Dead Girl

Written by: Sayome Love

Hey, again everyone. I hope you enjoyed this chapter and my new character. I still haven't thought up a name for Adana's plus one, so if you guys give me suggestions I would surely appreciate it. I'm also still accepting character request, because this is an open-world story and I would like the different characters that could either make or break the protagonist of the story. Also I appreciate the love you guys have shown for this story it truly makes me happy that you enjoy it. Keep up the viewing and reviewing because I read each one. I guess that is all for now. Until next time ~Sayome


Many Years Ago, The Morning Skies Had Been Much Brighter. I was rudely awaken from my deep sleep by a ruff paw upon my cheek. By the way the sun warmed up the entire room, I knew it was going to be scorching hot. California always got super hot in the summers, especially since the wars. It was most likely dawn. The sun was shining brightly at angle as it was becoming more awake itself; the clouds going through a phase of pink before it reaches its natural white color.

I groaned as I knocked the rude paw from my cheek, painfully got up from my sleeping bag, went to the bin that I kept my supplies in, and retrieved a bottle of water and an old dog bowl. I poured half of my bottle into the bowl and gave it to Zeus. I sat down beside the big cat as I downed my own drink. I groaned a little as my sleeping muscles began to wake up from their slumber.

Ugh, this is exactly why I hate drinking alcohol. It does nothing, but cause me pain.

Zeus lifted his big head from his bowl and looked at me with his piercing blue eyes. I smiled as his chin dripped with water. Zeus was just too cute. I stroked his head which caused a deep purr to rumble in his chest. Most normal people would stand clear of a tiger, but for some reason I couldn't just leave him in that cage to die. Zeus wasn't just a tiger, he wasn't just my companion, he was my son.

"My dear Zeus," I said playfully as I got up from my position, "I wonder what awaits us today."

Breakfast was filled with its usual silence with its occasional sounds of soft grunts from Zeus has he ate a rabbit he so happen to catch earlier this morning and the soft singing of birds as they flew around the poor quality tree-house we called home. I ate peacefully as I attempt to avoid to making eye contact with the beast that gobbled beside me. The sound of crunching and grunting made it harder to not to sneak a peek. I knew full well that if I peeked at the gruesome it would have made me puke up the food that I desperately needed to keep. I threw back the rest of the stile Pop-Tart.

I got up from the seated position, making sure not to look at Zeus's bowl, as I made it to the pile of close that I folded neatly on top of the bin. I peeled off the long black shirt that I slept in and tugged on a black Shell Halter bra that had splotches of blood on it and a black Sun Coast underwear. I then hooked a black leather, long fringe skirt belt to hide the view of my underwear. Lastly, I secured my feet in a pair of worn combat boots.

I didn't bother with my hair due to the fact that it was tugged back into a ponytail with the long braid that stopped at my waist as the shorter length hair surround it in waves. I had an old pair of goggles to help keep my bangs from my field of vision, but after a while my spilled out in waves as well. It was the Apocalypse. I gave up a long time ago in taming my unruly hair.

Time to pack. I didn't have much to begin with, just enough to keep a growing tiger and an a woman alive. It wasn't like it was comfortable, but it was enough for the month that we stayed. Now it was time to pack up, and leave. As a full time smuggler and hit-man, being on the road became a norm due the knowledgeable fact that I wasn't the most likable human being.

I swiftly packed up my supplies into the big bin. I only had the one storage bin, so between weapons, food, and my winter wear I was never ran low on space. I made one huge trip down from the trees to the news van. Less than three hours later, I was all packed up in the van with my baby in the passenger seat. I roared the old van to life and pulled out of the woods and onto the crumbling roads.

The van was filled with welcomed silence with occasional snorts from the fat tiger that slept beside me. The constant scenery of cars cluttering bridges, a plane or two wedge inside of a tall building, the wondering zombies, and sometimes I would catch the glimpse of bear dogs roaming; caused my brain to wonder. To wonder back to a time of life. A time where I didn't need to work as hard.

Before this crap, I was a Mexican American girl that lived in L.A., California. I had the shiniest of waves in my hair, and my eyes use to glisten with the color of the Caribbean. I remembered when the boys would show off when the surfed. I remembered the laughter of children as they kicked up warm sand as they played. Those times of peace was the brightest. But where there is light there is always darkness lingering around. Darkness is like a cobra. It waits to the perfect moment to strike. Of course like every beast it gives you a warning. A signal that if you don't back off it will not hesitate to kill you. Just like this Apocalypse.

There was a warning that the world was about to be destroyed, but like every dumb traveler that ignores the hiss of the cobra. The stupid traveler still reached its hand out to the deadly creature. I just don't understand as to why when people get blessed with a small amount of power, they morph into a deadly cobra that ooze the venom of greed. Just like a dumb traveler we ignore the warning hiss, and continue to reach out at it. And just like that thousands of innocents lost their life, because of someone's greediness. Lesson well learned.

