The rancid stains of angels slaughtered gleefully
form splatter patterns, weaving intricately
A dance
On throne sinsculpted from a thousand burning corpses
Their souls seek sweet escape, release eternally
Infernally and
Sibilantly seated, the Baphomet begins to rise
Tip aside your Bordeaux glass filled with fine crimson wine,
A Merlot; Its must: the blood of Christ, freshly recrucified

Dutiful disciples of treason,
The devil and his demons scheme in hell's icy heart
A coup de grace recounted fondly by stars in legion
Cast not a ling'ring gaze, their midnight-whispered tales
Will tear your soul apart

Abomination's maw lilts Lucifer's lied
Of desolating sacrilege, perversion's psalmody,
Freeing beasts quaternary
Fleeing death abortively,
God's children trample their own, pitifully

Fanning the flames of an infinite Hellfire
Zion, a mere pyre,
Burns so beautifully

A precipice in front, wolves behind
Abyssus abyssum invocat (Hell calls hell; one misstep leads to another)
Everyman's holy war against every man
Drinking poison from a cup of gold
Tanta stultitia mortalium est (Such is the foolishness of mortals)

They made a graveyard and called it "Peace"

Six feet of earth part to comfort the slain

Masturbate the god of war, feed his hung'ring sword;
When last unsheathed, orgasm drips bitter gore
No more can faith afford than black thorn flinders deeply bored

Wounds of truth reveal where hungry dogs' loyalty lie
As they are spoon-fed
speckled olives t'are the eyes,
finger-plucked, from their masters' head
Rightfully dead

In absence of kind mercy
Vesania and Misanthropy heed the call
of vermillion million burned by their fall,
Pandemonically prideful as Sammael stands defiantly tall
With sinner's lot in hand, proselytizing peace forevermore
'to a gilded age of war
What better time to multiply and cast aside false virtue's lies
than 'midst an endless epoch of scorn
of the worst of Man's (de)vices?

Vesta's virgin tenet now lies contravened

Fate's dice roll comes up snake eyes
much to catastrophe's content
Yahweh's blinded lambs spill from his hand upon a slaughter-pen
Recanting rosaries, then made to bow down and repent

Before resplendent devilment