Officer Cregger pulled up in a squad car off the side of the road on I-69. He got out of the squad car with his partner: Officer Brown.

"Unit 10, we're responding to a 10-82, body found on the side of I-69." Officer Brown said as the 2 men approached the body.

"White female, blonde, looks to be in her mid 20's." Officer Cregger said as he bent down to examine the naked body. She was very beautiful, even in death.

"Well, she has abrasions on her neck." Officer Brown said.

"There's bruises all over her body." The 2 men felt around her body for any bumps or bleeding. "Damn, she is hot." Officer Cregger said as he felt her long blonde hair.

"Dude, have some respect for the dead. Seriously." Officer Brown said punching his shoulder. He moved down to her private area when she screamed.

"NO!" she screamed as she started crawling away.

"We're the police miss, we're not going to hurt you. " Officer Brown said as they came over to her.

"I'm officer Sam Cregger, this is my partner, officer Zach Brown, who are you?" Officer Cregger asked. The woman cried & shook her head.

"I don't know..."