The words, they buzz through my ear,
Louder, Louder they cry.
Until suddenly, time is seized to a stop,
The door was running, further and further away.
Closer I reach, my fingers running through air.
I put my hand on the door,
It felt like volts of electricity, surging into my hand and through my whole body.
I turn away, afraid, what will happen next?
The next moments seemed like hours yet only seconds.
The voices booming in my ears. My mind running like one for his life.
Then they all stopped,
I turn the handle that awaits my doom.
Slowly, surely the voice hears my call.
Is it really what I want?
Before I could flee
It hit me
Like bullets through a man. Words through an ear.
The shock, the devastation, the disaster.
Pushed back by an unimaginable force
There I lay, like a twitching fly, caught in the sticky web of the spider.
Twitching to escape, turning to block out the voices, running, from all the fears.
There I lay, still as a statue, as if I had no hope
My mind pacing,
But it could not last forever, there she came in her all mighty glory.
With the power to send me to my doom.
Then she spoke
Her words swerving through the air, like a free bird out of its cage.
It hit me.
Time slowed as the figure left,
The voices around me, screaming this time deafening my way to the outside world.
Then it was white, like the memory of a forgotten, or the end of ones life.