Tape #1: The Introduction

Recorded: October 8th, 2004 12:00:00 PM

Identified Voices (as listed):

Interviewer #1: Jacob Green

Interviewer #2: Isaac Klosky

Interviewee #1: William B. Barnet

(Door opens, two sets of footsteps enter the interrogating room, and two chairs pulled out from under the chair as two people sit in them. Pulling up to the table one of them coughs.)

J: [he coughs before he starts talking] Good morning, Mr. Barnet, I'm sorry for bringing you out here on such a short notice. My name is Jacob Green [directly into the microphone] and this is Isaac Klosky. We were hoping to talk to you today, sir.

W: I paid off the parking tickets, sir.

J: [weak chuckle] N-no, sir [clears throat] we were hoping you could tell us what you remembered about that case you worked on. Do you remember anything about the Dove Case?

W: …Don't ya'll have the files, you could have save some time. [He coughs heavily] I seem to recall the county clerk had them last.

I: There were those tornadoes in '98. An F-4 tore through the Township that year. It bulldozed the police station; lot of files went missing afterwards. One of them identified as the Dove Case. We were hoping you could fill in the blanks.

W: [he heavily coughs] were the sirens going off?

J: Thank God, they did, I got my kids in the basement before it tore through Lincoln.

I: Why are you asking that question, Mr. Barnet?

W: [angrily] Do you want me to tell you about this case or not?

J: He didn't mean anything by that, Mr. Barnet. Mr. Klosky forgot himself, is all. Please, continue.

W: [snorts] How is it, now?

J: [confused] I'm sorry?

W: The Township, ain't seen it in nine years.

J: We'll save that for later, if you don't mind, Mr. Barnet. We don't want to waste any more time than we have to.

W: You sure we have the time?

I: We're prepared to schedule other days for you to come in, Mr. Barnet. If you want, we can show you the itinerary.

W: Do it, I have somewhere to be in a few days.

(Jacob hands William the copy of the itinerary)

W: Straightforward, how long did it take to write this out?

J: Only a few days, but if you are unavailable at any point, we can reschedule.

W: I don't do Sundays. I also will not do [taps his finger on the itinerary] the 25th. That's the only days I ain't available.

I: But what if we need you on any of those days?

W: …Take it or leave it, I don't care which.

J: Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Sundays and the 25th, noted. Anything else you may have, Mr. Barnet?

W: Nope, nothing else, don't really have anything else to say to you about it.

J: Yeah, I'll have the clerk make note. So, the Dove Case, we didn't hear of it very much.

W: [he coughs] Because it got overshadowed by the O.J. Verdict, I told Mike we wouldn't see anything on the TV, 'cause it happened the same week.

I: What did he say about that, Mr. Barnet?

W: Out of respect for, uh, Mr. Green, here, I rather not repeat what he said.

J: What happened when you two got to the crime scene?

W: Quiet, it happened in the Guardia neighborhood. We never really had problems in that part of town, some domestic disturbances here and there, drug busts, but it wasn't anything bad.

J: Was the Dove Case domestic?

W: (pulling the chair closer to the table) It wasn't anything we'd ever seen before.