A swiftly moving river that flows through the pure land, filled with grass.

The river also has vision abilities that can sense something wrong around the land.

When it glows black it shows the vision & image of the object,planet, & person in terms of their fates.

The river can also give new life to those who enter it after death.

But the deceased cannot be brought be back from the dead. Not with good,powerful, or even wishing magic.

The river is also very powerful & also a secretive world that no one not even friends & families must know of it or the river will be corrupted & punishes those for their hanless act.

However you can show it to one person or a few to say goodbye to a fallen loved one before sending them into the depths of the of the river.

That is the only solution of it. Nothing else, except to keep the river's existence a secret or have outsider's memories erased as well as never seeing loved ones again for eternity.

The river is a gifted land since the ancient timelines & must never be into the wrong hands.

Life is a gift & shows us the heart of evolution & growth to all living beings in the depths to one another