Chapter 6

The service was simple and not well attended although Kameron's family showed up in full force which was a nice gesture. At the cemetery where Uncle Brud was buried alongside his parents, Cassidy kept glancing about.

"Is something wrong?" Kameron asked.

"I was hoping Claudia would show up," Cassidy sighed.

"Claudia died a long time ago," Cassidy's Dad volunteered. "Suicide when she was nineteen."

"Geez, no wonder Uncle Brud never dated again," Cassidy sighed.

With the Summer of Brud terminated, Cassidy and Kameron weren't sure what to do with themselves. Cassidy needed time to recover from the shock and grief of Uncle Brud's unexpected and sudden death and an understanding Kameron gave her space and distance to deal with that. He was the one who collected Brud's matchbox collection and donated them to a local youth center and he helped Cassidy clean out the rest of Brud's belongings, some of which was donated to Goodwill but most of which was thrown out as junk.

That motivated Cassidy to go on a cleaning purge and Kameron helped her clean out most of the house, borrowing his brother Kerry's truck for multiple dump runs. They also hired the local removal agency to clean the yard of the junk cars, refrigerators and other debris and by late August the house didn't look so dumpy from the outside and the interior was much less cluttered and messy.

But classes at Blue County Community College were still a few weeks away and Cassidy realized that there was some down time left and maybe now was the time that she and Kameron figured out what they wanted to do with their relationship.

Cassidy invited Kameron over one morning in late August and as he approached the house, Kameron was shocked to see a naked Cassidy prance out from behind the side of the house.

"Well Hello There! How's It Going? Good To See You!" She laughed seductively before bolting for the door.

Kameron grinned with amused appreciation and satisfaction, realizing that Cassidy was acting out that first day when he met Uncle Brud. He chased her into the house and he followed her up the stairs to her bedroom. She was lying on the bed in all her glory waiting for him with a huge smile on her face when he reached the open door.

"Well Hello There! How's It Going? Good To See You!" Kameron said.

"Get undressed," Cassidy told him, knowing the wait was finally over.