Aliye was having lunch with Altan

"What is the matter you are not eating properly today Lady Fina."

"Well before coming here I have eaten two slices of cake."

A grin appears on Altan face "if you continue to eat like this then you will just become like our stout cook who uses up half of the meal during preparation."

"Not at all prince it's a first time I eat something before lunch that cake was so tempting I couldn't resist."

"Am I also tempting for you."

"You can never compete with that cake."

Altan smiled such a blunt reply "you break my heart."

"Oh no my prince who dares to break your heart at least I won't do it."

Altan holds Aliye hands, "I know that is the way I fell in love with you."

"Aliye put her hand on Altan hand, my prince I love you so much, but sometimes I wonder, do you have a same feeling for me"

"Fina I have spent time and know lots of women, but never once in my life I feel a love for the woman."

"My prince can you show me your magic, I mean to say you have already showed it when you give me that map but at that time I was so scared."

"That is your only wish, " he whispered some words, "just look at your back"

When she looked back on that point were two eagles of dog size were staring at her.

"Beautiful my prince, but you could have just summon those during your fight with ghouls."

"I can but at that time I was using my magic to keep the map safe."

Aliye frowned, but you already handed over to me so why use magic.

Do you think I trust you back then.

Possibly not, but what about now will you trust me again t to give such an important document.

That is the way I am marrying you love because of my trust on you, but about giving you such a huge responsibility I don't reckon so.

So that's mean you don't trust me.

No beautiful you can't fight against any magic user so I can't take that risk.

Well, how many people are after your map.

Thus many, especially Vaelyra Kingdom.

Aliye takes a sip from the cup.

What if they ever become successful in studying that map.

Then they would simply pray that they shouldn't dare to challenge us you Know Fina last Time I was a young boy when they attack our kingdom, at that time our father defend our kingdom, but it was a greatness of my father that he accepted their surrender and accepted the peace treaty. But this time they will not get any leniency if they presume to challenge our sovereignty.

Ali was controlling her anger listening all this she really desires to shut him up by punching his face, she was covering her feelings with the continuous fake smile on her face. But they are also powerful like they destroyed our villages.

Are you praising them for what they did to your family.

No, not at all I am just sounding out that you cannot just simply destroy them easily.

I never stated, fighting them would be a bed of roses.

Yes, I have heard They also possess a lot of strong magic user.

Yes, you are correct Vaelyra Kingdom had a key and the rumor is that they Princess is taking care of it

Aliye become stunned for the moment how could he knows about it, she wonders who told him "really Then how you are going to get it."

"I simply kidnapped her and I have also heard about that she is real pretty." He chuckled

Aliye angrily rose from the chair, "what are you saying do you think..." Aliye controls her outburst what she is doing, he is the prince at the moment she can't disrespect him I apologize my prince I just...

"I can realize you are feeling jealous"

Aliye smile, huh, how could she jealous of herself, she thought amusingly

Altan gets up and gently grabs Aliye face "no matter how beautiful she is but I can say she is not prettier than you and I promise I will lease a key from her and she will give me willingingly."

"Never in a million years I will hand over my keys Altan, one day you will surrender to my power."

"But he was right, I myself gave key to him at the death he won and I lose.".

When they reached Altan immediately take her to the healing chambers the news was spread like fire about Aliye return with her people from Vaelya kingdom. On the instructions of Altan they were switched to the Chambers. They were also brought to the small dining room for dinner.

"I also want to stay with princess" protests Wesan.

"Wesan worry not the healers are quite expert in their work they even didn't allow their prince Altan to stay inside." Chad tries to calm him down

"I can't support or trust that bastard he is the cause of princess anguish I..."

"Keep your voice down and use your brain why can't you understand the current situation if we want to be victorious then fight together."

Romero whistles "this place is astonishing"

All of them pass him an annoyed look.

One servant came to pick up the dishes one more servant came and guide them towards their room.

