War. By : Ambitioussoul

Author's note: I am a budding writer. I love reading and English and have a passion for writing. I recently found out about this site, and wish to use it as a medium to post my work, have people read it, critique it, and improve my writing skills over a period of time. This is my first piece. Please review, and let me know what you think. Constructive criticism is most welcome.

White fangs, dark eyes, shadows high

Blood drips from bony fingers, a symbol of the pain they've caused

Pale skin covers human like features, a reminder of their past

They inflict pain and devastation. Another soul has passed.

All of a sudden, a sound is heard

A bloodcurdling scream pierces the night

A splash of red mars the calm black sky

A vampire kills in the dark of the night.

Amidst this gory scene, a howl is heard

Ears prick up to catch the sound

Is it them? Questioning glances are thrown

The merry haze has broken, everyone is alert now.

Yellow eyes illuminate white claws

The beasts make their presence known

Subtle and slow the pack marches ahead

Unbeknownst to this, humans are still in bed.

A paw lashes out, a tail hits blood

The vampire's nest has been breached.

Sensing enemies with a sniff of their snout

The air has been polluted by a desire to kill.

Both of these monsters can justify their actions,

It's for the greater good they say.

Don't you find this strikingly familiar?

Think of all the bloodshed people have caused.

After all, these monsters were humans once.

Under the light of the moon a bloody war is waged,

Most killed, the rest jailed

The wolves return, their sorrow weighing a ton,

It seems the vampires have won.

the end.