as she came closer.

The demon panicked and yelled, "Stay away from-" but was too late.

Mika saw both the demon and the angel naked. Her eyes seemed to broke as she cried blood before running away in her chamber.

"Mika!" Kailus yelled as he was about to go out of the shower when he saw the angel still pissing and returned in there. "This is only the morning and you make my life a living hell!"

"Is it good? I mean. You are a demon," Toel asked, uncertain about it.

The demon eyes shined as he glared at the angel, "Not when it meant the human expression!"

"Finished," the angel said, "See you later."

The demon was alone and hit his head against the wall and yelled in rage, "First day and he's already enraging me!"

Chapter 7: Adaptation

The three were eating their breakfast. The demon was still infuriated by the angel as he glared at him without any subtlety. Mika was carefully watching them with her Taser near her, while eating as far away from them as possible.

Toel was just putting a toast against his face and absorbed it. He looked at the demon and the girl and asked, "What is it?"

The eyes of the demon shined as he grumbled under his breath, wishing to destroy the angel, but he needed him. His body was covered with darkness. He eventually said, "You know what you did there!" he didn't want to say more details with her around.

"You when at the bathroom when I-"

Mika took out a grenade launcher from under the table and shot at the angel who screamed.

Kailus gazed at her, then back at the angel on the ground, smoking a little. He commented, "That's overkill Mika."

She frowned as she loaded another grenade in the grenade launcher.

The angel sat back and painfully asked, "How? How did she get a grenade launcher?"

"Her birthday four years ago. Don't ever mention what you tried again Toel."


"Also! New rules. When there is someone in the bathroom and it involved anything about dropping pants and slash or underwear, you stay out of the bathroom! Is that clear or I have to punch it in your brain?" he yelled.

"Okay… Thought I don't the usefulness of this rule. Public bathroom doesn't ask for-"

"This isn't a public bathroom you stupid angel! There is so many things you don't get about it and- How do you know what public means and not privacy?" the demon demanded.

"Everything an angel do is public," Toel replied.

"You think showing your di-" the demon was shot in the face. He remained silent for a while before he put his hands on his face, "You better not disappoint me angel. If you can't find the robot weak spot in three days, you are going to get kick out of here with all your bones broken," he finished eating and walked elsewhere.

Mika finished and returned to her chamber, leaving the angel alone. He finished eating and sighed, "Everyone is so weird," he thought about his comment and gulped, "Am I the weird one here?"

Later on, the angel was on his room, headphone on his head while he was checking things on his holographic computer. He grumbled and read, "Privacy: 'the state or condition of being free from being observed or disturbed by other people.' That's so weird," he searched more and sighed, "Too weird," he closed the file and opened another one, "Let's check more details on that mobile suit Kailus wants to know. My tail is on the line now."

He entered in a private site called: Mechalium Mechanism And Robotic Industry. He wrote his name and his password and entered deeper in the web as one of the mechanics who had the authorisation. He checked his personal information and grumbled, "I'm only at lv 3 Confidentiality and… That's also something about privacy too," he coughed and searched for the intel, "Let's see what I got about the MS-04G."

He read everything, but it was only general information. When he clicked to obtain more details, schema and any comments left by anyone who worked on the project of the machine, he was blocked, "I need a lv 5 Confidentiality for that? What's lv 5 again?" he thought about it, "Oh yeah. Only those who worked on it or are swore to say nothing about it."

He scratched his thought and wondered how he could get anything about it. His future was on the line, "I think I know someone who worked deeply in this. Who was it? Yeah!" he snapped his toes as if it was his fingers, "Jojuel! He worked in the schema!"

He tried communicating with Jojuel, but he got nothing. He checked the time and sighed, "It's too soon. Guess he's working now. I'll try again this night."

He closed his computer and took out his headphone. He walked outside of his chamber and when he was in the living room, he saw Mika watching the television alone.

The two crossed their gaze.

"Hello there Mika. How's it going?" Toel joyfully asked.

She didn't reply. The angel guessed she wouldn't let go of whatever she felt in the bathroom. He thought about it and wondered if he could do something. He couldn't stand someone ignoring him and the fact that he hurt a little girl, accidentally of course.

"Mika. I'm sorry for what happen this morning and- Don't shot!" the angel jumped backward when she took out her weapon. He raised his hands, "I'm just saying sorry!" he learned that he shouldn't say too much. He quickly searched for something and yelled, "I'll make it up! Ask me anything!"

