Dead Girl

Written By: Sayome Love


Sometimes we're happy for just a split moment. In that moment, we do not notice the chaos that happens around us or the pain in the eyes of those we never met. For that one moment we believe in peace. We believe in happiness. Most importantly we believe in each other, but one day that moment will cease to exist. The world began to fall apart around seven years ago. Everyone was naive. Nobody noticed the gallons of blood as it slowly drowned us all. Everyone turned their back to the current wars. Everyone was stuck in their moment of happiness.

But one day it all ended. The plague of wars vanished – neither side claiming victory. The good rust, and the dead rose. The roads crumbled, the buildings tumbled, the air became a poison, and people were just dropping like flies.

I was once asked if I remembered how it all went down. If I remembered what I was doing at the time, where I was, and who I was. I was asked if I remembered the war of science. The war of power. And the war of death. I was asked if I remembered the day the sun fell out of the sky as if it happened so long ago. But could anyone forget.

Yeah, I remember. I remember perfectly. I remembered when I lost my home and when my backyard turned into a graveyard. I remembered when we scurried through the streets praying to make it out alive. I remembered when the bombs fell from the skies; when the blood start running. When the constant shrieking filled the air. The sun finally fell, and the world went dark.

I remembered when the quarantines were built, a sorry attempt to stop what was happening. I remembered when the military gave up on us and fled. I remembered the Marines retreating to ships, and the army barricading themselves at their invincible posts. I remembered when we were alone. Lost. Scared. For some of us we lost our sanity, for others we coped. We adapted to our environment. We rose with the mountains. We raged with the seas. We became those survivors.

We left behind the jaded and the naive, and became those tired soldiers of the war. We became the warriors of the land, and the beast of the apocalypse. We became the hidden shadows on the rooftops, the dragons of the fire, and the bugs in the dirt. And so much more.

I remembered when we began to push back. I remembered that every once in a while that split moment of happiness returned. When the beam of light broke through the heaviest of clouds. Just enough for the sweat on our forehead to shimmer. Just enough warmth to harden the blood on our skin. That peaceful moment when you noticed that you were a human, and not a shadow.

So yeah, I remembered how it all went down. But I don't care about any of that. I don't care about how much I was tossed around. I don't care about how much I lost to those who decided to play God, because you want to know something. Their probably dead anyway.

But I'm not those people who lost their sanity, and forgot what it truly means to survive. No, I could never forget. I could never forget being surprised by the big cinematic horror films. I could never forget the feeling of the warm, beach sand as I wiggled my toes. Never forget putting up my textbook to hide my face as I fell asleep. Could never forget the countless hours I would sit in front of a television with a game controller in my hands. I will never forget that before the war. Before the explosions. Before the apocalypse. That I was a normal teenage girl.

But those are gone. Now I'm a wonder, a murderer, a smuggler, but most importantly a survivor. And that for me is enough to keep me on this planet just a little longer. But of course I will always remember when I became a DEAD GIRL.