Leaving what use to be the city of love under the warm sun was a little tricky, but nothing I couldn't handle. I let the snores of a sleeping tiger and my memories carry my out of the state I used to adore.

A blood-gurgling cry jolted to me from my sleep, it wasn't like the cries the zombies would make when they are newly turned. No it sounded more human. A cry for help. My eyes darted around to find the maker of the scream. My eyes widen I noticed a little girl with pigtails run out a grocery store that rested just across from the gas station I was parked at. The cause for the little ones retreat was a bunch of cheese-balls. Or you like to call it bandits. I loathed bandits more than those stupid cannibals that try to bite my nose.

And this is a prime example as to why I hate them. I grabbed my machete and tapped Zeus on the head. I know I said I would never do a rescue mission ever again, but I couldn't have this little girl's pigtails hunting my conscience tonight. I exited from my vehicle and stalked towards the three goons. The sharp whistle that left my lips gained their attention, but before they could react Zeus bit into the neck of the closest one.

I jumped in front of the little girl, who tripped and fell to the pavement, and got in my unusual fighting stance. One of the guys finally broke their attention from the tiger that just mauled their friend to death, and turned towards me. He started to come for me at a slow pace as if to taunt me, but as soon as he got arms length, I ducked his grab and in return I violently slashed at him a couple of times. He fell to his knees. To finish him off I plunged my blade downward deep into the bandits skull.

The distasteful sound of my blade slicing into his bone caused a bone-chilling smile to be painted onto my face. I then shoved my boot into his chest separating my stuck blade from the bone. The horrid scene clicked into the mind of the last bandit which caused him to drop his rifle and run away like the chicken he was. Zeus placed his heavy paws upon the mauled bandit and let out a roar of victory that could have been heard from miles.

Wow, he is such a boy. I rolled my eyes at the tiger as I bent over to clean my blade on the torn shirt of my victim, and returned it to its sheath. I turned my attention towards the little girl that was shaking in fear clenching a dirty, stuffed bear in her hands. My expression quickly soften when I saw small tears stream down her face. I knew I would probably regret what I had done later, but they way her forest green eyes glistened with tears as she looked into my eyes, reminded me so much of my sweet Zeus when I rescued him.

"Hey, sweetheart. Did those bad guys hurt you." I questioned her in a soft tone that I only used when I talked to Zeus when I found him. Heck, I still talk to him like that. The small blonde girl just stared at me with her eyes still glistening with tears that threatened to spill.

"My name is Adana, but everyone calls me Danny. You can too if you want." I held out the hand that wasn't soaked in to much blood for the little girl to shake. Very hesitantly she placed her small palm in mines. I smiled at the reaction of the little girl. Maybe I didn't look like a total monster. Suddenly the girl jumped and screamed when Zeus inched his way at my side to take a peak at the thing I was giving my attention too.

"Hey, hey, please don't scream its okay. His name is Zeus, and he helped me save you. I promise he may look like a scary monster, but he has cuddly as that teddy bear your holding." I tried my best to quickly calm down the little girl, didn't want to attract unexpected visitors. If you catch my drift.

"Sweet kitty..." the little girl mumbled in the most adorable voice I ever heard.

"Yes, sweetie. He is a nice kitty and he will protect you just like I will. Would you like that?" I offered. I knew there was know point in asking her where was her mom and dad was, because the answer was completely written upon her face.

"I'm tired." she said in a louder voice. I smiled at her weird way of telling me 'yes'. With that the small child allowed me to scope her up from the ground and into my arms. As I walked back to the vehicle, the little girl snuggled into my chest with the bear secured tightly to hers.

I shot a quick glance at the little girl that was snuggled deep into Zeus's side as we rode out of the small rural town just at the tail of Nevada. What was I thinking. I can't keep a person safe, let alone a child. The nerves pounded hard at my brain causing to ache. I was only 21, and I was not good at having human company. But I couldn't just abandon her. Even though my brain screamed 'Bad Idea', my heart was settled with the idea of a small plus one.

She was my cub now, and I was going to do everything in my power to keep her safe in this world of hate, and raise her to the best of my abilities. My headache suddenly vanished when I announced that no matter what I will protect the girl I still didn't know the name of. First, when she wakes up I'm going to learn as much as I can about her to get her comfortable with being around me. Next, I'm going to put some food into her belly. Last but not least, I'm going to see I can find some clothes, a pond or something, some soap, and scrub this little girl down because she smell like she has been playing with zombies for days. Yeah, Adana. There you go girl. Rock that motherhood like a boss.