This is the Tale...

The five children ran into the room as quickly as they could, longing to hear another of their father's great tales. The man with a scarred eye and feathered ears seemed to have a knack for making even the longest of stories desirable. Not to mention, his list of tales and personal experiences seemed to be endless. The five tots darted into the man's study, one of them jumping onto the man's lap making him grunt and rock back in his chair.

"Oof!" He grunted as he fell back in his chair, the child landing on his chest. The other four ran to the downed man as he laughed. "Oh, ho, ho. You've got me! The great General of the Arkan Empire, defeated with a sneak attack." The 'General' stuck his tongue out as he pretended to be dead.

While most children would be so impressionable as to believe the man's foolish antics, these five were used to their father messing with them. The eldest of the five, a girl of only twelve, nudged her father in slight annoyance.

"Daaaad, come on. Get up, we want to hear another story. Pleeeaaase? Come on." The girl let up once she saw her father's eyes open.

"Oh? It's a story you want to hear, is it? Well I don't know." The man got up with the child that had landed on him now in his arms. Setting the chair back on its feet and sitting down, he stroked his chin. "I told you one yesterday and I don't think I could possibly come up with the time to tell you one know." He smirked in playfulness as he looked at the begging faces of his children.

"Daaad... pleeaase?" The second oldest whined.

"Hmmm... I don't know." He kept messing with them.

"I'd love to hear another of your great tales." A woman, after watching the amusing display, spoke up. The luscious brown locks and beautiful green eyes , he recognized could only be those of the strong woman he fell for so long ago and now had the honor of calling his wife.

The two shared a glance, both knowing the children wouldn't stop begging until they heard a story. Which wasn't a problem for the man. After all, he enjoyed telling them the tales and adventures of the 'Great Arkan General' and his crew. But something told him that this next story should be something more wondrous, greater than all the tales he's told before. He had the perfect one, and what better time than now, on the anniversary.

The man laughed, "All right, you win. But be warned, this tale is not for the faint of heart." The children cheered and he cleared his throat.

"This is the tale of a grand and wondrous world. A world of mischief and magic, of mystery and mayhem. A world that exists just off the Brink of Impossible and resides beyond the Boundaries of Reality. Where giants dwell and monsters sulk, where the brave rise and the evil fall." The four elder siblings sat down on the floor in the crisscross manner that every child did while the youngest still sat on the father's lap.

"This is the tale of a world stolen by a single man."

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