The little girl gazed at him and after a few seconds, grinned. The angel didn't like that at all. She said, "Tell me one of your kind biggest secret."

The eye of the angel was a small dot as he heard that. Despite becoming a villain, he wasn't planning on telling one of his kind biggest secret. Since he couldn't lie, he sighed.

"Only if you let go… And forgive Kailus. It was my fault from what he said," Toel tried.

She sighed and nodded.

"Well," he hesitated for a few seconds, "Most angels are scared of being underground. I once had a panic attack because I was slightly underground. That's why you don't see any angel going in sewers, caverns, etc. even for hunting a demon. We always make sure it won't happen and told that weakness to no one."

"Really?" she asked.

"I don't lie."

She smiled, "Okay. I forgive you, but don't ever do that again. Your thing is really scary," she climbed off the sofa and bring back her weapon in her chamber.

The angel smiled, "Good. One thing down. Now I have to wait and obtain those intel's."

When it was late, the angel took out his computer and called for Jojuel.

The face of an angel appeared on his holographic screen. He had the same face as Toel, but looked tired, "Who is it?"

"Hello buddy. It's me Toel."

"Toel! My big goofy friend! Why are you calling me at this time of the night?"

"Right at the question," the angel chuckled, "Listen, I need to ask you an important favor right now."

"Of course. What is it about?"

"Well…" he tapped the back of his head, "There is some research I am doing for my new boss and I have no access to it."

"Is it about one of the robots or the mech suits? What kind of job you have if you need it?" the angel suspiciously asked.

Toel didn't want to tell the true, but he wasn't really capable of lying. He thought of a way to go around and sighed when he finally managed to find one, "It's because I want to stay in my dream job. I've been trying to obtain it for a long time."

"You aren't going to be specific right?" Jojuel asked.

"That's how much I love it," he cheerfully replied.

"Fine. What do you want?"

"I need everything about the MS-04G information. I want the blueprints and also some of the personal notes about it. Max intel please."

"What? That's way too much for me to let you with-"

"Pretty please. Remember you owed me one when you were sick and I did everything so you can still pass," Toel told his friend as he clapped his hands together.

"Yeah. You got some dept. because of me. Fine."

"Then you owed me not in cash money!" the angel said.

"I'll give you everything when I can. It's probably going to be tomorrow. And… Just please don't sell those blueprints. Also, congrats on reaching your dream job," Jojuel said.

"Thank you so much buddy. See you another time," he waved at him.

"Stay healthy."

They cut the communication.

Toel was feeling pretty happy about the exchange and closed his computer. He rested on his bed and said, "Good. Two days left for me, this is going pretty good so far."

The next morning, Kailus was sleeping in his bed. As he peacefully dreamed of becoming the greatest villain, he grumbled as his instinct told him that something ominous was coming to him. When he opened his eyes, he saw the face of the angel, an inch from his own. He yelled loudly as he rolled on the ground and felt off his bed. He stood up and glared at the angel, "What do you want you stupid angel?"

"I have some good news Kailus. I obtained the information about the mech suit that beat you!" the angel answered with excitement as his tail bounced on the ground.

The demon frowned as he showed his fangs, "So?"

"I got everything, blue prints, comments about the creators and those who tests it, etc."

"What's his weakness?" the demon asked as a small grin appeared on his face.

The angel innocently replied, "I haven't checked in yet. I just-"

The demon grin disappeared before furiously yelling, "Then there is no reason for you to enter in my chamber and stuck your face as if you were about to kiss me!"

"That's jumping a lot of stages," the angel replied.

The demon grabbed the angel's shoulders as his eyes shined, "Get on with it right now angel. I don't want you to give nightmare fuel!"

Toel nodded as he joyfully replied. "Going on it!"

He walked outside of the room as he opened his computer.

The demon dressed himself as he grunted, "So annoying. I can't stand this angel."

After breakfast, the angel was on a chair in the living room and searched on his computer's intel about the weakness of the mech suit while Kailus watched the television.

Toel checked on his boss and asked, "Did she talk to you yet?"

The demon gazed at the angel and grunted, "No. She saw us naked angel. That's not something she will let go that easily."

"Have you tried talking to her?"

"She's in her chamber and… Last time it happened, she put traps at the entrance," the demon replied.

