"Whenever I looked at the sky and see the birds I envy them how free they are, and here I am a caged in this beautiful Palace". Princess Aliye , Princess Aliye….. Aliye thoughts were interrupted by her servant Fia.

"I have been looking for you all over the castle Princess Aliye you should now come inside." Fia said with concern.

"If I refuse what would you do? Call the guards!" teased Aliye

Fia sighs "I have no such intensions I don't want to get you in trouble, but you know the rules you have to return to your room after sunset."

"I am coming Aliye once again looked at the sky it's not that I am afraid of the consequences of the breaking the rules it's just I am tired, and don't send me any food I am not feeling hungry"

"But princess you have to take your medicine."

Aliye clenched her fists"I will take it, I already told you I want to rest, so please stop bothering me."

Aliye went inside the palace she is walking fast towards her room and avoiding the glances of servants and some noble people in the castle. Some of were watching her with pity and some of them watching her with hatred and contempt. She can tolerate the hatred towards her but she can't stand to take pity from the enemy kingdom. She hates when someone show her kindness, this kind of emotion makes her feel weak. This reminds her days in dungeon where she was tortured to death and how pathetically she begs her enemy to show mercy. Aliye reached her room and lays on bed.

While lying Princess Aliye remember all her past mistakes, and her biggest mistake when she betrayed prince Altan. But she only did it for the sake of her kingdom, but in the end she lost. Aliye thought sadly and the tears welled up in her eyes .


Is that true? that Ruzohan Kingdom has use the map of the" land of caves" Chad asked his men worriedly.

"Yes, sir this news is confirmed our spies told us but unfortunately, one of the spies got captured and during interrogation, he tells them that our kingdom send him." One of the guards told him.

"Cowards! from the first day I knew they were not trustworthy."

The general said angrily "now they will enter in the land of caves and get the most powerful sword and become more powerful".

How can they get their without a key? lord Serverus asked amusingly while entering the room with Princess , "you always get emotional general they only had a map but we have a key don't forgot this."

Chad ignored Serverus"You also don't forget that we have lost so many people in the land of caves without a map"

"I will soon solve this problem and bring that map, only the Vaelyra Kingdom deserves that power" Aliye said Proudly.

Suddenly Aliye thoughts were interrupted by loud voices and screaming.

Oh my God! the dragon! the dragon! is getting out of control, someone holds that beast one of the guard shouts.

Aliye can only hear but she cannot see due to small window she had heard from the Fia that Altan has captured a dragon but she never saw it, so she came out of her room due to situation nobody pay attention to her so she comes out of the Palace and goes to ground where they have kept the dragon.

It was a beautiful blue dragon with black stripes decorating its back! The beautiful creature was struggling ferociously to get itself free from the large metal chains and the guards were struggling to control it some guards even shot it with the arrows but still the dragon is struggling.

What in the world you are doing out at this hour my former Princess? Aliye looked behind a middle age man with a cynical smile looking at her.

The Princess looked back she just want to punch him in his face but that's not a very smart idea due to that man complains she has to suffer a lot after all he is the one of the lords of Altan and whenever he goes out of Kingdom he look after his matters.

"Nothing lord Boris I just want to see what's going on?

"My my Lady you know you are not supposed to come outside without guards and especially in that dangerous situation." if something happened to you I will be responsible." Lord Boris said in a serious tone.

"I know the rules there is no need to remind me I am going back to my room." Aliye said angrily

Before going back she again looked at the dragon with pity who is now calmed down.

"You know Princess no matter how hard that creature will struggle, it cannot escape from that place and sooner or later our great Prince will tame It, and that creature will learn it, Boris stopped for a moment and grin "just like you."

Boris was expecting that Aliye will attack him just like in past but she remained calm and walk away.

"Do not compare me with that creature you scoundrel. One day I will escape from that hell I promise." Aliye thought while sitting in her room


"Princess! it,s too dangerous for you to go all alone in enemy land" Chad said worriedly.

"Oh please general our Princess is not coward" interrupted lord Serverus

"He is right general Chad,I am not one of those weak Princesses who only sit and care about their beauty. I will bring the map and go to Land of caves to claim the most powerful sword of the world, and don,t forget without my powers the gate will not open" said Aliye

"You are right my Highness but still, let me remind you going to Ruzohan Kingdom alone mean you are playing with fire. Do not underestimate their power"Chad said in a serious tone.

I will keep that in my mind, just make arrangments for my journey to Ruzohan Kingdom. Said princess Aliye

Did King Trimiz knew about your plan? General asked inquiringly

"Obviously General will we do anything without our King" Serverus said annoyingly

" Princess i will make arrangements for your journey."

The journey to Ruzohan Kingdom was tough but Aliye was also a tough with his two knights wearing a simple clothes so that nobody could recognize them on reaching the Kingdom border the Ruzohan guards stopped them.

From where you have come? asked one of the guard harshly

Before she anwser she hear the horses footsteps when she turned around she saw some horseman they look like nobles wearing long black cloaks with guards are coming one of them is of young age like her. The guard bowed at them they must be high rank officials thought Aliye she also bowed The nobles ignored her one soldier stopped.

"Guards do not let the strangers enter to our kingdom without a permission letter from our Kingdom "

"Yes tell lord Boris we are following his instructions".

Good then they must leave.

"But listen to us we have come from far" Princess Aliye said desperately.

"You heard the instruction women now leave." One of a guard stopped her

I am not going to lose like this thought Aliye she saw the nobles they were going slowly so without thinking she ran towards them and shout.

"listen to me please I want to tell you something about Vaelyra Kingdom."

The guards ran behind her I apologize my lord she is not listening

The nobles also stopped . One young man dismounted from his horse he is tall at least six foot with dark hairs which suited on his handsome face he came towards Aliye and stood in front of her stare at her.

Prince Altan, "I apologized i will send her" one of the guard said with a bowed head.

"He is Prince Altan the one whose kingdom has a map" thought Princess Aliye.