Wesan examines the room, "Do not sleep in enemy house tonight."

"Wesan you think I am not aware of that."

"But I will sleep" whisper Vasha

Romero extended his arms"Me to They're your enemy not ours"

"Aren't you the one who gives refuge to their enemy." taunt Wesan

Vase laid down on the sofa and pick up the nut from the silver plate"Unfortunately Yes, only we didn't Knew your princess whole story at that time..

"Fine then goes to your rooms I am proceeding to the healing chambers."

Wesan just stop and wait till tomorrow.

Yes general, we will see again tomorrow if we survived tonight. Spat Wilson

Look young man just believe in my experience, I know this kingdom better than anyone who is standing there right now if they want to obtain rid of us then we would not be standing here and arguing.

If you still don't believe than tonight we will use up turns to sleep and guard others.

Vase sighs when this hollow problem will be over then we will demand revenge for you guys for ruining our night in the beautiful rooms.

Romero nodded you just make new enemies.

Wilson smiled I will await for your revenge.

Curse you all said Vasha annoyingly.

Next day the queen along with Fia goes to the healing chambers where healers were treating her. The queen instructed Fia to stay and goes to his son's room where the king was already shouting at Altan.

"Why on Earth you bring that girl again, not only that girl, only her two comrades from Vaelya kingdom."

Yes Altan "didn't I warn you to stop approaching Aliye."

Altan sighs and looked at his parents will you "let me explain anything."

Both the king and queen nodded. Altan told them the whole story.

The sweat appears on the king's forehead and sits on the couch" if that's true, then this would be a very severe threat to all of us."

The queen put her hand on the king's shoulder "don't be panic his grace we have faced so many difficult situations we will also write this one."

"My queen we don't know how many they had already control."

Father once Aliye recovered, we will move towards the mountains of whisper like chief Garmir guide us.

What about her status after that?

The father she is no longer my slave only a helper who will aid me in killing those creatures, and if she can enjoy her status as a free woman if she cause no threat to us.

Will you marry Swania after this threat?

"Mother I couldn't believe our world is in grave danger and all, could you sing about is my marriage"

"It's because I don't think in your intentions."

My queen doesn't worry, just trust in him.

Later in the evening Altan was reading important documents regarding Xocan kingdom

I always knew from the beginning Boris that they are not trust worthy it's good we didn't grant them full access to use our route.

His Grace you were invariably right about them, they had a double face neither they are with us or with Vaelya kingdom, speaking of Vaelya kingdom don't you think that we gave too much freedom to our guest.

We are holding an eye on their moves Lord Boris spoke Lord Edward

I hope so and what about king Haden my prince.

Altan place documents on the table and take a sip from his goblet I am not surprised by his betrayal if he is not sincere with his own people that how could we expect any good from him. He is not a threat, but we should be worried about the kingdom who is assisting him.

Edward cleared his throat my Lord, what about Princess Aliye.

We need the help of our foes Edward..

Boris rose from the chair don't tell me after this threat, you will deliver the kingdom to her.

Altan stood and goes towards the window and looked out Boris we will speak about it later.

As you command, my Lord.

It's been two days since Altan returned, but Swania still didn't see came to Fina, s room.

My lady why did you bother you should have sent for me.

Swania smiled at her it's alright, Fia, just tell me how is she?

Fia gives a puzzled look, then realized about whom she is asking. She is recovering but still unconscious, the healers told me that it will take a week to eliminate the poison completely from her body.

I see did he visit her every day.

Yes, he did ...every day and night.

I haven't met with him since he came back, but he must be very happy.

No, he was worried for not just about her, but other important matters also.

I hope she will recover soon too!

Lady Swania can I ask you a question.

Yes, of course you may

I was just wondering why you are so concern about her? I mean to say you don't know her.

Yes, you are right, but I heard about Aliye from the servants and on occasion even Altan says her name when we are negotiating.