The angel focused on his work and read everything as he heard the sound of the television in the background. Eventually, he put his headphone back on and continued his work. When the day came to an end, Toel was getting a little nervous as he didn't find anything that could feel like a weakness. He checked what he had to read and saw that he needed to check the comments left by anyone who worked on the mech suit. The angel decided that he wouldn't sleep tonight.

The next day, Kailus walked to the kitchen and saw the angel still on the chair, but was fast asleep. The demon lightly smiled, "Finally got through the morning without any trouble since you came here angel."

After eating he saw on his sofa and watched television. He checked at the direction of Mika's chamber and sighed. He was getting worried for Mika as he didn't really see her or talk to her.

"Been a while she didn't annoy me. I miss it," he quietly admitted.

"That's cool," he heard her voice.

The next second, she jumped over him and landed on his belly and bounced on it. She looked at him with a large smile.

"Mika!" Kailus puffed loudly as she kept jumping on his gut. He frowned and ordered, "Enough."

She stopped and continued smiling at him, "You missed me," she teased him.

Toel woke up when he heard something and checked on them. He took out his headphone and listened to them.

"No. I don't miss you Mika," the demon quickly denied as he gazed at the ceiling.

The little girl giggled, "You want me to annoy you," she jumped on his chest and tickled his snout.

"H-hey!" Kailus grunted as he grabbed her and lifted her in the air, "We have an angel here remember!" he gazed at the angel who looked at him. He obviously felt as if the angel was smiling at them.

"You two are adorable together," Toel commented.

The demon blushed, "A demon is not adorable!"

"You sure look like it," the angel replied.

Mika freed herself from the demon's grasp and landed on his chest. She hugged the demon and said, "It was boring when I couldn't have fun with you."

"Annoying me is fun?" Kailus grunted.

"Yes," she replied.

He pinched her cheek, "It should be dangerous to annoy a demon Mika," he remembered that Toel was watching them and pointed his finger at him, "If you say anything about this, you are dead."

"I won't. I just keep my mouth shut," the angel replied as he continued his work.

The demon and the girl gazed at each other's quietly. Eventually, the demon asked, "So. I guessed you went over the fact that you saw too much?"

She was now a little nervous and scratched the back of her head, "Not really," she didn't want to be specific about it.

"Yeah. We both have a big manhood, right?" Kailus ask.

Mika started slapping his skully snout, "Don't say it!"

It was ineffective, but the demon smirked before pushing her with his snout and made her roll back on his gut, "Then you are if you didn't shoot us."

She gazed at the angel and grinned, "Well. Toel did ask me to forgive you and he told me a secret."

The angel heard that and nervously looked at them.

"A secret?" Kailus asked. He checked on the angel and liked where it was going, if the angel was already nervous, "Tell me please."

"They are scared of being underground. Toel had once a panic attack underground," she told him.

The face of the demon turned into a large smile as he turned his head at the angel, "Guess I know how to punish you if you are annoying me way too much and how to beat your kind."

"Y-yeah. It's our weakness, but don't try to drag me underground. You don't like to see a panicking angel," he quickly replied.

"I wonder how-"

"I found it!" Toel yelled as he checked on his computer.

"What?" the demon and the little girl asked.

"The weakness of the mech suit. I finally found it, not just the optic of course!" the angel quickly said as he pushed the subject of his weakness as far away of their mind as he could.

"What is it?" the demon pushed the angel to tell what he found.

The angel showed the holographic screen and started, "The optic isn't a big weakness. The MS-04G has a radar inside to see where you are even if it can see you. So, the main one is found here," he pointed at the articulations of the arms and legs of the machine, "This is the weakness of this wonderful machine. The articulations are less protected, but still impermeable to magic."

"Damn it," the demon grunted.

The eye of the angel shined, "However, if you manage damage the protection of the articulation, you can take away the impermeability of the MS-04G and use magic on the unprotected articulations."

The demon and the little girl carefully studied the plan and where the angel was pointing at. After a while, Kailus grinned, "I think I have a plan," he chuckled.

"Will it be better than-"

"Don't doubt me Mika," he grunted. He gazed at the angel and said, "Let's prepare the plan. We have to fight that guy again, but also make sure we only have to fight him. So, I need the two of you against possible interference."

"Sure Kailus. I know how to fight too" the angel replied.

"You can count on me," Mika replied with a smile.

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