Oh I see.

Swania opened the door to leave, but stopped for the moment and looked back "Fia tell me do he still loves her?"

I don't know my lady.

Swania smiled you are not sure it's meant he still has some soft spot for her.

Altan was sitting with lord Edward or Lord Boris his new general Tuliskus is telling him the latest situation in Xocan kingdom ally country Weskin.

So you didn't find anything suspicious over there.

Yes Lord Boris but our spies is still keeping an eye on them.

Altan takes a sip from his goblet "Tuliskus we need to be very careful they will definitely do something after their deeds are exposed"

My prince country Weskin will never dare to challenge us directly.

Only with the help of Xocanians they can spoke Edward.

Altan clenched his fist these Xocanians need to be stopped before they set up a way to break that seal.

My prince we will but I have some query?

Altan frowns what concerns you? Boris

Regarding these People from Vaelyra kingdom, especially our former princess.

They are no threat to us there purpose is same to see the demise of Xocan kingdom.

Thus, it's mean we will work with the enemies.

Lord Boris don't you believe in our prince intellect.

I never doubted Lord Edward, I am just worried, you all know how the princess Aliye

Tries to kill our prince.

Boris Aliye is not a threat to us we accept it or not, but without Aliye we cannot stop those things.

So that's mean you let her free.

Yes, she is not my slave anymore, she is the free woman on that condition General Chad agree to give us their support and we need it.

Altan Leave the room and starts towards the healing chambers where Aliye was laying down in the bed, breathing softly, her face color was returning he sits beside her and stroke her cheek


Altan visited Aliye in her dungeon it's been seven months since he captured her now he finally able to break her which was not a bed of roses no matter how harshly he punishes her she never stop fighting back sometimes he hates her guts, but he also admires her that trait she is showing her side which she never had shown before.

He was obsessed to see her broken and defeated he wants to show the world that what would happen to those who dares to harm their kingdom.

Aliye was lying on the an old rug crying and throbbing in pain, he didn't give her any food for the last two days she is only surviving on the one glass of water which his servants gave her. She has lost all the strength to fight back, he smiled at her current condition, there was one thing he can't do is to forgive his enemies, especially the ones who betray him but she has done even bigger crime by playing with his heart.

He sat beside her and ran his fingers on her hairs she tries to move, simply due to weakness, She couldn't "how are you feeling love"

She sobbed "please just end this finish me"

"Finish you, now we have only started tears fell from her eyes with all her strength she move away from me because she knows very well that, my visit to her dungeon will only bring pain to her. I caught her arm and drag her back to me there is only fear in her eyes. I loved every moment breaking her, but whenever after those torturous ordeals I go back to my room, I always feel emptiness and feels as if I lost something which is right I was losing my humanity.

I tried to spend my nights with beautiful women simply to escape those feelings, but after some time I got bored and ordered them to leave and I know why because that witch somehow still chained me. Her crying and screams becomes my source of enjoyment. When my mother got to know about Aliye she warns me to give up on my revenge and to move on but hurting her has somehow become my obsession. One day in my absence she brought Aliye to palace when I came to know I confront her.

"Altan you have lost your mind look at that poor girl's condition she can't even move, please my son if you will not show mercy then God will punish us."

"Mother we didn't do any sin she is the..."

"Altan if you truly love me then you will never ever send her back to that horrible place."

"Thus what you want me to do set her free so that she can attack our kingdom."

"Altan my child, it's not that I am giving her any freedom, but no human deserves this kind of treatment."

"She is a witch mother"

Finally, I aceept my mother's wish at first I was furious, but gradually I felt glad about my mother's decision I was going mad. His thoughts were interrupted when Aliyr stirred in her sleep. He grab he hand and kiss it

" Aliye for the time being I can allow you your freedom, but once these problems will be over I can't allow you to roam freely especially with your magical powers. I will never allow you to leave. He hates to admit it but despite all he still loves her.